Thursday, June 23, 2011

Scared to eat in front of my Queen

Maybe I'm still hyped over Pottermore, but I seriously think that if I had the chance to have dinner with anyone I would choose J.K. Rowling.

J.K. Rowling has changed my life in so many ways.  She not only gave me a shiny new insight on literature, but also gave me a shiny new insight on life; because now I know that you can't get to the top all by yourself.  You have to have people who are there to help.  You can't just try and do it all alone.

Harry Potter also helped to introduce me to my best friend... the internet; joking... kind of.  If I hadn't gotten in to Harry Potter I would never have listened to wrock, which would never have gotten me in to nerdfighters, which would have made me an entirely different person than I am today.  I could still be the Haley that was living in a bubble, opposed to the one who laughs loudly and proudly at sex jokes.  

Basically, I would jump at the chance to meet my ever amazing Queen; whether it be for dinner, tea, or just on the side of the road. I would do what every other person who has ever read Harry Potter and tell her that has touched my life in an irreversible way.  I would cry, and I would give her a hug.  


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