Friday, December 31, 2010

Hey Girls!!!!! It’s Friday, but more importantly it’s New Years Eve. That means that it’s the last day of 2010. In a few hours it is going to be 2011. And then I’ll have to try not to mess up my dates on my papers and stuff and school and ick. But on the REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY SUPER FREAKING AWESOME UP SIDE… I’m in Fort Wayne with Emily and Katie and it is making my year. I’m here until Sunday and I never want to leave because I love them so much. We are having a party amongst ourselves and Jojo is here too. We are going to do a photo shoot and never go to sleep and I’m ok with that.
So right now Emily is changing with her windows open because she is secretly (or not so secretly) hoping that some of the guys from her school will drive by. Katie is ranting to Jojo about the guy that she likes and might just like her back but he is kind of generally flirty in a guy way so……… maybe not. Jojo is listening intently and volunteering to coax it out of him, which is really not a good idea. She wants to use my phone but she is too lazy to go get it from downstairs right now so I’ll have to protect my phone when we go downstairs. Oh shit she actually went downstairs to get my phone. Now I have to stop her.


She called him on my phone but he didn’t answer or have a voicemail box so everything is ok for now until she decides to call again.

Now I’m browsing music Katie’s iTunes library. I know you don’t care but I can’t think of anything else to talk about. I just almost put and l in about. Fail. What to talk about.

Ok I know. I’ll talk about what I normally do on New Years Eve. Normally I spend it with my family. We do fondue for dinner. Two kinds. Cheese and chocolate with bread and a lot of different fruits along with marshmallows. Then we drink a lot of sparkling grape or berry juice. The kids like to pretend it’s wine. Now I need to look up the legal drinking age in Germany cause I want to know what it is even though I’m sure Sarah is allowed to drink if she wants to. So it’s 16 and I found out all of the requirements for all of the other countries in the world. Even a few that don’t exist anymore. YES for countries that don’t exist anymore!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah I’ll read you tomorrow or possibly today due to the time difference.

Quote: We can put the chocolate in the microphone. –Emily
Listening to: Sick Little Games by All Time Low
Reading: Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares

Ps. Katie is jealous of Tenley getting to go the librarian conference. And she wants to know if she knows the giant owl librarian on a personal basis. And so does everyone else.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hi girls. It's technically thursday, but Haley hasn't posted yet so... 

Let me start off with my defense, I know I haven't blogged in 3 weeks, but:
-the first week I just forgot, which sucks, but... it happens... it was a busy week
-the second week was finals week and I had an AP US final the next day... sorry, but school comes first... (I think I did badly on it, but I would have done worse if I had blogged and taken that time out of studying)
-the third week I was in Colorado and we didn't have wifi.

So hi. Let me confirm a few things.
1. yeah, I'm dating robby.
moving on ...

I'm kind of really addicted to buffy... but it's awesome so yeah. I really love Oz and Giles and Spike and usually Willow, but she really hurt Oz and I'm going to need sometime before I forgive her  for it... but yeah, I love Joss Whedon... he can have my soul if he wants it...

I haven't seen the new episode of Doctor Who yet... I was in Colorado and we didn't get BBC America so Katie DVR-ed it for me and hopefully I'm going over to watch it today...

I just started season one of Smallville and so far it's really good... I've heard it gets bad, but right now I'm a fan... I really like Clark, he's a cool guy... also I think Lex Luther is super awesome, but Katie says he turns evil and that upsets me because right now he's just a smart, funny, badass who likes Radiohead... I don't want him to turn evil... hopefully he'll just be an anti-hero. I love anti- heros. They're so much more complex than actual heros.

I don't know If I've done a Harry Potter seven part one reaction yet so, here it goes:
-I missed stuff, as always... I was talking to my friend Scotty and we both decided I essentially want a literal interpretation of the books... 
- I have friends who haven't read the book (one had read only the first book and the other had read all, but the seventh book [something that bothers his girlfriend quite a bit]) and they said there were parts that were not as powerful and didn't make sense because they hadn't read them... which wasn't a problem for me because I fill in those parts automatically as a result of my extensive knowledge of the books, but I understand that WB should be creating a product that's good for people who are exclusively movie fans and people that are book and movie fans alike... 

I got my PSAT scores... all I'm saying... I got 'em.

I went skiing. I really love skiing. I'm learning moguls. Yayz. I generally have problems with the circulation in my feet meaning the get really cold because my blood doesn't circulate especially in that area before me toes and my toes (I know what it's called, but I can't remember... not a future pediatrist)... we looked into it more and tried different solutions, but none of them worked and it got to the point where the only remaining solution was to get me my own boots which we did and the problem has been alliviated (spelling...) and I'm happy.

Oh, independent book stores and used book stores rock... something I bet we all already knew... just a reminder...

I'm doing a project over David Foster Wallace, what a cool guy. 

I saw tangled with Katie and my friends JoAnna and Gary... it was very good and visually striking... the eyes of all the girls in the group watered... AND SHUT UP, IF TRUED LOVE EXISTS IT'S IN DISNEY MOVIE AND WITH WILLOW AND OZ EVEN THOUGH I KNOW SHE BECOMES A LESBIAN. OKAY? AND IT WAS SAD AND REALLY WELL DONE AND AW...
(also, the castle seemed to have been modeled off hogwarts. very cool. I noticed it)
... and on that note I will wish you a belated happy holidays and happy new year...
Haley, I'll see you later today?

What I'm Watching: BUFFY
What I'm Reading: I just finished A Streetcar Named Desire which I highly recommend. Now I'm trying to read Infinite Jest... but more likely I'll be reading some Salinger and The Broom Of The System and some Kafka.
What I'm Listening To: Mumford and Sons, The Killers, Cake, Radiohead, Driftless Pony Club, ARCADE FIRE. Right now? Commissioning A Symphony In C... oh, it just ended... now Neon Bible.
Quote: "oh god... we killed a homeless man on this bench. me and dru. those were good times. he begged for mercy, and, you know, that only made her bite harder." -Spike

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wednesday, but Still Tuesday

Hey girls it's Tues... Wednesday... its Wednesday now, actually. 2AM to be specific. But, I can explain, its not like the majority of the time where I don't have a good excuse, I have an excuse this time. I watching old episodes of Doctor Who and lost track of the time. What do you mean that's not an excuse? That is a great excuse. Combine that with the fact that I slept till two in the afternoon today and you've got yourself the perfect excuse.

Seriously though, I was actually planning on blogging today but since I had just downloaded season 5 of Doctor Who on iTunes I thought I'd re-watch the whole season first and then blog. But because I'm obsessed with the Doctor and not math I didn't realize that re-watching the whole series first would then put me at 2AM. Oops...

Anyways, with three days until 2011 I thought I'd talk about my new years resolutions. I have three for the coming year:

1. Write everyday. I'll be doing this on my personal blog. The reason is that I love writing and I feel great about myself when I'm writing but I often lack inspiration and then proceed to not write. Which is why to do this I'll be using a writing prompt generator. I looked at a few but in the end I choose one that gives you a new picture everyday and you can write whatever you want about it. This way I can still have my choice of a short story, a poem, a rant about something, or anything else.

2. The 100 book challenge. This has been talked about on the ning a lot so you probably already know at least what it is, some of you may have already tried it/are trying it this year. But for me, this past year I've read 75 books (76, if I can finish "Before I Fall" in the next three days. Which is my current/last goal for 2010). I'm proud of this accomplishment, but I think I can do better. Also, there's still amazing books that I want to read so... new goal. I'll be keeping track on my Goodreads account, if you also have an account feel free to friend me (I'm Tenley Nadine there just like I am pretty much everywhere else).

3. Do better in school. I'm doing well enough (my GPA for the semester will be about a 2.9) but I can do much better. I'm not going to put a GPA goal down, just better.

So there's my goals, hopefully I can achieve them all. Do you guys have any goals for 2011?

Emily I'll read you tomorrow.

Currently reading: "Before I Fall" by Lauren Oliver. About a week ago I made a goal with myself to finish all three of the books I was reading by the end of the year. I've already finished "The Year of Secret Assignments" and "Its Kind of a Funny Story". Finishing "Before I Fall" shouldn't be a problem.
Currently listening to: "Painfully Obvious" by Lauren Fairweather

P.S. I like that Blogger still thinks its 11PM on Tuesday. If this doesn't justify my excuse I don't know what does.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hi Girls, it's Sunday!
So... I haven't blogged for a couple of months... Yay! Sorry about that. I don't have a real excuse, but I can make stuff up!
Excuses for Why I Haven't Blogged

  • My internet hasn't been working.... well, this is partially true, a lot of the time it decides to not work and it's quite agrivating. Although Emily could tell you... my internet is mostly fine...
  • My hands got injured and I therefore could not type. It is true that they were injured! I burned my left arm baking cookies four times all in the same spot. It's actually quite impressive... but that's not a good excuse either
  • I have been just SWAMPED with schoolwork. Kind of true... except for the fact I've had time to watch 4 seasons of Buffy... :P
  • I've been busy watching Buffy... okay that's true, but I'm watching Buffy and writing at the same time so I could have done that
  • My love life has been soooo distracting... okay, for the past week mayyyybe that could be true, but that wouldn't affect my blogging
So, I apologize for being the hypocrite telling everyone to blog and then not doing it myself. FORGIVE ME PLEASE!
So yesterday was Christmas, it was pretty awesome. I got a TARDIS cookie jar, the 10th doctor's sonic screwdriver, Doctor Who season set 1-5, a new ipod, a new kindle, some makeup, some jewlery, a key to my house, and a math book. I am so darn spoiled. It was a good Christmas though. Today I leave for New York where I'll have Christmas part 2 with my cousins and Grandpa. We're going to see two different plays, Billy Elliot and Jekyll and Hyde. I'm very excited.
Earlier I mentioned something about my love life, I'm not going to get into that until I'm certain though.
Last week I had a photoshoot with my friends and took really awesome pictures of them. You can see them at my facebook or my deviantart profile (username katzellner).
I watched the Doctor Who special and it was AMAZING! I loved it. I highly suggest that you watch it.

Listening to: Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright
Watching: Angel season 2 and Buffy season 5
Shipping: Buffy and Spike!
Quote: "Fish that swim in the fog... I love new planets" - the Doctor in the Doctor Who Christmas Carol

Jasmine I'll read you eventually!

Less than Three,
Katie Z

Thursday, December 16, 2010


My friend told me that if I didn't put that as the title she would make sure that I would have to hide my kids and hide my wife.

I didn't blog last week, my excuse is that I had a band concert and therefore had no time/was upset.  I was upset because my band sounds like shite.  Not even joking.

Project for Awesome is on Saturday.  However I will not be participating because I will be at my dad's house and he doesn't have a computer.  Instead I'm supporting charity by downloading 'Chrome for a Cause.' :) It has been downloaded a half hour and I have already paid for:

  • 1.8 Vaccines
  • 4.5 Books
  • 0.2 Persons' clean water
  • 0.5 Square Foot of shelter built
  • 4.5 Trees Planted 

I have just googled a blogging prompts generator.  It is telling me to write about three things that have changed about me in the last three years. I'll try that.

1.  I am soooooo much better looking now.

That was all I could think of. :)  If anyone objects to this blog post then they can poop their pants because I don't feel well and I am tired.

Hannah, I will read you tomorrow.


I am reading: We are the Living by Ayn Rand.
I am stressing about: the yearbook!
I am listening to: my mom.  She is complaining about something.
I am currently excited for: CHRISTMAS!!!! :D

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Seemingly Boring Return to Blogging

Hey girls, it's Tuesday! And I'm back after a long, completely unnecessary, and perhaps even punishable absence. I'm not sure how many weeks I missed. I'm thinking it was three, but I can't be bothered to check. But however many weeks it was; sorry. I don't really have an excuse I just forgot. Every once in awhile I'd have brief, lucid moments where I would remember I needed to blog but then I'd forget and usually remember around noon on Wednesday. So yeah... I'm an idiot sometimes.

I'd make a list of everything you missed but there's not much. Its mostly just been classes and work these last few weeks. I did finish NaNoWriMo though. On November 26th at like 9PM I was really behind and so I sat down to write and continued to write until early Saturday morning (I think it was 8-ish but I don't remember) when I finished. And by "finished" I mean reached 50000 words, the novel wasn't done at that point. I finished the novel (well, the first draft of it) on the 29th. Yay me! 

This week has been fun and by that I mean, "omg I have way to many exams!" I took my Spanish exam yesterday and did pretty well, I think I managed a solid B. Today's exam was for Health, which was easy enough. I don't mean to sound cocky, but I probably aced that one. Then again, how do you not ace a Health exam? Its all common knowledge, isn't it? Next I have two online exams; History and Geology. Geology should be easy enough, but History has been by worst subject this semester. Then of course on Thursday is my math exam. I think I know the material well enough, but math has never been my friend. 

There... I just wasted an entire paragraph telling you my exam schedule. What else can I mention, hmm... oh, the Project for Awesome is on Friday. I'm sure you all already know, and I really have nothing to say about the P4A, I just started going through the week and remembered it. So... yeah, that was purposeful. 

Let's see... what have I talked about so far? My exams, my pathetic excuse for not blogging and the P4A (for no real purpose). This blog is gonna be awesome. Not really. We need something to talk about each week. When we had themes at least there was always something to talk about. Now it seems like no one has anything to say. Actually, now that I think about it, the end of the themes and the start of all of us neglecting to blog happened around the same time. I'm not sure there related... but they very well could be. Thus, I think we need something interesting to talk about each week. Whether its through themes or challenges or something else. I don't care... but I think we should have something. 

Anyways, Emily, I'll read you tomorrow. 

Currently reading: "Its Kind Of A Funny Story" Ned Vizzini 
Currently listening to: "Don't Leave" by the Ministry of Magic
Quote: "I'm a Hufflepuff, just staying relaxed. Gimme drinks and friends, no feuds we got tact" from "House Song" by MoM 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Please Don't Beat Me To A Pulp

Hey Girls it's Friday!!!

I'm back! Bring on the punishments but please don't beat me to a pulp.

I don't really have a good reason but it doesn't look like anyone has blogged since last thursday so..... yah.

I have a couple of things in the BIG news, two of which are about relationships.

1) I broke up with Ryan. Most of the people that I know think I'm crazy, including my family. I just didn't feel the same way I did in the beginning anymore and I didn't want to lead him on and think that it was going somewhere if it wasn't. But it's ok because we are still friends and he doesn't hate me.

2) EMILY HAS A BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess who it is. I'll give you three guesses.

ok you're taking to long. It's ROBBY. What do you know!(sarcasm)

When I told my mom that Emily was dating Robby she was like,  "ewwwwww don't you think that's kind of gross that you guys have all dated Robby?" my response was not really because there aren't exactly that many people at Canterbury(trust me Emily is one of the best choices there) and I never even kissed Robby so it's not really that gross. I'm super happy for her.

3) Harry Potter was awesome. I cried when Dobby died.

4) I am always insanely busy now and I don't like it. I kind of just want to curl up into a ball and retreat from the world. I'm trying to bring my grades up because they have dropped a bit but I can't seem to do anything right because everyday when I get home my mom finds something to yell at me for. It is getting really annoying and I feel like I will never ever be able to please her.

5) I've been kind of sad lately. I'm not really quite sure why but I've been getting randomly sad and missing people and wishing things could be like they used to be.

So last Friday I did intend on blogging but then I was on a retreat and the hotel that we were staying at only had wifi for purchase and I didn't want to buy it so that's why I didn't blog last week.

Love you all and hope everything is great.
Sarah I'll read you tomorrow.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

They danced and I loved it.

Howdy gals, it's Thursday!

Considering that I did not blog last week (Thanksgiving... not allowed to be on the computer) I shall now tell you about my Deathly Hallows experience.

I really loved it, but a few things bothered me.

Things that bothered me:

  • They didn't show Luna's room, and I wanted them too.
  • The Dursleys' just left without really explaining anything, and I really liked that in the book.

Things that bothered me because I loved them so much:

  • Dobby's death (I bawled.)
  • Dance scene between Hermione and Harry. 
I loved the dance scene because of how cheesy it was.  I really felt that it lightened up the mood, even though at first I did think that Harry was going all pedo bear on Hermione.  I still loved it all the same.

Can anyone guess something that I hate more than most things?

I'll give you the answer... It's stupid people.

Everyone always acts like I'm mean, but truly I am only mean to people whose stupidity (I think) is skyrocketing.  These people are full blooded Decepticons. Today my friend pointed out that to people's faces I am not mean at all instead I'm just jokingly being mean (even if I really do hate the person.)  However when I'm alone with my friend I talk about how much I hate the people in real life.  I honestly think that some person can not tell the difference between when someone is joking and when someone is not joking.  Argh.

I've just realized that this has taken me about an hour to write.   To Google!

I've just googled it, and it says that a good blogging prompt is "People think that I'm too serious because..."  I think that is kind of stupid, but I'll work from it. People think that I'm too serious because... I'm not an idiot? :)  That is enough blogging for one Thursday.

Hannah, I shall read thy tomorrow.


Currently listening to... High School Musical, because my sister is watching it in the other room.
Currently reading... Plum Pie by P.G. Wodehouse
Currently stressing about... the upcoming band concert, because I hate mostly everyone in my band

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

...When Emily remembers things a fictional Angel gets its wings...

...I was going to say it's a magical thing, but this just sounds ...nice...?

How are you girls? I'm pretty well. This week is fucking busy for me. I have a lot of homework through out this week... and then I have speech and semi formal on saturday. Woo-hoo. I'm also student directing the winter play with my friend Robby (who is also my date to semi.- we're going as friends... he is the Harry to my Hermione [even though I'm luna]- I love him in a completely platonic he's my brother way.)...

So tonight is the first night of Hanukah... which is pretty cool... Yeah.

I have a lot of stuff I need to get done for tomorrow so I'm going to say goodbye and promiss to do my best to remember next week! Also, we need to comment on each other's blogs more... I would also suggest a topic suggestion- you don't have to stick to it, but if you need something to talk about... there it will be. I think if you have a topic Idea you should put it into a facebook message- we don't have to worry about turns. I don't know; tell me what you think.

OH- Harry Potter- I liked it, but, having seen it twice now there are a few things that I miss:
1. Harry doesn't blow up at Lupin
2. Dudley doesn't tell Harry he doesn't think he's a waste of space
3. They cut Grindelwald's character development.

That's what I can think of now... I've heard it was not so good if you haven't read the books... that there were a lot of things that you didn't understand.

I loved Dobby's funeral- I cried at his death both times.
I also really liked the Hermione and Harry dance scene.
The acting was pretty great in this one as well.

What I'm reading: Daisy Miller for english class... the same general long continuous list. Recently I've been reading a lot of David Foster Wallace- I love him a lot. I am also thinking about an english research project about an American author... my teacher suggested maybe I consider a playwright which sounds really interesting to me...
What I'm listening to: Radiohead and Nirvana and The Killers as always. Also, Mumford and Sons.
What I'm watching: right now I'm watching House- I don't have time, but I need some relax time to chill right now... I'm mentally tired and I need a break to rejuvinate.