Thursday, September 30, 2010

Procrastination, thou craven malmsey-nosed barnacle!

Mornin' gals.  I suppose though that it isn't morning for you.  It's morning for me though, and since I'm a terribly narcissistic person, I will just think about where I am, and what time it is while I'm writing this.

Last week I forgot to blog, when I mean forget I mean the kind of forgetting when you don't remember until you're driving to softball on Sunday at eight in the morning.  That is some serious forgetting.

Before I forget, I would just like to say that today marks the 50th Anniversary of the airing of the Flintstones.  Ain't that just a barrell of monkeys'?  I believe that it is.

It is 7:19, I had to wake up at 5:30 due to my PROCRASTINATION.  See? I was on the internet searching random crap that no one cares about, and didn't read last night.  So I had to read for an hour and a half this morning.

At the moment I'm PROCRASTINATING by typing this blog post.  What I should really be doing is eating breakfast, due to the fact that I have Journalism this morning, and I'm leaving in less than fifteen minutes.   Come to think about it, I think I'm going to finish this later.

It is now 4:38, and I am done with my homework.  I suppose that by finishing this I'm procrastinating by reading.

Now I shall make a list of what I do when I procrastinate:

  • Watch Degrassi.  (It works.  This show is so drama filled that most of the time I can't wrap my head around it.)
  • Sing (Most of the time it consists of either modern Disney [Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers] or Musicals.)
  • Search random crap on Google

Can't think of that much stuff right now.  :)

DFTBA gals. :)

Reading: HUNGER: Sequel to GONE (Can't remember the author.)
Listening:  The Coolest Girl from AVPS
Social Studies Teacher: What's the capital of North Dakota?
Student: Pierre! Wait!  DAMN.
Social Studies Teacher: I'm sorry, that's wrong.  Plus the answer isn't damn either.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Who knows whether that's how it should be; maybe our ghosts live in the vacancy"

I'm rocking out to the portions of the new Ben Folds album (Lonely Avenue) I can get on youtube and groove shark and, guys, it's fucking amazing. The title is a quote from one of the 2 songs I've heard, From Above. So, I don't know if you guys know Ben Folds, but if you don't (or if you do) it's time to immerse yourself in him for the next week and a half at least. Take some Mountain Goats/ Radiohead/ Arcade Fire/ CAKE breaks and just dive into some Ben Folds. He is AMAZING. Let's look at some more quotes...

I’m a genius, really, I’m excellent
Better than them, I kick their asses
All of them, even that guy
Who thinks he’s fuckin’ cool
Gets all of the attention
He doesn’t sell shit does he.
-A Working Day... this song is too good... I'm linking it here:

Also, here is from above:

... Ben Folds may or may not make my "guilt free three"... the only thing that might hold him back is the fact that he's 44 and married with 3 kids... but he's AMAZING.

So I'm pretty sure that the theme for this week is procrastination... let me tell you that, when it comes to procrastination, I'm a goddamn genius. I have ADD and a hard time focuOOOOOH SHINEY! No, but really, I have ADD and I procrastinate to the MAX. And much like Scotty with his crazy teleporting abilities you have to be born with the procrastination skill, it can't be learned. 

So, something that I know shouldn't get on my nerves, but does anyways: People constantly say I don't act like a girl... this confuses me... I know I probably eat like a guy, but still, hey, look, I'm a girl... so, girls, I'f wondering WHAT IS THIS CRITERIA FOR GIRLY-NESS THAT I SUPPOSEDLY DON'T MEET? Please, tell me in the comments. 

Other things from this week: a lot better than last week. Last week sucked... this week rocks- ish! 

Forensics are starting up and both Katie and I are feeling pretty good about it this year. Mhm. OK.

WHAT I'M READING: EVERYTHING... today I was carrying Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life.
WHAT I'M WATCHING: well, how I met your mother is a great way to procrastinate... I just started watching old episodes and it's really funny. I love Neil Patrick Harris.
Quote: "Today I want to talk about something that means a great deal to me: Real Estate" -Lawyer at trial-y thing I saw yesterday for debate.
"Today I want to talk about something that means a great deal to me: NATO presence in Afghanistan" -Logan making fun of said lawyer in the opening of his pro speech today... we all laughed.
"How attractive do you think I am on a scale of 1-10" -AJ 
Scotty: 11
Bush: 20
Chaykow: 15
Steve: 8
Me: 12 [though he may have deserved a higher number])
"You know why they put me in there in the first place? I have anger problems. I'm on medication for ti. So, watch what you say" (or something of that sort)-AJ to Steve
"Can the t-shirts be light blue so they bring out my eyes?" -AJ
"I wore that shirt in the asylum. I'm still mad I got a large instead of a medium" -AJ

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Procrastination and Brain Crack

Hey girls, it's Tuesday!

On Sunday night I read Katie's post and thought to myself, "how does she know I was procrastinating" and then realized it was just a coincidence. So yeah, thanks for making me feel guilty. I'm just kidding.

I should be reading about ancient Greece, or making a PowerPoint presentation for some Spanish festival that I have yet to look up, or doing my math homework, or even doing the discussion board for my Geology class. But really all I've been doing is playing card games, watching videos and reading Devilish... again.

The thing about me is that I make a lot of to-do lists because I love making lists and I love crossing things out, but usually I never do the things on my list. And if/when I include times for when to do certain things I never follow those times... I just like making the lists. For example, there's a list of all the homework I just listed and more hanging on the wall opposite my computer and nothing is crossed off.

In other news, my brother's birthday is on Thursday. I bought him Super Mario for Wii... partly because he likes Mario and partly because I like Mario and I can play it with him. Don't worry, I'll leave out the second part when I give it to him.

I just read what I've already written and realized that I have a lot of really small paragraphs. I didn't really have anything to say about that, it just seemed funny at the time, it wasn't, but it seemed like it was and that's all that matters. Right?

What else can I talk about. Ooo... the other day I had a brain crack idea for a novel. I don't know if I'd ever write this novel, but the idea is that it would be from the perspective of a 911 operator. And then the theme could be "when does death stop being emotional and start being technical" and the narrator could become paranoid outside of work that everyone around them was going to die in front of him/her. Like, there could be a scene with the narrator in a store and looking around and noticing all the safety hazards and become really paranoid. I don't know, its just an idea. I was thinking about writing it for NaNoWriMo this year, but I'm not sure. Mostly because besides the fact that they answer phones and talk people through emergencies I literally no nothing about 911 operators... and that seems like something the author of said book should know about.

In other news, I get Maureen Johnson's tweets sent to my phone and today it seems like she's tweeting more than normal because every five seconds my phone vibrates. Not that I mind, Maureen's tweets are amazing, but still... it can be annoying.

I think that's it, so Emily, I'll read you tomorrow.

Currently reading: "Devilish" by Maureen Johnson
Currently listening to: The sound of my Mom cooking in the kitchen
Quote: "dinner's ready!" My Mom... just now.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hey girls, it's Sunday!
I don't know about you, but I'm really good at procrastinating. So in case you need to work on this skill I'm going to give you a list of how to procrastinate.
1. Talk to Emily. It's amazing how good she is at that. I said I was going to go to sleep and 3 hours later I did. 
2. Play Kill, Kiss, or Marry (y'know where you say three people  and you chose which one to kiss, kill and marry?) with one of your friends. I don't know why but it's really fun and somewhat funny. Some of my best quotes are from playing that.
3. Watch Hey Arnold Episodes. Especially episodes that involve Arnold/Helga shipping.
4. Read Fanfic of any kind. My favorite is of course Harry Potter or Avatar the Last Airbender
5. Watch Barbie movies... it's not that embarassing
6. Watch Doctor Who
7. Be very creepy and plan out your future like college, job, where you're going to live, who you're going to marry, yes very creepy
8. Procrastination Station on .... the name is very apt
9. Go on! It's also very creepy
10. and Dear Girls Above are two hillarious sites that you can spend hours doing nothing
11. Read sappy teen romance novels
12. Dance to the music
13. Invent your own language (Robby this one is for you)
14. Ship random cartoon characters like Helga/Arnold
16. Think... about stuff
17. Bake cookies
18. Watch food network
19. Search for clothing/crocheted stuff/nerd stuff on Etsy
20. Make lists of things you're getting people things for Christmas/Birthdays
21. Decide who your friends would be as fictional characters in shows like Hey Arnold
22. Find cardboard boxes and make them into a Tardis
23. Make jewlery
24. Watch Disney movies
25. Watch youtube videos made by a guy from your school
26. Marvel as Hey Arnold uses terms such as "Like" "Like like" and "REALLY REALLY like" oh and "Suhfistikated"
27. Sing to CAKE (the band... and the food)
28. Also ship Lila and Arnold, they are so freaking adorable
29. Write... about stuff
30. Run around outside screaming about how they canceled the second Hey Arnold movie

Jasmine I'll read you tomorrow!
Less than three,
Katie Z

Reading: The Picture of Dorian Gray
Listening; I Will Survive - Cake
Watching: ok.... if you don't know, you are an idiot
Quote: "It's a turtle! Oh Arnold I love turtles oh so very much. They're my absolute favorite! They are much better than giant pink bears! I'm allergic to stuffed animals anyways" - Lila from Hey Arnold

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sarah is alive and her absence has to do with this week's theme.

Hey girls, it's Saturday and I'm finally back. I'm sorry that I didn't write the last times, but I was with my boyfriend and didn't really have time to write, besides I'm always forgetting what weekday it is when I'm not home.
I had a really nice time, very relaxing and now I don't really want to go back to normal life. University starts on Monday and then my life is basically over, because I have to study all the time :/ I'm not so much looking forward to it, I like my lazy life.

What can I tell you about my relationship... so you know I'm in a long-distance relationship (around 1200km) and that sucks most of the time. In fact, it always sucks when we are not together. When we are together it's great, we can spend 24h together without getting annoyed of each other and I often feel that my boyfriend knows me better than I do myself. That's a bit scary, but I guess it's a good sign ;)
By the way, in a few days it's our two year anniversary and I'm really proud that we made it that far. I hope that in future some things will change, especially of course that we can live closer, but that's only possible if one of us basically gives up his life and moves and right now that's not really a choice...
Random facts: we have an age gap of 8 1/2 years, which doesn't matter, because most of the time I forget that we are not the same age. He speaks Polish, I speak German, and together we speak English. Most people ask me if that's not strange and difficult, but I actually like it. I would not talk so much English otherwise and that would be sad, because I like English and I like to be good in it and you can't be good without practise, right? :)

Here you got a picture:

Girls, is anyone of you on Dailybooth? You can find me here. I like Dailybooth, it's something different and you can meet nice people there, without having this "internet anonymity" issue ;)

Katie, I'll read you tomorrow!

Listening to: some song from Gossip Girl just stopped, so I will now listen to the new song by Eddplant "You're Not There"
Currently reading: "Pretty Little Things" by Jillian Hoffman

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If You're Uncomfortable With Sexuality You Shouldn't Read This Post... Okay, Honestly, You'll be Fine.

Hello lovebirds, it's Wednesday.
On this lovely little Wednesday, I, Emily Blue, am going to talk tell you a little something about...Romance. Turn down the lights, light a mosquito candle, turn the Arcade Fire on at a low setting and lets get started.
So dearies, lovers, girls if you prefer, here is the one biggest rule of serious romance... Okay, okay, fuck it, I don't know anything; my closest "lover" is my kitten, Magger McJagger. We sleep together all the time...Yes like that; NO, NOT LIKE THAT! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?
No, but really... I'm a fifteen year old girl with no romantic experience. I recently had a dream in which this boy I like and I were dating (we didn't do anything, I just knew we were seriously dating) and in this mythical world he was my cousin? I ran around in circles screaming "YOU CAN'T LIKE HIM LIKE THIS, HE'S YOUR COUSIN," the entire time. He isn't my cousin, in case  you were worried. So Blow out the candles, turn up the lights, and turn up the music... I'm done addressing the theme.

Do you guys have those weeks where it feels like two really muscular guys are using your head to try and break down a brick wall? This week is like that for me. Just ow. I got my midterms though and my only worry some grades were math and AP US which was to be expected and they should both go up so, it's all good. 

I don't really have much else to say about this week... except that it feels like monday was last month.

I'm going to sign off by saying, Haley, I'll read you tomorrow.

Currently reading: The Doors of Perception... I should have finished last week, but I didn't have time.
What I'm watching: Next week: House on Hulu... so excited
What I'm listening to: "We Used to Wait" by Arcade Fire

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The One Where I Ignore the Theme

Hey bloggers, its Tuesday! I've been putting off this blog for a couple of hours because I have no idea what to write about. See, this week's theme is romance, but the only serious relationship I've ever had was my first relationship... which I've already told you about. So, yeah, that's a problem. I mean, I to could talk about my opinions, but that would be pretty boring. Which brings me back to, I have nothing to talk about.

In an unrelated story, I went to Hershey Park this weekend. The full story would also be kind of boring because it was basically, rollercoaster after rollercoaster all day. Well, except for that time I wasted ten dollars in the arcade and only won; a box of crayons, a crazy straw, a pencil, a bouncy ball, a yellow heart shaped action figure thing, and three spider rings that I strategically planted in a Friendly's in Hershey, Pennsylvania. No serious, I hid them. One behind the napkin holder, one by the cash register and one in the women's restroom.

That's about it though, so... sorry for not following the theme and Emily, I'll read you tomorrow.

Currently reading: "Zombies v. Unicorns" by... I don't wanna list them all. BTW, I'm on team Unicorn. What about you guys?
Currently listening to: I have Hayleyghoover's "Fine Kone" rap stuck in my head.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hey bloggers, it's Monday.

This week's suggested theme is relationships. It's very sad to say that the only boyfriend I had was from 8th grade, and that ended very, very badly. So I can't really talk about my experiences, but I can certainly give you my thoughts..? Although I think we get enough of that from reading John's books.

I know that my punishment is LONG overdue, but I promise, you will get something next week. Hopefully in a form of a video? I went to our Ning group and looked at the list of punishments again, and I must say, they are very creative. I give props to Tenley.

These were the ones I had in mind.

- Create a meal using at least 10 ingredients, and it can't be something normal, it has to be a little strange. A few of the items can be normal, but then add in something kind of outrageous... and of course, try it.
- Go out into your town (a populated area, please) and scream DFTBA initialisms. You can take them straight from Hank's DFTBA song if you want, and you can include don't forget to be awesome, but also include some weird ones.
- Host a tea party (or some kind of party) with dolls, or if you don't have dolls, books, statues, action figures, anything you have will do really.

Y'all can vote on something for me to do, otherwise I'll just choose and hopefully it'll meet your standards.

Tenley, I'll read you tomorrow.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hey girls, it's Sunday!
Sorry I didn't blog last week I thought about it for a few minutes and then I forgot. I have skillz. Anyways, I vote we get rid of themes because it's just hard to figure out what they are and such. But since it's my turn ( I think?) I'll put a suggested theme that you don't have to follow. The suggested theme is relationships.
So if anyone has read a few blogs of mine they'd know that Robby is.. well was my boyfriend. The was is because we broke up on tuesday.
Now a little history of Robby, we became friends in 8th grade over the DC trip and he started dating my friend Hannah so he and his friend joined our lunch table and we hung out at after school, so yeah we became friends. Now Robby is more or less my best friend among Emily, JoAnna, Kenneth, and Hannah. Before we started dating I told him pretty much everything and we talked a lot. Everyone thought we should date and I will admit that we really do seem perfect for each other. We like and dislike almost the exact same things and we yell quotes at each other and yeah, we seem perfect. So, this summer I figured out he liked me and we started dating in July.
I broke up with Robby for two reasons.
1. It really didn't seem like a real relationship. Basically, it was exactly the same when we were friends except some hand holding and people made fun of me. In the end, the lack of real relationship and the crap I got from people wasn't worth it because....
2. I didn't like him like that. When we started going out and a couple of weeks before that I thought I liked him, but after a few weeks of dating him I realized that I really just didn't feel the same way. I really wish I did, life would be easier that way because... well to quote Misty "It's easier to like someone that likes you than to like someone that doesn't."
Anyways, It was more fun being his best friend so I told him Tuesday afternoon that I'd like to just be friends. He took it very well and we are friends again and although it's a little awkward and I feel bad.
Overall, that's the extent of Romantic Relationships I've had (if you could call it that). Overall I'm really glad I broke up with Robby even thought it's just a bit awkward and I feel bad.
Well besides that, last week I went to Chicago to go to the Art Museum, it wasn't that fun of a trip, I took a Chem exam which I got a 97% on, and today I saw Easy A with JoAnna and Emily and it was really good.
I'll read you tomorrow Jasmine!!!
Less than three,
Katie Z
Currently Listening to: Effington - Ben Folds
Currently Watching: Good Eats
Currently Reading: The Picture of Dorian Grey -Oscar Wilde
"No woman is a genius. Women are a decorative sex. They never have anything to say, but they say it charmingly. Women represent the triumph of matter over mind, just as men represent the triumph of mind over morals." - Lord Henry from The Picture of Dorian Grey
For some reason misogynyis funny.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

HEX depresses me

'Ello lovies it is Thursday

I was worrying all last night that I wouldn't be able to write this due to lack of time, but instead you get it and it will be a half ass job.  Hope you enjoy.

Do you girls understand how hard it is to think of something to write about at six in the morning?

Let's see... what have I been up to?  School.  My school year so far has been nothing special.  In fact, if this is what eighth grade is all about, I'm sort of upset.  I've realized that over the summer I've supposedly become "happier" because about forty bajillion have told me told me.  They were all "Hey Haley, did you know that over the summer you seemed to become less angry?"  Then I usually answered something like, "That's probably because I wasn't with you idiots the whole time."  Then they laugh, while walking away, saying, "Same old Haley."  Shove it up your arse morons.

I've also been TRYING to go on Hogwarts Extreme, but since everyone is busy with their stupid school work, I'm basically getting dumped.  Or that's what it feels like. (I guess I actually don't know what the feels like considering I've never had a boyfriend, but I suppose it's just an instinct?  (: Speaking of all that relationship stuff, eighth grade is filled with everyone saying "Are you two going out?"  NO.  Just because I'm talking to this guy, and we're laughing and smiling, it doesn't mean that we're going out!  It means that we're comfortable being friends!  :D  Sorry for the rant, but I had to get that out somewhere.)  Everyone that I WAS doing a role play with are all, "Oh Haley.  I'm so sorry, but I'll have to stop replying because I have a life and you don't."  Maybe they aren't saying it exactly like that, but you probably catch the general drift.

We started Journalism last week, and I feel like I'm going to poop my pants whenever I think about it. Today we're picking the typography for the yearbook.  *Goes to watch tons of Karen Kavett videos then stops because she realizes that she has to leave for class in about half an hour, and she still hasn't eaten.*

On that note I must bid you all adieu.

Just finished rererereading: An Abundance of Katherines
Listening to:  The fast paced keys and then the space bar about a bajillion infinity times because I keep messing up.
Currently: Starving. *Hungry* :)

I know!  I'll post something else, like a picture or a video link so that I feel like this post at least LOOKS longer.  Darn it.  :)  Hmm.  Picture time.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hello Girls, it beith Wednesday...

SO... today was my first Advanced Chemistry test an both Katie and I feel like it went really well which is good. 

Homecoming is this weekend so this week is spirit week and we get to dress down and wear themed stuff... Monday was nerd day which is cool, but we 10th graders were in chicago at the art institute which was really pretty cool. Tuesday was "on the board walk" (AKA: Jersey Shore) which was obnoxious... some people took it to the extreme and went pirate which was cool. I didn't dress up. Today was going to be "street cred." but parents wrote in saying it was racist so it got changed into "wild west." (AKA: Cowboys and Indians ["No, no it's not racist! Caleb, I'm a fourth Cherokee!"])  I wore a plaid shirt and a jean shirt. I have these friends where one of them (Jimmy) Dressed up as Pocahontas and the other (One Mr. David Chaykow.) dressed up as John Smith, which was really cool even though that's the east coast. Tomorrow is spirit day and Friday is classy day.

Two more weeks of drivers' ed. 

Super busy/ kinda tired.

Haley, I'll read you tomorrow

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Very Nerdy Birthday and Pre-weekend Excitment

Hey bloggers, it's Tuesday! So, we apparently don't have a theme this week, which means its up to me to talk about something vaguely entertaining that's going on in my life. *looks around room* Um... *ponders* Okay, I'm kidding, I actually do have some stuff to talk about, whether anyone but me will care is another story, but whatever.

First things first, the past... specifically Sunday. Hypothetical commenter: But Tenley, why are we talking about an irrelevant day like September 12th.
Me: Its not irrelevant, that's my birthday!
HC: Yeah... I still don't see how that's relevant.
Me: I hate you.
HC: Get in line.

Yeah, so Sunday was my birthday. I didn't do anything wildly exciting, but I did go to a bookstore and buy some new comic books.
HC: nerd.
Thanks, now, where was I. Oh right, the comic books. The best of the ones I bought is "Marvel 1602" because its like Spiderman and Fantastic Four and all the typical superheros in the sixteen hundreds. Awesome.
HC: nerd

Apart from that this next weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) I'll be going to Hershey's Park! Which is just like the name suggests, a theme park with loads of chocolate. Its going to be amazing. But more on that next week after its over and I can talk about properly.

Other than that I've been doing homework, going to class and working. A quick note on each of those:
1. For my history class I was reading this article about Queen Hatsheput, who was an Egyptian Pharaoh despite being... you know, a girl. I didn't really have anything to say about that, I just found the article interesting and wanted to share it with someone.
2. For the past few weeks, for the first time in my life, I've been doing really well in math class and I think its because my math Professor is brilliant. Like, the best teacher I've ever known, seriously. Bad news is, I found out yesterday that he left the college (idk why, no one tells students anything) and now we're left with a new Professor who is utterly boring.
3. Work... um, its worktastic? idk... Oh wait, I know. I've been saving up and I think I'll be able to go to LeakyCon 2011! (please don't say I just jinxed it). Are any of you going?

Anyways, I should be going, Emily I'll read you tomorrow.

Currently reading: Besides my history textbook, "Eternals" by Neil Gaiman (another one of the comic books I brought).
Currently listening to: My brother's listening to the Lion King soundtrack in the other room.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hey bloggers, it's Monday.

I have no idea what this week's theme is, and I have no idea what to write!

Soooooo. School has a been a real drag, college is strange. Especially if you go to a community college. It's a mix of both worlds, because it feels kind of like high school, but there are a lot of older people there too. I have a seventy year old Indian grandpa in my Astronomy class. People are always "lending" money , and people bum cigarettes off each other easily, and freely. It's very strange.

I feel a little bitter that I decided to choose this path, when a lot of my friends are attending schools that are out-of-state, and I wish I had guts to do that. I'm not getting a wholesome college experience, but hopefully I'll do what I can and transfer in two years. I'm also kind of bummed because I took my driving test last week and I totally bombed it. I was nervous and I did a lot of stupid mistakes, and my next test is in October, so no car now. I'll just have to depend on my friends and parents to get to place.

On a much happier note, I went to an art show on Saturday, and it was SO AWESOME. The theme was Japanese street fashion and everyone came dressed up and THEY WERE SOOOO CUTE. I took lots of pictures, and I want to put one of them here, but I can't find my USB cable. :/ I really love art, all types.

So, if no one has decided a theme yet, I want to ask all you bloggers, who's your favorite artist? Or what kind of art do you like?

I'll read you tomorrow, Tenley. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Total Lapse of Brain Function

Hey Girls it's Sunday,

Yes I do know that I am supposed to blog on fridays. My brain lost function and I totally forgot that I needed to blog. Kinda like I forgot the blog existed which is really bad but here is my story anyways. Its a poem that I wrote in 8th grade but I think its really good and would make an amazing children's book. I  want to publish it but have no idea how to do so.

PB & J
by hannah horsfall

I have a little brother
Who is only 5 years old
He is sweet, innocent, and kind
He likes to make up stories of things he sees every day

Just this morning he told me about a jelly sky
That loved to play with others
And then he told me of a peanut butter mountain
And how it liked to play alone

Then one day came when it began to rain
And jelly fell everywhere
The mountain was covered
As well as the bread ground

The jelly was so sticky
And it couldn’t be removed
The peanut butter mountain tried to get away
But the jelly was stubborn and it wanted to play

Then a little boy came along and said what an odd combination
He was curious and had to try it
And when he did he couldn’t deny it
This was the best he had ever tasted he needed another

So the peanut butter mountain and the jelly sky decided, “Let’s end our feud!”
If one boy could love them why couldn’t another?
So they began playing every day
And as they suspected, millions of children needed another.

Always the Purplest,

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gay Pirates and Ninjas Live in Peace and Harmony

Hello girlies it's Thursday, and that means that it is Haley's turn to blog.

Well today was my second day of school, and I just finished some writing some bad ass notes for math class.  I had Journalism to day and we are going to make the most frakking awesome yearbook of all time.  No kidding.

I wrote this story for my friend Katie, because she wanted me to. It is a children story, but it is a bit... funny sounding for children?  :)  I'm not sure how to explain it.  You'll see.

Once upon a time there was a ninja.  This ninja was very lonely.

Once upon the same time there was a pirate.  This pirate  was very lonely. 

One day the two of them decided that they should go make some company.  So they both went to a speed dating function. 

Coincidentally they had both gone to the same speed dating thing.  Of course, really it isn't coincidentally but coincidences make better stories.

While the two grew up they were taught to despise the other race.  Pirates and ninjas were not to mix.

The two got to talking about all the terrible people that they could set up with for speed dating.  They both learned a very important lesson.  They were gay.

They also learned that ninjas and pirates could live in peace and harmony.

The second one is the moral, the thing about them being gay doesn't count as a moral.  Sorry.

I hope that all of you loved it. 

Currently reading: Gone by Michael Grant
Currently listening: To my sister and her best friend whining about their new homework load.
Currently thinking: That I need to go glue stuff to a cover of a notebook, but the notebook is in my locker.

DFTBA lovies. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In Which Emily Puts On a Dress and A Smile.

Hello girls it’s Wednesday… er, Sunday… uh, Monday.

So I’m writing this early because I have drivers ed. On Wednesday and hopefully I’ll make it to services meaning and, either way, by the time I get home I’m going to have to do homework quickly and pass out. I can get by without sleep, in fact I usually do, but during the week it gets to a point where I’m just running on empty. If I do, by some miracle have time on Wednesday I’ll add to this, but otherwise, this is all prewritten on Monday because I didn’t have school.

            Also, girls, Le-Shanah Tovah Tekatevu (may you be written down in the book of life). Sunset on Wednesday night marks the beginning of Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish new year. This is the beginning of 5771. Long time. ראש השנה, in Hebrew, “Rosh HaShanah” directly translates to “head of the year” (thanks Wikipedia). In case you didn’t know, we Jews have our own calendar, you should check it out; it’s pretty inaccurate (it’s measured by the moon). Traditionally, on Rosh HaShanah, we eat apples and honey, for a sweet new year. It sounds strange, but it’s actually delicious. Rosh HaShanah marks the beginning of The Days of Awe/ the High Holy Days/ The Days of Repentance. The Days of Awe/ the High Holy Days/ The Days of Repentance are all the same thing. They are the Ten days between (and including) Rosh HaShanah (New Year) and Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement). During these days you are supposed to be extra charitable (not that you shouldn’t always be charitable, as the Rabbi reminds us) and ask for forgiveness from others and from God so God will right you down in the book of life. Essentially this is as it sounds, but I’ll explain anyhow. In Judaism it is taught that in the first 10 day of the new year God will decide who will live and who will die so you wanna be extra good so you can live ‘til next year. That doesn’t mean that if you’re a bad person you’ll die or if a you’re a good person you’ll live… it’s just a recommendation or something of that sort. The Torah doesn’t really teach of a hell so I suppose this is just supposed to show that God will punish bad people? I dunno, a discussion of Judaism and the afterlife can wait for a whole other blog, lets just say we’re all different. I should tell you about my own take on these here and I will, but I just want to make sure something’s clear. I don’t think that you’re gonna be written down in the book of death if you don’t go to temple or you’re not Jewish or you don’t believe in God or any of that. I’m not trying to say that, I’m really not. This is purely informational as I support what ever you believe no matter what. I’m not saying what I believe is right, hell, we could all be wrong, I’m just saying this is what the holiday is and I’m about to tell you what I believe. Feel free to agree or disagree. Yep… So, I’m actually a pretty terrible Jew. I probably won’t make it to services on Wednesday night. Right now (on Monday) it doesn’t sound like I’ll make it to services on Thursday either as I’m not so comfortable with missing class. I don’t really say sorry when I actually do something wrong. I’m loud; I’m rude, I’m proud. I question… A LOT. On Yom Kippur you’re supposed to fast (there are exceptions. If you’re a kid, or it could be harmful to your health you shouldn’t be fasting.). I’m almost 16. In the Eyes of Judaism I have been an adult since my Bat Mitzvah about three years ago and I’ve never made it through I whole day fasting… I get to about 4 in the afternoon and I say, shit, it’s gonna get worse than this cause I can’t eat ‘til about this; fuck it, I’m gonna go eat an apple. This year Yom Kippur is on the same day as my school’s homecoming. My family and I are going to the kids’ service (to be fair, my brother is 7) and then I’m going to watch some tennis and soccer and go to a dance. I am going to try to fast though.  So let’s finish this up. I, Emily Blue Warshauer, am not a very good Jew. I dropped out of Sunday School. I ignore invitations to join youth group. I’ve never successfully fasted. I won’t skip classes to go to services. I’m unapologetically rude. I’m going to spend a good portion of the most important holiday of my religion at school (probably, at least I’m planning to). I got a lot of the information for this little discussion from Wikipedia. I question a lot… like miracles… creation… I dunno, maybe, but I’m kind of a fan of Darwin here. In fact some people say I’m a deist, not a Jew. I still see myself as a Jew though, and really it’s about self-identification, if I identify myself as a Jew than I am one. Okay… moving on.

            Excerpts from a conversation with Katie today:
When I imagine dating him I imagine a lot of sitting next to each other listening to radiohead, mocking movies together, and annoying the hell out of other people together. Also, sitting next to each other reading books” -Emily B. Warshauer, almost 16-year-old girl.


So I write quotes on the windows of my room a lot. Currently I have:
“A kiss with a fist is better than none” –Florence + The Machine, Kiss With A Fist
“I think you’re crazy, maybe” –Radiohead, Motion Picture Soundtrack
and the text from this Picture:


So that’s that from Monday. If I add to this I’ll add it bellow.

Ok, I was right. I’m busy. Going to services so I’m missing some school so I iz extra anxious… I may start moaning because of it… STREZZZZED. Ok. AH! Also, debate class, best thing ever.
Insert Short Story Here (look, I know it’s long, but I dunno, I’ve been told it’s pretty good. It got Honorable mention in The Scholastic Arts and Writing Competiton):

The One I’ll Miss
            I suppress tears as I prepare to begin my eulogy. I found the perfect place for him on my favorite path under the birch tree. Clover grows around it in the spring and summer. It’s by the lake. He’d love that, and every time I walk past it, I’ll think of him and remember the good times together. Even though I’ve done all I could to prepare myself, I’m not ready now that it’s finally time to let go, to say goodbye for good and to learn to face the world without him.
            Now that I’m saying goodbye forever, the things I wrote for him don’t seem good enough. I don’t seem good enough. He deserved someone smarter and more talented than me. His best friend should have been more creative; she should have brought out his strengths and introduced him to new situations. As I look back, I can see that I was no good for him, and now that I realize it, it’s too late. This is not the only thing that doesn’t seem right. As hard as I worked on our last goodbye, the people I wanted to be here are not. The crowds of people here to celebrate his life, and the ways he changed their lives, are not here. Even his family is only here because they have to be. They lean against the tree bored. I could not bring anyone who would show that he had more than just me as a friend in the world. I dragged my brother here, but he is not support. He smiles like the death of my best friend is some kind of joke, holding back laughter as I try to keep hot, wet tears from running down my face and mixing with the dirt and sweat, the true sign of a hot July day like today. Even at the funeral of my best friend, people are ready to laugh at me. The people who would have actually helped me could not come. Mama is too busy, and Daddy is at work, and Miles is too little to talk, let alone understand the sadness of a funeral, so I’m stuck here with Ross who is “trying” not to roll his eyes.
            As I take in the sorry scene my brother nudges me, telling me to get on with it so he can go back and play with the friends from whom I dragged him away. He can’t take all day for his stupid older sister and her stupid friend who he didn’t like when he was alive. Why would he show any respect for him now that he’s dead; at the least he’s here to celebrate that my friend is finally gone for good. I glare at him and gulp back tears to try to begin our last goodbye. Then an idea strikes, and I whisper in Ross’ ear. Laughing yet annoyed he steps forward. He is kind enough to do this for his grieving older sister, the same one with whom he often fights, but he will not by any means do this for her “poor” late best friend. He looks back at me, rolling his eyes, telling me that I now owe him, as he begins to speak. “I didn’t know you that well,” he starts. His first grade mind doesn’t have the vocabulary my much older third grade mind has, and for a moment he seems at a loss for words, but slowly I can see it come to him as he opens his mouth to speak again. “My sister really liked you, but I don’t know why. You were only-…” I shove him, cutting him off, and shoot him a look that could make anyone cold, even on a day like today, reminding him that now is not the time, that he should play nice. He glares back and continues, “but anyway my sister’s sorry to see you go, and I guess I’m sorry to see you go, even if I think it’s stupid that she liked-,”
“Not now,” I hiss angrily reminding him that I’ll beat him up if he isn’t good.
“Well, you know what I mean,” he continues, trying to fix his mistakes, “goodbye and everything.”
I nod at him and step forward, still choking back tears and clutching the forget-me-nots I picked to my chest. The flowers were his favorite. He liked their small shape and blue hue; he loved the dandelion yellow middle; he felt it accented them perfectly and made them truly, well, unforgettable. The flowers will always remind me of him. As shy and quiet as he was, if you looked he was everywhere: along the wood path by my house, growing with the lily of the valley, even between the cracks of the sidewalk. He was in the sky on a perfect fall day, in the walls of my house, in my school backpack, the nametag on my desk. He was there even if you didn’t notice him, which most people didn’t, but I noticed, and I loved him and his quiet vibrancy. Now I had to say goodbye to that. As I opened my mouth to say goodbye to my best friend, I could not find the words in my head, the ones that I had thought out carefully, trying so hard to describe all he meant to me, one last time. I had to say something, the silence had taken too much time, and Ross seemed to be ready to dump my body in the lake, so I began.
“Well, words can’t describe you, who you were, and if they could, I can’t use them well enough to put you into words. You were beautiful and perfect. I don’t know anyone who truly disliked you, even if they say they did. So many people love you even if they never realize it or admit it. You fit in with everyone, yet you were so different. Some people may not have noticed that you were there at all, but now that you’re gone they’ll notice. The world won’t have the same snap or zing; it won’t fit together any more, at least not for me. Even if no one realizes your place in the world of art, if they never understand, then that may be that, and that’s okay, but even if they don’t realize what’s gone, they’ll see some difference, because you had a real talent for art. You belonged in the sky, in the rain, in the deep blue sea, in the forget me-not-flowers you loved so much, the ones that will now remind me of you because they too are versatile and lovely; just like you they belong anywhere and bring out my good side. You brought out the good in me, the happy side, the one with the funny jokes and words I meant. You gave me character and reminded me to be different to strive to be like you. As good as you were for me, I was no good for you. I made you fit in with everything else. I made you into everyone’s basic idea of what you should be, and I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry I didn’t make you different. I’m sorry I didn’t make people see your greatness, the greatness everyone should have seen, the greatness that should have been understood, the greatness I should have showcased. I should have made everyone see in you what I saw in you. You deserve recognition, and I’m sorry. I’ll miss you. The things I love won’t be the same without you. My world will be turned over. You were always there for me, when they made fun of me and yelled and wouldn’t let me play. You were the one who would come and sit away from all them in the far corner of the playground, when we would sit with nothing but some blank paper and imagine. I don’t know how to go on without you, but this is goodbye, forever. I’ll miss you.”
By now my cheeks are striped with tears. I allow my brother to finally leave. I stand there alone now and stare at his blue body, now less than half an inch long. After about a minute, I cover him with some mulch and write “ RIP sky blue pencil” in the sand before walking home. I try to erase the tears from my face as I trudge towards the front yard, already beginning to forget my sadness and loss. My mom is watering the garden, and by the time she sees me I’m smiling. “Are you ready to go buy a new box now,” she asks me.
“Can I buy the box of 100,” I ask, excitement in my voice.
“Absolutely,” she replies. I smile and run to the car as fast as I can.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In which I write about a Pedophile...

Hey bloggers, it's Tuesday! I actually have a lot of homework to do tonight (most of which I could have done this weekend but let's just ignore that fact) so I'm just gonna go straight to the story. But don't worry, your not missing anything, because nothing exciting happened this week anyway (school, work, Youtube... repeat). Anyways, at this moment I still have no idea what my story's going to be about. I'm just gonna make it up as I go. I'd like to apologize in advance.

Once upon a time there was a young Unicorn who lived in an enchanted forest just beyond the Sea of Unattainable goals. Most Unicorns in the forest spent there days hiding out, in fear of course that certain clocked men from other children's stories would come looking for them. But this Unicorn, more commonly known as Una, was not afraid of such... creatures. She skipped through the trees and high into the heals, even occasionally going down to the water. The other Unicorns were skeptical of course, but nothing could stop Una from participating in her favorite activities. 

One day, not unlike any other day, while she was getting a drink from the Sea a voice called out to her; "hey there, enjoying the water?" The question was simple, but the voice stung Una to her core... and so she didn't respond. But instant later, the voice spoke again, but this time it was closer, too close "its rude not to say hello... I suppose I'll have to teach you some manners" he said with a sly smirk. Una was terrified, she didn't know what to do, maybe her adventures weren't such a good idea after all. She started to speak, but before she got the chance a Stallion burst through the trees and trampled the mysterious creature. "It" was no match for the beautiful stead and within seconds "It" disappeared into the trees. Only after listening to one last threat from the Stallion, "never come here again, this is my territory." With that Una and the stead faced each other and after a brief silence the Stallion spoke, "I'm Erwin, pleasure to meet you." 

Okay... when I said I was going to make it up as I went along I had no idea it would lead to me writing about a mysterious pedophile who stalks young Unicorns. I apologized in advance, but let me just say once more, I am so sorry.

In case you want a slightly less creepy story it just so happens that several months ago I posted one of my elementary school stories on Youtube. I kind of forgot about it for awhile, but with this challenge I remembered it and figured I'd mention it. So here it is if your interested:

Emily, I'll read you tomorrow.


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When PB Met Jelly

Hey bloggers, it's Monday.

So this week's theme is pretty challenging for me, since I have a hard time keeping things G, but I'll try my best. And no, the story is not going to be based on When Harry Met Sally.

     This is a story about how PB&J was born. Once upon a time, there lived a man and a woman. They were husband and wife, and they loved each other very much. However, they had their differences, especially when it came to spreads for bread. The man liked peanut butter on his toast, and the woman liked grape jelly. They never fought about the issue but one day, they found themselves poor and penniless due to the recession. They had just enough money to buy themselves a loaf of bread and their peanut butter and jelly.
     The couple thought they were very lucky to have food and place to sleep in hard times like these, however, the food they bought quickly disappeared and they soon found themselves penniless. For days, they had nothing to eat and soon, they grew angry and sullen from hunger. Finally, after several days of hunger, they acquired one spoon of jelly and one spoon of PB, and decided that they would share their spoons. They put the PB and jelly together and thus, PB&J was born.

Wow, that was extraordinarily bad. I have no idea what nonsense sprouted from my brain.

Tenley, I'll read you tomorrow.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Being Lazy

Hey girls it's another glorious Sunday! It's a good Sunday because I don't have school tomorrow because of labor day, yay! This week we had our first sci-fi club. We watched Waterworld which is a terrible movie and ate food. It's more or less the best club ever. Also this week I gave my boyfriend a signed copy of Artemis Fowl #6 (his favorite book) for his birthday along with a pokemon themed birthday card... with stickers! Inside I wrote: "you know you're awesome when your girlfriend gets your birthday card from the children's section" Yeah, I'm an awesome girlfriend. (btw, he reads this blog... HI ROBBY!)
Further news this week. I started driver's ed this week with Emily, everyone there seems a bit skeptical of us because we always wear collared shirts and skirs/dresses and talk about school constantly... they think we're insane.. they're right. Also, I aced my french and japanese quizzes, did alright on my precalc quiz, and aced one english quiz and failed on another. CONSISTENCY!
So Hannah picked out the theme: Write a children's story.
Now, Hannah, Emily, and I all have an advantage because we had a project in 8th grade where we got a 1st grader as a buddy and then we interview her, hang out with her, and then wrote a children's story with them being the main character. i'm betting than Hannah, Emily, and I are going to cheat and use that.... Well, Emily might use her other short story she wrote last year which I LOVED and it kind counts as a children's story, but whatever. SO basically, I'm slacking off. My buddy's name was Kitti and she loved cats. I basically hit the jackpot with mine because I LOVE CATS TOO!
I now present my story
Kitti's Kitty Adventure
Once upon a time Kitti was swinging on a tire swing in the playground. She was swinging so high she could see the entire playground with all the kids running and sliding on slides. The sun was up and it was a beautiful day with green leaves and a brilliant blue sky. Kitti was enjoying the warm near summer weather. She was going up and down and it gave a refreshing breeze after being in school all morning. Some of Kitti’s friends came over to her and yelled, “Come on Kitti! Let’s go play tag!” Kitti started slowing down to get off the swing. While she was getting off the swing something caught her eye by a group of trees. It was furry and had bright eyes. She stopped swinging and went to go look. The furry animal was a kitty, it was all black and bright green eyes that reflected in the sun. The kitty went up towards Kitti and then another kitty appeared that looked exactly like the other came up, soon tons of kitties that looked exactly like the others appeared. Then they all yelped “MEOW, MEOW, MEOW!” Seemingly chanting to a rhythm. Suddenly Kitti turned into a Kitty! Kitti ran back to the playground to her friends trying to ask them what happened, but all they heard was “meow, meow, meow” and the petted and hugged Kitti. Kitti ran off into the woods realizing that she was a cat. At first Kitty was scared and then she thought, “This is awesome!” Right then, Kitti heard a scream. Kitti ran to where she heard the sound to the dense forest. First she didn’t see anything, but then she saw it! Up in the tree it was another cat! The cat was stuck in a tree and couldn’t get down. Kitti called to the cat “Hold On! I’ll save you!” Kitti climbed the tree and grabbed the cat and climbed back down. The cat was black with shining green eyes and it’s fur was all tangled and messed up with leaves from the tree. When Kitti and the cat came down from the tree the cat said “Thanks so much! My name is Millie. My owner, a fourth grader, brought me to school for her VIP day and I got lost and stuck up this tree. Thanks so much!” Kitti replied, “I’m glad to help. Your owner must be worried! Let’s get you back to your owner.” Kitti and Millie went back up to the school and snuck past all the kids to the fourth grade hall. There was a girl crying out in the hall. Kitti and Millie went up to her and when the girl saw Millie she was so happy! She hugged Millie and started heading to her class.When the girl was picking Millie up. Millie looked to Kitti and started chanting “Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow.” And with that, Kitti slowly turned from a kitty into a girl again! Kitti was amazed and so happy. She loved cats, but she wasn’t sure that she wanted to be one forever. Kitti ran back to her classroom. And luckily she got back right before snack. Mrs. Foland came in and said “Class,we have a special surprise. A fourth grader is bringing in her kitty. Her name is Millie!” Kitti smiled and went up to pet Millie with the rest of the class, knowing that she would never forget that day. And she quietly whispered…


In the printed out version given to Kitti, there were hand drawn pictures, but I didn't scan mine so I don't have them. I hope you enjoyed my story!

Less than three,
Katie Z

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

My best friends are Nerdfighters, they just don't know it.

True story.

Sorry girls, I don't really feel in the mood to blog today, so I'll take my free pass.

Katie, I'll read you tomorrow.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Gosh I don;t know what to write because Katie and Emily stole everything.

Hey girls its Friday! And my first blog in a while.

So update time:

Favorite thing in the room I'm blogging in:
-I'm in my bedroom and I got new green furniture which I adore. I got a desk, dresser, and a bookcase/nightstand.

Pointless Blog:
-I was gonna blog about my injury and a bunch of scientific terms for stuff but then i realized that that is actually interesting so i got stumped and was gonna write about how to assemble a fish tank but i lost the manual.

This weeks blog:

        Best friends. ummmm....... my best friends don't live where I do. They are Katie, Emily, JoAnna, and Robby. I also have some friends here but I'm not as close to them as I am to the previously listed friends. Their names are Alan, Lukas, and Todd. Alan is someone I only met about a week and a half and ago but he is so nerdy and just like us it is amazing. I talk to him all the time. And I truly mean that. We are almost always talking. Lukas is my french buddy who is also kind of nerdy. I helped him jump a level in french over the summer by giving him my amazing verb folder. It has all of the verb tenses and is so helpful. Todd is my super smart genius friend. He is taking all the same core classes as me and gets A's in EVERYTHING. It is so not fair. Luckily, this year he is in my study hall and my math class so we can help each other with homework. Thank God cause our teacher is insane. Oh and I have a foreign exchange student in my french class and my study hall. Her name is Mia and she is super nice. She is from Germany.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

rawrgh. Thinking of a blog title is hard.

Howdy bloggers it's Thursday.  W00T W00T!

Hmm.  Well it's only 8:30, so there is probably some law that says that I should be conserving my summer vacation, but I woke up early.  I've actually been waking up early everyday, which is a bummer. It's probably some higher power paying me back for starting school so much later than most of my online friends.   On that subject, I feel like the internet is getting more baron everyday, at least baron of my friends.  Today my last to friends that I email regularly went to their first day of school.  I guess that means that I'll have to clean my room again?  Poop on that. 

That is Katie.  She is just ravishing.  That is at our Best Friend-iversery.  So if you didn't already pick that up... Katie is my best friend.

Hmm. Let's see.  Let's talk about Katie.  I met her in third grade.  We used to shake outhouses together, and talk about the slutty girls at her elementary school who stuffed their bras.   I believe that she was born in the same place that we live now.    She has two cats who I don't know the names of because she just talks about how much they pee and poop and they are always locked in the laundry room.  She has a dog named Poopy, well actually her name is Piper, but she answers to Poopy.  She has a mum, and a dad, she always talks about much she hates her dad,  I always try to convince her that she doesn't hate him.  Katie also has three siblings, she says that she hates  them too, but I don't believe her.

Katie and I basically hang out with each other only because we don't like most other people.  We did have this other friend named Abigail, but then she started getting jealous, so she started hating me, and then she told Katie that she could only have one of us, and she picked me. 

Katie has a weird obsession with math teachers, and she loves Snape to the point of obsession.  We had a birthday party for him.  We made cupcakes. 

Maybe I'll go try and find a more appealing picture?  She'll probably be a bit upset if that is what everyone sees.  Oh well, she'll get over it.

There is the most recent picture of us.  I've just noticed that I have an inability to really smile in pictures.  Katie looks nice though, and this blog post is about her.

WHOAH!  I just realized that I'm wearing the same shirt in those two pictures.  Ewwy! :D 

Farewell bloggers.  I'll see ya'll next Thursday.

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