Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."

-Douglas Adams (this is not the quote I’m focusing on)
I love quoting Douglas Adams because the things he said are strange, true, and extordinary… also, technically it’s Thursday here.
… you know, I think I’m going to start out by quoting him some more…

“The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't.”

“There is a theory which states that if ever anybody discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened.”

“You live and learn. At any rate, you live.”

“He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it.”

“In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.”

… so into my focus?

…my quote for this week is: *drumrolls* “partial list of things we will potentially read and talk about, but maybe not” –Comedy Writing Elective Syllabus…

“What?” you may wonder… go on, wonder it…”what?” –you
Why the hell is this my quote? I freaking love quotations and I have just so many I want to put in here, but I don’t want to write focusing on them, I want to write focusing on Columbia and this Syllabus freaking made me laugh.

So, I’m at Columbia now, today way my third day, and it’s freaking* amazing.
Last night (2 nights ago) I went to a poetry reading at an independent bookstore/activism center (Bluestockings) and it was really, really cool.

Tonight we did this scavenger hunt where I met SO many cool people. Also I played soccer (MAJOR SHOCKER… as I am unathletic) with a bunch of guys and some of my suite mates and for part of it some girls (I’m going to breakfast with 2 of the guys (they’re brothers) and some of my suite mates tomorrow… it’s going to be awesome). One of the guys I played with it the goal keeper for the Georgian (the country, not the state) national team, he didn’t play goalie and afterwards he says “I’m really dreadful when I’m not in the goal” which was a complete lie to which the girls for my suite and I responded “dreadful must mean something else for you, I mean, did you see us play?” Honestly, a lot of the guys (and girls) were from other countries and were really very good.

The dining hall food is amazing… and on some level, free? (as in you pay for it when you pay for camp)

The neighborhood is so cool and we have so much freedom to do what we want to do and go where we want to go as long as we’re back by curfew and follow the completely understandable behavioral standards.

I love my classes. One of my workshop teachers (the one with whom I’ll have my conferences) reminds me of my English teacher from last year except in her twenties. They’re both really sarcastic in an awesome way. All my other classes are really cool too. I love all my teachers. I don’t mind my classmates critipuing my poem with me right there, unable to respond so far and I’ve been introduced to so much cool poetry and so may cool people. (right now we’re doing poetry, we’ll move on soon) All my teachers are current or former MFA students from the school. My comedy writing elective is hilarious, in fact, I think I’ll  give you some awesome stuff to look up.

MY SUITE MATES AND RAs ARE SO SUPER FREAKING COOL. I love them and hanging out with them and AH!

My living quarters are nice (no cockroaches, fine sized room, lot’s of storage).

The reason I’m running late with this blog it that I’ve been so busy in a good way that, really, this is the first time today I’ve really had enough time to sit at my computer and do anything more than check my facebook and email.

… now I think I’ll give you more quotes and stuff to look up and head to sleep…

"Any by the time someone warns that “something terrible is coming,” all I could think was: *Yeah, Breaking Dawn. In two parts.”" -MaryAnn Johanson (the best online critic/Doctor Who blogger/ female gazer [can I be her when I grow up? ...or Amy Pond?])… no, but really, you should check her out, so freaking cool.

"There is a fine line between good eye contact and the piercing stare of psychopath. I cross that line" -Maureen Johnson

"Yeah, sometimes my lyrics are sexist but you lovely bitches and 'hoes should know I'm trying to correct this" -Flight of the Conchords

“Michael: It's like we finish each other's...

Lindsay: Sandwiches?

Michael: Sentences. Why would I say...

Lindsay: Sandwiches?

Michael: That time I was going to say sandwiches.” –Arrested Development

It’s 2 am and I have more qutes, but I really need to got to bed so:

“insert Harry Potter/ Doctor Who/ The Killers/ Mountain Goats quote here”

Check out:
“Hey Look”, “The Wisdom of Children”, “The Ride Back To Beersheba”, and “a conversation between god and that man in a football helmet and a speedo who’s always shouting things next to the a&p” by Simon Rich
…an oh, fuck it to hell, I need to get up in 5 hours, I’ll finish it in the comments tomorrow.
*I’m tired, too tired to write nicely, but I’m trying to replace all my “fucking”s with “freaking”s for your eyes... tell me if you really care.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yay, Fiction!

Hey bloggers, it's Tuesday!

First, let me just say how much I love this week's theme. I have this notebook and among other things I have one section in it devoted just to quotes that I like. Most of them are from novels, but a few of them are from philosophers and of course because its my notebook there's a few quotes from John and Hank. So yeah, that, and also the fact that I was reading some articles about book banning that kind of pissed me off, is how I decided on this quote by the author Jessamyn West:

"Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures."

I like this quote because I've found it to be true on more than one occasion. I'm constantly learning new things from novels, which is part of the reason I get so angry whenever I hear/read about book banners. Usually a book banner's argument is that if a teen reads something about drugs or sex or whatever their trying to ban, the teen will then imitate those behaviors. But I disagree, I think by reading these things teens (and adults) can learn about things without actually being in any kind of danger. For example, doing marijuana is a legal and also incredibly bad for you, but reading about marijuana has no real serious consequences. In fact, I'd argue reading about tough situations and dangerous situations will prevent these situations from happening and instead inspire people to think for themselves and know right from wrong. Now, just so were clear, I'm not against experiences (bad or good), what happens, happens and makes you who you are, but if certain things can be prevented by simply reading, I don't think those books should be banned or moved to another section.

Emily, I'll read you tomorrow!


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Quote: "I doubt that the imagination can be suppressed. If you truly eradicated it in a child, he would grow up to be an eggplant." by Ursula K. Le Guin

Monday, June 28, 2010

Let's Get Down to Business

And defeat! The Huns!

Anyone remember that Disney movie, Mulan? I always wanted to dress up as her for Halloween, since I would look fairly convincing.

ANYWAYS... Hey bloggers, it's Monday.

So, I'm not a big user of quotes. I like them and all, but I prefer to use my own words to express myself, and I am terrible at memorization so I'll probably muck it up if I try to refer it. However, there are many people who I greatly admire and envy for their skill of words and prose. One man who did it extremely well, was Ralph Waldo Emerson.

"I hate quotations. Tell me what you know."

This is a quote that I really love, but it makes me somewhat a hypocrite. First of all, people might be confused of what Emerson is trying to state. What does he mean? Isn't he the master of inspirational quotes, why would he go off and say something like that? I believe that the reason is that he is tired that people are taking quotes and using it as an idea of their own. What he's saying means a lot of sense. For example, whenever I look at my yearbook and I see the senior quotes, I think that it is really silly. People are usually quoting things that are meant to be inspirational, and as if their high school life has been extremely successful. That is not the case, I think we all know that. Using quotes is an easy way to fall back onto something, without really using your own thoughts or feelings. A response from yourself actually means more instead one from someone you don't even know. I agree that quotes are useful and helpful, especially if it's from someone we admire. However, if we tried and break off our dependent streak, we can become great too.

That's my little bit, I hope you weren't bored or offended. And we all agree to disagree, correct?

Tenley, I'll read you tomorrow.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Do you like Waffles? I LIKE WAFFLES!

Hey girls it's Sunday! I just got back from Myrtle Beach this morning at 12:15. My trip was an excellent week of reading, swimming, eating, doing practically nothing, and eating. I apologize for the less than average quality of the last blog for I had to email Hannah it with my phone so she could post it for me and my phone only lets me write so much. Emily, the representative of Wednesday, chose the theme to be alike to the Impromptu event in speech where the speaker is given a quote or topic and gets 30 seconds to think of a speech and then speaks. However in this case I have 30 minutes (it is now 11:30), we get to choose our quote, and we write it! I like writing better than giving speeches, less pressure :).* My quote is:
" 'There was some important stuff hidden in the waffle,' said Hermione grimly." Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix uk edition p. 193
Life is like a waffle**, in which there are many different sections and holes that each person, or in the waffle's case, drop of syrup, may call her*** own, but altogether it is a whole circle that we share. Sometimes we focus too much on our individual holes of the waffle and we should think of the entire instead. I for one barely thing about or care about the BP oil crisis, sure, it;s an awful thing, but I'm flawed and I'm too far concerned with my grades or when the next Doctor Who episode will be aired. I should care about the entire whole of life how this disaster could impact it. Instead I, and many people, care about our own small divits of the waffle.. I care all too much about the lives of fictional characters, about clothing and looks, about money and books. Although, all of these things are un-important and we shouldn't care, there are important things hidden in the waffle of life, even in our little divits. We each make a difference with every person we interact with. If I hadn't became friends with my good friend Emily, I probably would have never showed my true Harry Potter obsessed self and became a nerdfighter. If Robby hadn't met me, he probably would have never been a nerdfighter or have been introduced to Doctor Who or have become slightly Harry Potter obsessed. Although these seem small things, I'm sure they will have an impact in our lives. Our circular waffle hides within itself love, understanding, passion, intelligence, and progression. Hermione was right, there is important stuff hidden in this waffle.**** What I don't understand is why she spoke of these marvelous things so grimly o_O.

Jasmine, I'll read you tomorrow.

- Katie
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Quotes:     "You have talent! It's just not worthwhile and nothing to speak of." -Robby
                  Amy: If we had children, they would have really red hair
                  Doctor: The Ultimate Ginger

* I think I sound pompous and self-concerned in this paragraph, is it just me?
** Yes, I just compared life to food.
*** I use the female possesive pronoun because of Mrs. Butterworth's
**** I think this is the an excellent example of how far you can go with a quote out of context

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Geminis, but not twins

Hey girls, it's Saturday! For you not, though, because it's 00:41 here, but I have to write now, because I leave for Germany tomorrow morning and I'm not sure if I can write there. I stay there until Tuesday, then continue to Poland and come back to Austria on July 10th. The day after I go to Greece for four weeks with my family, so overall I'm really excited! I don't know yet how I will post from there, but I will figure something out!
Do you go on some summer vacation?

So this week's theme is sisters... My sister's name is Alexandra (called Ale) and she's three years younger than me. Many people think we are twins, because I look younger and she looks older, and people have troubles to distinguish between us (it got better since my sister has shorter hair and me longer hair). Anyway, in my opinion we don't look the same ;)

Our birthdays are two weeks apart, which is always very useful, because I get presents first and then know what I can give her. Our zodiac sign is Gemini. I don't belive in zodiac signs and all that stuff, but when we were little we were sometimes fighting with other kids about it. I remember one discussion:
Me: We are both Zwilling. (Zwilling means Gemini and twins in German).
Other: No, you are not, your birthday is not at the same day!
I don't know remember why, but it escalated in a fight and eventually we were all crying.

I think we have quite different characters, but we get along very well. We fight a lot, especially about little things, but it's like we fight, we go to our rooms, and the next time we see we act as if nothing had happened. I guess that's what siblings are about.
The thing that bonds us together is that we have many mutual interests. I influenced her a lot, for example I made her read Harry Potter as soon as possible and I am the reason why she has an iPod and a Macbook.

We often do crazy things, especially when our parents are not at home. We invented some kind of "garden baseball", played with a piece of wood, a tennis ball and a gardening glove and pillows as bases. That's pretty cool, the only downside is that we don't have any tennis balls anymore because they disappeared in our neighbor's garden.
Our cooking is also legendary, on time (long ago) we tried to make caramel, but everything got burned and when we put it on a plate it got hard and we couldn't get it off anymore. We didn't know what to do and we didn't want to tell our parents, so we just put it in the freezer to hide it.
Talking about freezer: every winter we make snowballs, wrap them into aluminium foil and freeze them. In the summer we can have a snowball fight then ;)

our Christmas cookies

Ale, our neighbor, me(our neighbor is a bit like our unofficial brother)

Katie, I'll read you tomorrow!
(I will schedule this post for later today, so that Hannah can write first!)

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hey bloggers: it's wednesday!
I have a lot of siblings... and not that much time to write...

biologically I have 2 younger brothers, one who's 2 years younger and one who is almost eight years younger... not much to say there they like sports... the older one likes video games and airsoft guns... also bad music. He's going into 8th grade. the younger one is going into 2nd grade...

I also have pseudo siblings... Katie and Scotty...

Katie wrote about Scotty in her post... he's super cool... I wish my brothers were more like him... I want to tell stories, but I really can't right now because I'm on my brother's computer and he's impatient... you know katie...

so yeah...

what's going on:

1. My cousin Sam is going to be an extra in a movie called "I am number 4". He's cool and funny and stuff and it's going to look really good on his resume

2. Why I don't have my computer... 
During the summer I live about an hour away (summer town) from where I normally live during the school year (home town). Every now and then we leave summer town to do things like run errands and go to apointments in home town... today was one of those days, but when we were leaving hometown to go back to summer town we heard there was a tornado warning... so we're stuck here... and I didn't bring my computer with me to hometown for the day so... AH... and my brother won't let me use his computer for much longer. 

3. I leave for New York tomorrow (/friday... my train leaves at 12:22 AM) to go to Columbia writing camp for 3 weeks... really excited

4. Now you know that I can't spell and I let spell check spell for me on my computer... sorry...

5. If Haley will let me I'd like to post something where I actually talk about my siblings tomorrow when I get home and have more time... Haley: get back to me if you're okay with that.

Haley if I can or if i can't post again; I'll read you tomorrow

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Quote: "don't rape the ginger- then there might be more of them *shudder*" -theater class, speaker unknown

Let's pretend its still Tuesday

Hey bloggers it's Tuesday... kinda. I wrote this on Tuesday, I swear I did. But right before I was going to post it my internet died. Believe me, no one's more pissed about that than I am. I guess this is what I get for procrastinating till 11:30. Sorry!

Moving on to the theme, which, or course, is siblings. 
I have three siblings; two older sisters (Rachel and Kristina) and a younger brother (Daniel). I have a different relationship with each of them, but if I had to choose one I'm closest to I'd probably say my brother. But I'm getting ahead of myself, let's start with Rachel.

At this moment Rachel is about to turn 30... I'm 18, this may be partially why were not very close. Don't get me wrong, we talk (mostly online because she lives in Michigan) and we get along for the most part, but there's never really been a special bond between us. Its just your normal; love-hate sibling relationship.

If you asked me a couple of years ago who I thought I was closest to I'd definitely say Kristina. I'm not saying we've grown apart, we actually haven't. But several years ago I didn't know about nerdfighters, and I was still attempting to be popular and to be honest I didn't really know who I was. Thus, Kristina being the big sister that is only a year older than me, I tried to be her, so naturally I thought we had the most in common. But now I know that I'm really not that interested in fashion and the stuff she's interested in. However, I'm still a girl, so I still like it to a point and we've had a lot of fun times and hilarious conversations. One of my favorites happened while we were watching a fashion show on TV. (I don't remember the designer/what show it was). At one point in the show Kristina was critiquing an outfit that she hated and she started her sentence with "well, if you forget about the fact that..." and then proceeded to list of at least ten different things she hated about it.
I waited till she was done and then without missing a beat said, "well, if you forget about the fact that its disgusting its not that bad."
I don't know, maybe its a you-had-to-be-there thing, but it was funny to us then, and it still is.

Daniel is 17 and just graduated high school a few weeks ago. One of the reasons I say we're the closest is because although none of my siblings know about nerdfighters, he's the one that is a nerd and would probably be one if he knew about it. I've started introducing him to some YouTube channels, mostly comedy ones because into that kind of thing, but that's all so far.
Another thing I love is that for several years we've had this game, its unnamed but for extensive purposes let's call it, the Greek Mythology game. Basically imagine the Greek Gods in modern times... and then, well, we make up random scenes and play them out. Its pretty much a big role-playing game. This, like a lot of the stories I share with Kristina, may be a you-have-to-be-there thing, but its amazingly really fun... and nerdy.

So there you have it, those are my siblings, Emily, I'll read you tomorrow.


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Quote: "...maybe being ridiculous was the point - the way they didn't give off the painful feeling that something was at stake." from "Prep"

Monday, June 21, 2010

Michelle Likes Her Pencils Sharp

This is Michelle. Michelle is my 6-year-old little sister. Our age difference is 12 years apart.

So where do I start..? Well first, she is going to be a 1st grader this upcoming fall. She's a hardheaded and stubborn person, who likes to throw tantrums almost over anything. Still, she can be a sweet and kind kid and I still love her. We're very close, and she always bugs me to sharpen her pencils for her, which I always do. We do favors for each other. I make her stuff to eat when she's hungry or whatever and she helps me get what I need when I'm too lazy to get up. 

It's kind of hard to talk about your sibling, how do I sum up six years of craziness in writing..? Just like to say that the transition of being an only child to being almost a second mother wasn't that bad or hard at all. If I describe some of the experiences I've had, it might turn you all off, but it was all worth it.

Also, Michelle means "who is like God". That pretty much sums up her personality.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Beam Me Up Scotty

Hi girls it's Sunday!
I am currently at a beach house Myrtle Beach with no wifi and I went to extravagant lengths to get this blog posted. COMMITMENT!
This week's theme is our relationships with siblings. I have a brother named Scotty and he is really quite awesome. Scotty will be a senior this school year. He is the captain of the bowling team, president of scifi club, and will probly be a co-president of the speech team. He recently got his independant project passed which is an 87 page paper on the literary figure of satan. He's pretty much a scifi loving rennasance man, except he can't sing and has little (or no) musical talent, if scotty and i were to sing a duet it would be torture to the listener.
My brother and i have always had a good relationship, we watch at least one movie together a week and every sunday we watch doctor who 'cuz he's usually out with his friends when I watch it with ems on saturday. I've almost run out of space to write, so,.. Jasmine i'll read you tomorrow.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Let me introduce you Mischa

I have the craziest cat ever. Her name is Mischa, she is a bit more than three years old and looks really cute, but in fact she is a devil.

It already started when she was little: she used to climb up the legs of everyone (quite okay when you wore Jeans, but not so comfortable with other pants or even shorts) and jumped at everything that moved. E.g. those strings on sweatshirts or my hair. And it is definitely NOT nice when you have a cat hanging in your hair.
For a while I used to let her sleep in my room, but when she got bigger it was unbearable, because she only wants to sleep on my pillow. And she doesn't care if I already sleep on my pillow, because then she just lies down on my head.

Now she is a big hunter. There is not a day where she doesn't bring something home and so far she managed to bring at least ten different animals, inculding (sorted by frequency) lizards, mice, birds, dragonflies, worms, frogs, snakes, moles, bats and fish. Lately she at least brings them all into the bathroom. It is easiest to clean there.
Oh, I also have to tell you the story about the MOUSE. Last weekend night I was sitting in my bed, doing stuff at my laptop when I heard some noise, but I didn't really care about it. And then ten minutes later I saw a mouse running across my room and I was like: WTF what should I do now!? I was afraid that it would run under my bed and there it would be almost impossible to catch it. So I did the only thing I could think of: I got the cat. Five seconds in my room and she had caught the mouse and carried it in the bathroom. Cruel, I know... after a while I was feeling bad about it and went to look if the mouse was still alive and it was. It hid under the dirty laundry and Mischa was too stupid to find it, so I could save it and bring it to the garden.

In general my cat's life consists of three things: sleeping, eating, hunting. And she is crazy about all of it.
She always has her special sleeping places, which change now or then. At the moment it is a chair downstairs, my pillow and the couch. For a long time she used to sleep on a yellow blanket between our bedroom doors. It is important that the blanket is yellow, because that's her favourite color and she always carried the blanket (a big, normal blanket) all the way downstairs and through the cat doors into our storage room/basement sorta thing. Same with some stuffed animal (yellow, of course).
And about eating: of course we give her food three times a day, so she really can't be hungry (plus she gets food at our neighbor's), but every food time she comes and wants her food and she is always acting like she would starve to death. Then you give her some food, she eats a few bites and leaves. So all she wants is to make sure that there is food, so that she can come back later and eat it. And in the morning, she needs to have some butter. Addict.

There are many other stories about my cat, but those are the craziest I can think of now ;)
Here you have two pictures of her sleeping style:

Katie, I'll read you tomorrow!

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Friday, June 18, 2010


So the crazies stuff I think I do is put out candles with my fingers!

I was first introduced to this by my insane cousin who requires his own separate blog to fully describe his insanity. In short he makes fireworks or buys them and enhances them then films them and puts them on youtube. I'm pretty sure that fireworks aren't ok where he lives. So whenever I go and visit them we always have dinner at my great grandmother's house and she loves to have candles lit on the table so at the end of the meal he always puts them out with his fingers. I always thought that it would really really hurt but when I finally tried it, it didn't hurt at all and I just love doing it because it makes me feel really cool. I also love the look on the faces of the people that I do it for. They always look completely shocked.

I understand that this sounds insane but after I explain it is will seem a little less so. Ok so not exactly explain because it is kind of a two step process but I add a third and fourth step.
1) I get my fingers really wet in my mouth because saliva is a lot thicker than water(yes I realize that this seems a bit gross)
2) Then I get up my courage because even though I know that I can do it without burning myself it still makes my heart beat a bit faster
3) I quickly and firmly pinch the wick of the candle
4) I squeal with excitement because I get a huge rush of adrenaline. I also jump up and down and do my happy dance (if I can figure out how to upload a video next week maybe I'll show you guys my happy dance and putting out a candle)

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Quote: "Girl it looks like you need a stiff one" Corny Collins from Hairspray. He is talking about hairspray but I totally think of it in a that's what he said joke form.

I'll read you tomorrow Sarah!!!!

I apologize if this is late because I've been having internet issues all day.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Haley will win Best Dressed

Hello girls it is Friday  Thursday :)

I have the craziest sense of… fashion sense? style? 

               Normal people my age wear denim colored skinny jeans, with nice little cardigan sweaters, and big fluffy boots, or whatever.  I don't pay much attention to them.  I am however known as the "pants chick."  My name is known throughout the school as the girl with the colorful clothing. Everyone says that I'm a shoe in for Best Dressed in the year book next year. ;)

               I'll tell you a story of something that happened in Band, Monday to show you just how crazy I am about style. Okay, for the past week or so we have put away our instruments and watched movies.  First WALL-E and then the Iron Giant.  A few of my friends and I however decided to help organize the back room of my all so messy band room that hasn't been cleaned in roughly 15 years. My band teacher is rather cool (because he used to be in a band and so he is pretty laid back) and so he let us go through everything, and didn't really care what we did with it because it was all crap any way. Throughout the day on Monday he heard me say that I was Lady Gaga, he threw a sock at the back of some idiot boy's head, and he hid from the counselor. My friend Cassidy and I love the back room of the band room.  It has clothes from people who went home naked?  (we have no idea how the clothes got there, but they are there)  I got *cough* stole *cough* a sweatshirt that says "B#" on it. J  The decal isn't even centered, and the sweatshirt is huge.  It makes whoever wears it look like a slob. I still love it though.
              Also, I thought that I should tell you how I stole it from the band room, because then this will be an educational video and the fact that I stole it will be forgiven.  The band teacher told us to go put it in the Lost and Found even though it had been in there about 10  years.  On the way to the Lost and Found Cassidy was all "We're stealing this sweat shirt aren't we?"  And I just nodded like it was an everyday thing. Of course, with Cassidy and I it is, because things like that happen all the time.
               None of my clothes ever match.  The hoodie that I usually wear is a green and gray/white striped one that is a Slytherin hoodie. And my pants range from basic black to "pants on acid," as my friend called them.   My socks are always knee highs that go up to my upper thigh, and they never match either.
               Once my school counselor asked me if I wore the clothes I do for attention.  She said that the clothes someone wore reflected their personality.  I told her that if anyone had the personality of my clothes they should A) be locked up in an asylum or B) get shot in the head.  Needless to say, I got a meeting with her for that comment.  Maybe I should learn to keep my mouth shut?  The golden rule is shut up isn't it?  J Bad things happen to those who don't keep their mouths shut.

Here are my insane/acid pants

Here is me in my amazing B# sweatshirt

Hannah, I will read you tomorrow.

Quote:  Josh: "And then all these people started coming out from Iceland, and they all looked like Bjork! All of them looked like Bjork! There were tall Bjorks, small Bjorks and they were all speaking her language, which isn't really a language. It's just kind of noises."
Alex: "Surely that's not racist."
Josh: "It's not racist, they're white."
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

C. N. Lights His Fire... and Other Craziness


… and I go to the craziest school ever (so does Katie)…
…I go to a private collage prep school. I’ve gone to this school since I was two. I used to thing it was pretty normal; not anymore. I guess I should be more specific, my high school is crazy, otherwise I think my education has been pretty normal. Also, I LOVE MY HIGH SCHOOL, IT’S STRANGE, BUT IN THIS TOTALLY AWESOME WAY. Pretty much we’re all indie nerds (ok, all the people I accosiate with are indie nerds, but we are pretty much all nerds)… and most of us are kind of crazy in this awesome funny way.

…EXAMPLES (I will admit to asking Katie for help on this one)

1.     Pokemon VS. Yugio
…Katie has over heard this debate… enough said

2.     We have legitimate political parties
… a few weeks ago our school intstitued government reform that involved changing our traditional one president system to system with a six member (one from each house… yes we have houses, yes they’re named after the founding families) executive board with subsidiary groups and heads for different things (one for finance, one for service, one for social). The six members of this board were to be elected by their house, with the students voting and the teachers making a final decision on who should run. While this caused some rucus the big issue was yet to come. After the six executive board members were elected we were going to vote on the heads of the finance, service, and social comities… and the executive board was going to count our votes… if the executive board didn’t believe we had chosen the proper person for the job they were going to choose the canidate they felt best fit the position as the winner… official results on voting numbers would not be released… this caused commotion. A petition to have our votes be counted by a seperate entity and our chosen winner be the official winner soon arose. With this petetition the “True Democracy Party” (of which I am proud to be a member) began. The True Democracy Party aims to “ensure that the student government at Canterbury High School respects the democratic process and adheres to the will of the student body.” (True Democracy Party facebook page) The True Democracy Party (which will now be refered to as the party) ran this petiton and got the 120 signatures (half the school) required to put it into effect… OK, so we have a political party…

3.     C.N.  Lights His Fire
I want to start this by saying that both the boys in this story are strait, I’d still be friends with them and everything if they weren’t, it honestly wouldn’t change how I think of them if they were L. G. B. T. Q., I have friends that are L. G. B. T. Q., but knowing that these two are strait adds to the story. So I told you I had an awesome theater class for mayterm in my last blog… this happened in this class… also, I’m going to use initials instead of names because I didn’t ask them if I could use this story. So in class we had a play in which matches were used… and in this awesome class we had a lot of off topic fun while we practiced and there are these 2 boys in the class, C. N. and D. C. (D.C. is a ginger and a Marxist…) who are very close. We’re hanging out and before we start to practice C. N. takes one of the matches and strikes it against the zipper of D.C.’s parts, lighting it. D. C. then turns to us and says, “C. N. lights my fire.” Maybe you have to know them, but for those of us who do (and hopefully for you…) it was very funny.

4.     Ginger Jokes
I don’t know if this happens at every school, but we like to make ginger jokes… A LOT… the gingers make fun of themselves… we make fun of the gingers… some really cool teachers make fun of the teachers.

5.     Really Cool Teachers
I have so really super special awesome teachers. The one who taught my theater class is particularly cool and close with the indie nerd students. He’s in his mid-30s (I think, I don’t know his actual age, but I can’t see him as being older than that…) and he looks like a high school student… D.C. (who is 17) went to Shutter Island (R) and didn’t get carded… the teacher gets carded when he goes to R movies. The same teacher runs Scifi club. I can remember a time when D.C. was playing with his phone’s voice commands and was sitting there saying “SEXT TEACHERS NAME, MY BAMF” in frond of the teacher, the teacher laughed along with us… yes some of the students have his cell phone number. This teacher is close enough with one student that he can jokingly refer to him as asshole in his presence (this is an accurate description of the student who is still and awesome and funny guy). Before the same student went into his independent project presentation (this is a BIG DEAL… tell me if you want more explanation, but I think this suffices for this story) the teacher to ld this student that hiis suit jacket made him look like a “douche” to whih the student replyed “good, that’s the point.” We have another teacher (well, more than one actually) who makes fun of students in class. Another teacher will pretend to shoot you if you answer too many questions wrong in class and says things like, “If you guys don’t learn this I will LITTERALLY DROP AND ANVIL ON YOUR SKULL.” Just, well, awesome teachers.

 so crazy and awesome school.

… Haley I’ll read you tomorrow.

What I’m listening to: For Reasons Unknown –The Killers (I may or may not have taken to randomly shouting this song, along at home, in public, whatever)
What I’m reading: Just finished Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World book 2. Reading Plato and a Platapus Walk Into a Bar, Brave New World, Beyond Good and Evil, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and 1984.
Quote: Katie- “Why do we listen to him?”
            Me- “Because he’s older than us and male, we just assume he’s right and follow him blindly, even when he’s wrong”

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are you serious, that's what you dream about?

I have the craziest dreams ever.

Now, first I want to point out that as far as my dreams go there's several different kinds of crazy. But I'm just going to mention three of them, because... um, I only remember three dreams right now.

The first is the normal definition of crazy, or a "omg did I overdose on cold meds or something" kind of dream.
Example: Once I dreamed that I was in a field and everything started out perfectly normal. But then a tree started chasing me around in circles all over the field. And then goldfish (the food, not the fish) started flying out of the tree and hitting me in the face. Until finally I got a glimpse of the inside of the tree and realized that the tree wasn't controlling itself, there was a little kid sitting in tomato soup, driving the tree like a car and throwing goldfish at me.

Seriously, I can't make this stuff up...

Next is the really nerdy nightmare kind of crazy.
Example (this one happened just the other night): I was at camp... I don't know what kind of camp, I never found out in the dream, all I know is that is was a camp. But for some reason (probably because even in my dreams I'm a nerd) I brought my laptop (well, not my laptop, it was a Macbook Air, but that's just because I want a Macbook Air). Anyways, one day I was playing outside and doing all the normal camp like activities when I decided to go back and get my laptop (because apparently this camp at WiFi?). However when I got there the Macbook was gone. Dun, dun, dun... And that's it. Well, aside for the next like two hours I spent crying about it and frantically trying to find it and so on...

It may not seem like a nightmare, but it was freaking scary at the time. #iamsuchaloser

And finally we have the, "this is crazy awesome! This needs to happen!" kind of dream.
Example: In short, I dreamed that Glee did a Youtuber/DFTBA artist episode. It was awesome! Finn sang "Winter's Song" by Alan Lastufka, Artie and Tina sang "Summer of '09" by ALL CAPS, Puck and Quinn sang "I'm not Edward Cullen" by Hank and Katherine... and yeah, those were the main ones. And then there were other ones too, but I can't remember them all. I'm pretty sure Brittany sang "My Hope" by Molly Lewis though.
Raise your hand if you want to see this happen. *raises hand*


It seems like you're all doing this so I guess I will too;
Currently listening to: "Summer of '09" by ALL CAPS. I can't get that dream out of my head!
Currently reading: A HP fanfic called "Resolving a Misunderstanding". I'm not that far yet but its really good.
Quote: "They were all on stage. They weren't only the audience, not only looking on; they were acting."          ~ Katherine Mansfield, "Miss Brill"

Emily, I'll read you tomorrow!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Not a Dramatization

I have the craziest mother ever.

I know a lot of people would argue with me, and my friends don't believe how outrageous my mother is, but it's true. My mother is known for her blunt and harsh remarks and her infamous line "Do you want to die?"

A normal conversation with my mother.

Me: I'm hungry.
Mom: Make yourself something to eat.
Me: But I don't want to...
Mom: Do you want to die?

And although some may say that it is appropriate enough, because she cares that you eat and live instead of starving and dying, I have more examples.

Mom: You never pick up your cell phone, you have a cell phone but you waste it.
Me: I didn't feel it vibrate, and you never pick up your cell either.
Mom: Do you want to die?

So there you go. My mother is an all around scary person. She is not to be messed with, but I do things my way anyways. 

Do not be fooled.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

(insert creative title here)

Hey girls it's Sunday!
This past week has been exciting in the regard it was the last week of school! Saturday was Graduation and I am now officially a Sophomore and my brother is officially a Senior. I leave for Myrtle Beach on Friday and I'm uber excited. Graduation was not all that fun. We more or less spent the whole time either standing in a line or sitting listening to speeches in the very hot and very humid weather about how the newly graduated Seniors will be experiencing new adventures and freedoms beyond our comprehension. I just survived my Freshmen year... yea! The only good parts of Graduation were when I made the awesome pun to my bestest friend Robby about how I was "hat-bending" (I stole his hat and he told me to stop bending it... it was necessary), when Mr. King (our grumpy, but charming bio teacher) had to approve all of the faculty's and Seniors' dress and posture and it was hilarious to see our grumpy history teacher in his blue poofy graduation gown with his blue poofy beret, and the fact that I sat next to one particular person the entire time.
However, that time has passed and right now my dog, Topsy, is lost and confused. Topsy sleeps in my room every night and today just so happens to be the day I clean out my closet and all my stuff in my room and dump it on to the floor. T-shirts, pairs of pants, jeans, and skirts, and collard shirts are strewn across the floor of my room entangled with clothes hangers, shoes, and a bunch of sharp things that I keep stepping on today. Topsy is lost and confused because he can't figure out how to get off of my bed and on to the floor because so much stuff is covering the surface. He finally found a small spot of carpet of which he could land on. However, he had just spotted his favorite chew toy and now he is struggling to figure out how to get to it with out being attacked by clothes hangers.
This bit of descriptive detail uncovers two traits about me. One, I'm a slob. Two, I'm a hoarder. If you ever come to my school in the middle of the school year (especially the end of 3rd quarter) you are bound to see one of the messiest lockers you would have seen in your life. Papers, essays, books, binders, containers, pencils, and pens build up along with the forgotten lunchboxes and jackets over a course of a few months and cause my beloved locker to look like a hurricane just hit it. Maybe my locker wouldn't look nearly as bad if it weren't for the fact that it will always be next to Josh Zacher's locker, the neatest and most organized person I know. But alas, my poor locker will always be contrasted to his and get the most (sometimes) undeserving glares of disgust and fear from my OCD classmates.
As to the second point I made, I am a very sentimental person, which explains why I have to keep everything that has even the tiniest bit of sentimental value. I can't delete text messages from one particular person (well, I can't delete texts from anyone because I lost my phone three months ago, but that's besides the point), I have kept my R.A.D. skirt since sixth grade just because it marked an era in my childhood. I've kept every single stuffed animal I've ever gotten (trust me that's a lot) because I knew at one point in time I loved them... and because I'm still afraid I'll hurt their feelings if I give them away. I still reread my favorite childrens books because I remember loving them and I remember my childhood as being a much simpler time without these grades, and futures, and permanant records, and whatever. Since I hoard everything I have clothing that I've had since 4th grade and I still can't get rid of them because of memories and stuff like that. (oh and I fit into some of the stuff because I weigh less now than I did in 6th grade... that's kinda scary when you think about it)
Overall, the fact that I am a sentimental slob does have a point. These two attributes cause me into getting in some trouble. If I wasn't such a slob I probably would do a bit better in school and my papers wouldn't always get crumpled. If I wasn't so sentimental I wouldn't have to nitpick through each and every text message or paper or note or anything to make sure it isn't reminiscent or from a particular person. However most importantly, If I wasn't so disorganized then there would be a theme and I wouldn't be just as lost and confused as Topsy. I should have organized a way for Jasmine to be notified and to have a spot to tell us this week's theme.... oops. I am sure you must be thinking.
"So this blog was basically a really drawn out story and explanation as to how you messed up?"
The answer is YES! One hundred and seventy five percent yes.
However, I also have a solution! Jasmine please tell us your theme in your next blog or on the ning or through email or some other convenient way and I will write to both the themes of Jasmine and Tenley next week.
Jasmine I am thrilled to read you tomorrow!
Katie Z
Listening to: Opus 17 by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons
Currently reading: Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut (just finished Memoirs of a Geisha)
Quote: “It’s symbolic of the relationship between me and my friends!  That’s why it’s so small and fragile-looking.” -Tea from Yugioh: The Abridged Series

Addition to the post: So Jasmine just informed me that she posted the theme on my page, I didn't even think of checking there. From now on we agree to post the theme or other important stuff on the ning itself or email, okidokes? Cool, I take all blame for it. So instead of punishing my self I shall punish you by making the blog even longer!
The theme this week is "I Have the Craziest _____ Ever"
I have the craziest friends ever. You have already met Emily and Hannah and I can promise you the more you get to know them and the longer you know them the crazier and weirder they get. An example of this is last thursday. Ems, Hannah, JoAnna, and I were having a sleepover. This is how it went
Me: Well there are three options. We could
1. Party Down
2. Build a Tardis
or 3. PARTY DOWN!!!!!
JoAnna: ... let's build a Tardis
So we all go down to the garage get some cardboard boxes and tape them together and tape some blue wrapping paper on it and voila we have an almost finished carboard box.
Another example is a Halloween two years ago where JoAnna, Hannah, Ems and I dressed up as students from each of the four houses of Hogwarts and went around the neighborhood singing WRock songs.
I think Emily is the craziest one. She poured mountain dew all over her hair on a casual dare. She also randomly shows up at my house almost every Saturday to watch Doctor Who. When she's stressed out she lies down on the ground and starts screaming, but the ground muffles her voice so it just sounds like this very high pitched squealing. She does this outside after-school quite often and the teachers look at us very strangely, of course, we're used to that.
Hannah is crazy 'cuz... well, the best way to show this is to show what she wore to tacky day in middle school a year ago.
I think that explains her crazyness.
Well that's done for part two. I hope I fulfilled the theme plenty!
This time I say "Bye" for reals!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Last but not least - Sarah!

Hey girls - it's Saturday!

So finally it's my turn for introduction. I would say I'm quite bad in describing myself, but actually you all said that and it was so not true!

Starting with the basics:
Name: Sarah
Age: 20
Location: Austria, Europe. That means a) that I'm not always posting in the middle of the night, but I'm at least six hours ahead of you and b) English is not my native language (it's German), so excuse my mistakes :)
Career plans: currently studying medicine (just finished my second year) and future surgeon

I can't offer you some fancy childhood nerd story... I was always a quite normal child, very curious about everything, asking a lot of questions and very much into experimenting.
Ooh I just remember a very nerdy thing: when I was still in elementary school I used to have a notebook and wrote down things that seemed interesting to me; for example I have a two pages list of dinosaur names.

When I was 8 I read the first Harry Potter book, way before anybody else did and I soon became obsessed with Harry Potter.
A few years later, I think at the age of 12, I read Lord of the Rings - before the movies came out and everyone became interested in it. Here starts my real nerd story. I was REALLY crazy about LotR (after seeing the movies, but it's important to me that I read the books first!) - writing fanfictions, getting an elves name, etc. A few people often made fun about me, I even found some notes under my school desk telling me that I am a "little ork" - but you know what? I didn't care! I guess that already made me a nerdfighter back then and I never forgot to be awesome.
At this time I am still a big fan of Harry Potter (books! I hate the movies) and to some point also Lord of the Rings. New nerdy stuff is my obsession about Apple - I couldn't live without my Macbook and my iPod and I try too applefy the world by convincing people how great Apple is.

It was totally coincidental that I became a Nerdfighter. A friend told me to read An Anbundance of Katherines and after it Looking for Alaska and I did it and loved it. Some time later the same friend showed me the Obama Llama video and it was so funny, so I wanted to check who makes such great things and guess who it is? The brother of my newest favourite author! I then started to watch some other vlogbrothers video and they were always so great so I subscribed. Lately I also discovered Charlie and the fiveawesomegirls, so now I spend most of my time on Youtube.
Until a few weeks ago I was rather a "secret" Nerdfighter, but then I thought I need to meet new people and joined the Ning and here I am.

What else about me... I am TOTALLY addicted to all kinds of Social Media. I surely couldn't live without Facebook, Twitter and my blog. I can't even really explain why I like it so much, maybe just because it allows you to meet so many different people and it's so easy to stay in touch with everybody.
I am a frequent traveller - that means usually once a month I go somewhere. Easy reason: long-distance relationship. We often meet up "in the middle" or go somewhere, so I get to see a lot of Europe (never been outside of Europe, though).

Copying Hannah's idea: Random Facts
1) I almost only wear Converse Allstars.
2) I mix British and American English, because they tought us BE in school and I mostly read AE and some words I like better in AE and some in BE.
3) I hate it when I discover something (music, book, series) and suddenly it gets famous and EVERYBODY finds it soooo great.
4) I like taking pictures and I have two cameras.
5) I have a cat called Mischa who can be very annoying.

Katie, I'll read you tomorrow!

Currently listening to: MGMT - Kids

Friday, June 11, 2010


Hey bloggers!!!!! It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I'm kind of falling asleep writing this because I was procrastinating it and now I'm tired. This is going to mostly short and simple and I will just add stuff that I think of in the following weeks. And I have always sucked at story telling unless I work on the story for a couple of weeks so there will be no story telling in this blog.

My Introductions:
Name: Hannah
Place of Residency: Illinois
Age: 14
School: Hogwarts
Career Plans: Be a doctor, or meet the doctor
Education: Sophomore in High School

If you want to know more email me or find me on the Ning and ask.

Start of Nerdism:
I'm not sure. Kind of since forever. I cannot remember when I wasn't a nerd. I have always been more of  a math and science oriented nerd though.

Start of Nerdfighterism:
When I became good friends with Katie about three(ish) years ago in 7th grade (even though I had known her since 5th).

Random Facts:
*My favorite color is purple so therefore I am the purple person at the top of the page.
*I like to color
*I like art, math, science, and other stuff.
*School supply shopping is the main thing I like about school
*new school supplies make me get excited
*i'll add more of these each week

Sarah I'll read you tomorrow.

Currently Reading: just finished Will Grayson Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan
Currently Listening to: The "witty banter" of tony and timothy
Quote: (not exact from the book, just from memory) random questions are the least random of all questions

P.S. Feel free to correct me on that quote and anything else

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Haley is pushed for time.

Hey bloggers it's Thursday!

To start this blog I would like to tell you that I only have ten minutes to write this because I have to go my dad's house, and my sister has been using the computer.  Darn her.

Well, I've never been great at introductions.  This is probably the reason that I only have one friend that I hang out with.

I remember my first introduction I was three years old and it was the first day of pre-school.  My speaking was not exactly the best, and I couldn't say my consonants.  So naturally my name was pronounce "A-e" for the first part of my life.  When a little girl named Racquel asked me my name, I told her.  Of course, then she couldn't get the thought in her mind that my  name was not in face Ae, and actually my name was Haley. This caused a bit of confusion, but she got over it after about a month.

All day, and the whole entire week, I have been thinking about my nerd story.  How had it happened?  I couldn't even remember.  I couldn't even really remember what my life was like before the age of ten.  Once, when I was four, my family was having a dinner party, and the host had puzzles.  She had put out those peg puzzles for me and my sisters, but she had put out a one hundred piece puzzle out for the grownups.  While the adults were in the kitchen I proceeded to not only get to the table, and get out the puzzle, but put the puzzle together upside down.  This seemed pretty nerdy to me.

From then on I burst in to the world of nerdom.  While all of my friends were playing with barbies, I was playing with my toy microscope, or trying to flush the barbie down the toilet...  While all of the other girls were chasing the boys, I was teaching the boys how not to get caught.  I was the little nerd child.

How did I become a nerdfighter?  Well, I had never really used the computer until I was about eleven years old, except to go on stupid websites.  Though in sixth grade I was having trouble with a math assignment and my teacher told me to look it up on youtube.  This, of course, sprouted a fascination.  As I looked through all of the Youtube videos I was amazed.  One day, a video from italktosnakes was recommended for me.  I watched it and fell in love with her absolutely spunky nature.  This in turn led me to vlogbrothers.  I now know that there are people out there just as nerdy as me.

I absolutely love that nerdfighters is here for me because out of all of my nerdy friends, none of them truly understand the exact nature of my nerdiness. They all just like to read, or like Harry Potter.  Nothing as severe as le nerdfighters.

As I can tell at the moment, this project will go epicly.  I'm loving everyone's blog posts.

I'm very sorry for that but I have to got.

Hannah I'll read you tomorrow.

Currently reading: Will Grayson Will Grayson
Currently listening: B/min - ALL CAPS

Wednesday, June 9, 2010



… That was an abnormal amount of excitement, even for me…
Hi, I’m Emily, and I seriously over procrastinated this…

…I am a fan of ellipses…

No, but really, hi I’m Emily and I’m strange… and really bad at introducing myself… alright, were going to go over the facts and then do other stuff…

Name: Emily
Home: …Indiana
Age: 15
Career Plans: writing?
Education: finishing my freshman year of high school this week
Interests: Books, Music, Academics (*wince*), Philosophy, Psychology
Copying Tenley because you can’t come up with a clever way to do this: yes
… Also I’m kind of maybe a little crazy… understatement…

Well, I think it all started when I was five and my mother bought my younger brother and I our first set of roller blades… I was a somewhat average five year old… I think… but when my mother came home with Barbie roller blades for me and Star wars roller blades for my brother I was enraged… Barbie was a “sell out” (not that I knew what that was) and pink was my least favorite color and there was no way I was going to wear those in the neighborhood, the boys wouldn’t let me play spies with them any more if I did that, so I forced my brother to trade with me. From then on, well the nerdy-ness spread. In 2nd I became somewhat obsessed with the American Revolution (I’m pretty sure I wanted the British to win though… the UK is my favorite country) and I went off on the social studies obsessed tangent. I mean; I knew A LOT more than my class mates about the American Revolution… I still kind of do. From there history was kind of my thing until about 6th grade when I got a teacher I didn’t like so much and my major focus switched to English with a more minor focus in history. All this time, from second grade on I was an obsessive reader, I really didn’t use the computer except to play the candy land game from time to time or in class at school, I didn’t even have an email address until I was in 7th grade. It wasn’t until I became involved in this community about a year ago that I really got on the Internet; I thought youtube was stupid until I saw vlogbrothers and 5AG. Let’s got back a little bit for just one sentence. I learned about this community through Katie and John’s books, and then I got involved. OKAY… so nerdy-ness explainedish? …Moving on…

Jasmine- liked the poem. Sometime I am full of woe. Often this includes The Mountain Goats. Otherwise I’m just this sort of crazy, hyper, rude, not ginger, argumentative thing… okay…

            So today…or yesterday (ok, 15 minutes… Hannah’s letting me borrow her time zone so TODAY) was my last day of classes… well not real classes, we had finals about three weeks ago; may term classes. –This needs explanation before we can continue. My school (and Katie’s school) has this thing after finals where instead of letting us out of school you take fun laid back classes (seniors do internships) and maybe learn something and you either pass or fail the entire 3 weeks. To illustrate, here’s my schedule:

  1. Free (this is unusual, but I have a class during part of lunch for I get a free period)
  2. Journalistic Writing (is helping teach us what we need to do for newspaper next year)
  3. - 4. The United Nations (we pretty much run a model UN simulation, well those of us who pay attention do [I am in this group]. It is enjoyable)
Lunch A.
Lunch B. Theater Projects Part 1 (we write and produce plays and fool around and it’s awesome and I love all the people in it because they rock and they’re really funny and strange like me and they can all act [I can’t])
  1. -5. Theater Projects Part 2 (same, love this class)
  1. Rubik’s Cube (learned how to solve a Rubik’s cube!)
  2. Lady Detectives (read detective novels, drank tea, watched movies, did arts and crafts… like a good summer camp)
  3. Reading for Relaxation (we read)

So yeah; awesome, today was the last day of that which makes me happy and sad because I won’t see some of these awesome people for a really long time (too long) and I wont got to have classes with any of the juniors again and the juniors are super awesome (and funny and smart and I loved having class with them), but school is over so –bittersweet.



What I’m listening too: Bones –The Killers
What I’m reading: Just finished Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers going to work on David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest and get George Orwell’s 1984
Quote: "He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it." -Douglas Adams, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

… Haley, I’ll read you tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Used to be an Internet N00b

Hey bloggers it's Tuesday!

To start off let me say how glad I am that this is a blog and not a vlog and therefore doesn't involve you having to hear me right now, because I currently sound like a 12 year old boy going through puberty.

Anyways, I'm Tenley, and apparently, according to the poem Jasmine posted, I'm full of grace. Yay me... I would never have said that about myself, and I don't think anyone else would (except maybe my Mom), but I'll take it.

Because I suck at introductions and I don't want to write a paragraph where every sentence starts with "I'm", here's a list.

Basic Info:
Name: Tenley
Home: Virginia
Age: 18
Career plans: librarian
Education: Just finished my Freshman year of college as a liberal arts major.
Hobbies: writing, reading, youtube (youtubing?) and drawing (I'm not very good, just fyi).

Well, that sounded like a resume. Sorry, I've been job hunting all day. No luck so far, but hopefully someone will call. *crosses fingers*

As for how I found out about Nerdfighters and such, here's the story:

From the time I was born till the time I was 16 I lived in Michigan on this private road that Comcast refused to come down, so... we had dial-up. *GASP* I know, its shocking. However, after my junior year of high school my Dad got a new job and we all moved to Virginia, where, by the grace of God, we had high speed internet. So as you can probably imagine I spent the rest of the summer watching Youtube video, after Youtube video just because I could (for those of you who have never had dial-up it takes about 45 minutes to load a 4 minute video... on a good day).

Sometime at the beginning of September my government teacher announced that we'd be talking about the election and the V.P. choices tomorrow. When I got home I got online and on my iGoogle page in the most discussed box there was a video about Sarah Palin (John's video). At which point I clicked on it for two reasons, 1) I had high speed and I could and 2) I wanted to impress my classmates with how much I already knew.

So I watched the video. I liked the video. I didn't subscribe though because at the time my internet n00b of a self thought it was one of those "subscribe for 3.99 deals" (yes, I was that dumb). And so some time past but I kept seeing videos from that same guy (or Hank) and was like "is this all he does". Then on October 22nd I was watching one of their videos that I can't remember and got curious so I got an account and clicked subscribe thinking I could go back or close the window after I saw what was there. But I never got the chance, because another page didn't load, the button just turned white and said I was subscribed. And from there its just been a long tale of obsession and awesomeness.

Emily, I'll read you tomorrow!