Thursday, July 7, 2011

The End of an Era, not the End of a Lifetime


Obviously, I am the only who blogs now (and my blogs don't really count), but that is probably because you girls all have lives.  I haven't even started high school yet so I don't really have any work to do over the summer, I don't really have any friends in real life that I feel like I can hang out with, and I basically just can't find anything enjoyable; this means that I have actual time to blog, and I know that everyone else probably doesn't.  Or maybe this blog is over?  My facebook messages have been broken for a couple months so I can't really check them.

Today I woke up at 8 AM to watch the DH part 2 London premiere.  It was just so beautiful to see how special it was to everyone.  I loved seeing how much they respect the fans and each other.  They truly think of themselves as a big family.  To watch the fans that were lucky enough to be there scream for the cast.  To see J.K. Rowling talk about how important, we the fans, were to the whole series.  To listen to the announcers call Evanna "Luna Lovejoy,"  to hear them call Oliver and James "the Neville Twins."  To know that, even though the fandom's magic won't end, there will never be another Harry Potter movie premiere.

I am so happy to be a part of this magical fandom.  We can all connect over the smallest of things.  We all help each other to enjoy the series even more.  It makes me proud to be a Potterhead.

Without Potter I would not be in the same place that I am today.  I would never have gotten in to the internet like I'm in to it right now.  I wouldn't be a nerdfighter; I wouldn't even have heard of John and Hank.  I would never have gotten in to Doctor Who or Sherlock or Supernatural or any of the other things that my life basically revolves around now.  I wouldn't have made some of my best firends.  It is terrible to think about what my life would be like without all of the magical things that have come in to my life since Potter.

Today as I watching the premiere, I cried throughout.  Not because anything especially sad was happening, but because I was overwhelmed by how everyone felt about "the end."


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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Greetings my fellow non-bloggers, It's Thursssshhhday (I speak Parseltongue now.  Parseltongue is cool.)

I have no idea what to write about because I am bad with ideas.

Instead of quality writing... here is a picture of me with a cat (this is a legit picture.  no altering was done to it AT ALL).

My life is obviously very interesting.

This is it.  I can't think of anything else and the only other pictures on my computer are of my various weddings (to a potato/Rebecca Black).  Also Pedobear Carl Azuz.


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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Le Diner

Hey girls it's Sunday!
If I were to have a dinner with a famous person. t'would be either Alton Brown or JK Rowling.
Alton Brown was chosen because he cooks really good food. He would cook the dinner while teaching me how to cook and then we would talk and stuff and I would be a Happy Katie.
If JK Rowling were to have dinner with me I would freak out the entire time and then probably sing the MOOSE song and then she would leave in confusion.
Therefore Alton Brown wins.

On a more serious note, I want to talk about the recent tragedy with a classmate of mine named Austin Hatch. When I first moved to Canterbury in third grade he was probably the first person I was rather familiar with. Not because we were friends. We weren't. We never spoke and I don't think he knew who I was. But within the first month of school we had circle time in our class rooms and we learned about how Austin Hatch's mother and his elder sister died in a plane crash. This affected me a lot. This was my first real experience with death. It was horrible and even thought I really didn't know Austin, I felt like I did because of it. Yesterday it was announced that Austin Hatch, his dad, and his stepmother were in a plane crash. His parents were killed and he is now in the hospital in critical condition.

I thought about how such a horrible thing happened to this nice, hard working, and smart student twice. I tried to think about how he felt. I couldn't imagine it. I couldn't imagine losing four of the closest people in your life in such a short time span. I checked facebook and there were all these posts about prayers for Austin. My dad in fact just told me to pray for Austin. But I couldn't (I don't really believe in prayer). I had no idea what to say. I still don't. This tragedy in addition to Carter's death earlier this spring made me think If any of my close friends died let alone my parents and brother I don't think I could even function.

I know Austin will pull through and I admire him for this. I want to support him in any way I can, but I don't see how I can. For now, I will keep him in my thoughts and hope for the best.

Well that wasn't depressing at all.
Less than Three,

 Katie Z

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Scared to eat in front of my Queen

Maybe I'm still hyped over Pottermore, but I seriously think that if I had the chance to have dinner with anyone I would choose J.K. Rowling.

J.K. Rowling has changed my life in so many ways.  She not only gave me a shiny new insight on literature, but also gave me a shiny new insight on life; because now I know that you can't get to the top all by yourself.  You have to have people who are there to help.  You can't just try and do it all alone.

Harry Potter also helped to introduce me to my best friend... the internet; joking... kind of.  If I hadn't gotten in to Harry Potter I would never have listened to wrock, which would never have gotten me in to nerdfighters, which would have made me an entirely different person than I am today.  I could still be the Haley that was living in a bubble, opposed to the one who laughs loudly and proudly at sex jokes.  

Basically, I would jump at the chance to meet my ever amazing Queen; whether it be for dinner, tea, or just on the side of the road. I would do what every other person who has ever read Harry Potter and tell her that has touched my life in an irreversible way.  I would cry, and I would give her a hug.  


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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Internet is Down (chaos ensues)

So, yeah... no internet. It went out about an hour ago and since I have been re-reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Now, having come to terms with the fact that it will probably be out all night, I am typing this on my phone. Which I'm glad I have in this situation but its definitely not the most effective way to blog.

Moving on, the person I'd like to have dinner with... must they be real? If yes, J.D. Salinger. Of all the people I'd love writing advice from, Salinger, is number one. Plus he could tell some amazing stories while we ate.

If real is not a requirement I'd really like to ask Dumbledore how he became so awesome. That being said, I'm going to leave it at that because typing an entire blog post on a phone is more time consuming then desired. But before I go I have to say, ITS SO FREAKING HOT HERE!


Monday, June 20, 2011

Dinner with Ernest

After seeing Midnight in Paris (a fantastic movie) last night, I really, really started to want a time machine. (More than I usually do, rather.) I would love more than anything right now to go back to Paris in the twenties and spend a few evenings in the company of some of history's most brilliant writers, just as the lead character did. The one with whom I'd most like to sit down and have dinner, (despite my fear that he'd drink a bit too much), is Ernest Hemingway. My dad let me borrow a book called Ernest Hemingway on Writing, a collection of quotes by Hemingway concerning the occupation and art of writing. As an aspiring writer myself, I adore this book and only wish I could hear his brilliant writing advice in person. He puts so much emphasis on writing honestly, on writing what is true, something that I'm concerned about when writing as well. He wanted to make his writing not just reflect real life, but have it truly seem "alive," and I only wish that I can somehow achieve that in my own writing.

Now, my dinner with Hemingway might be a bit awkward...seeing as I've never actually read any of his work (something I plan to amend as soon as possible). It also may be a bit strange trying to explain to him that I'm from eighty-some years in the future and was named after his wife. But I digress. 

What I'd absolutely have to do would be: get all the writing advice I could, learn a bit about my namesake firsthand, and get one of my dad's Hemingway books signed for him. And then hopefully F. Scott Fitzgerald would show up and I could sit back and watch the verbal tennis match that would ensue as they offered up their famous criticisms of each other. I don't know what I'd do if they asked my opinion...Hemingway's more imposing when angry, but I've actually read Fitzgerald's work...awkward...

I leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Ernest Hemingway on Writing.

"The good parts of a book may be something a writer is lucky enough to overhear or it may be the wreck of his whole damn life - and one is as good as the other." - Hemingway in a letter to Fitzgerald, 1929

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tenley died while traveling in Minecraft... or something

Okay, so once again it is Wednesday, but I have an excuse, I was playing Minecraft... yeah, that will do. But seriously I was and than I realized I didn't blog and it was Wednesday but I didn't want to go two weeks without blogging, so here I am. The main reason I didn't want to go so long without blogging is so none of you thought I was dead. Which is a totally legit fear if you think about it because my family and friends don't know about my Youtube/internet life. It could be months before you figure it out, maybe years... or never. Actually no, I have you guys added on Facebook so you might see some kind of indication of it there. Maybe... I don't know.

Why do I bring this up? I don't know. I needed something to talk about and having almost gone two weeks without blogging I was thinking about that. Onto a less morbid topic though, Minecraft is awesome. I've only just started playing but already its become one of my favorite games. The reason I only just now started playing is because my last computer (for some unknown reason) couldn't handle Minecraft and crashed whenever I tried it. Either that or it would load but move in slow motion. But with my new computer it, like... works. So that's nice.

Other than that I've been working out the details of my road trip at the end of the summer. The school that I got into is across the country so to get there I'll be taking an epic road trip. I've never been on a road trip, at least not one by myself, I don't know if it will be better or worse than vacationing with another person. I mean, usually I enjoy being alone so I don't expect it to be torture, but it might not be extremely fun. Or maybe it will be, I don't know. But if anyone of you know of any awesome things I should see, it looks like I'll be traveling mostly across the middle of the U.S.