Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's time to write a freaking book....

Hi y'all it's Sunday!
It's October 31, and you know what that means... that's right! NaNo Eve!
For me it's about one hour until NaNoWriMo.... yeah.
Am I ready? No.
Do I have a plot? YES!
So yeah....
We should all do NaNo and, or the ones of us who do do so, chat and encourage eachother.
Here's a couple of tips:
Just write, it really doesn't have to be good at all, just write.
listening to instrumental christmas music is really good for writing, I especially suggest the Nutcracker soundtrack
make it a competition with someone, it's just more fun that way.
So yeah, let's do this thing!!

Less than three,
Katie Z

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Watching: Buffy the Vampire slayer
Reading: Scarlet Letter

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Facial Hair Frightens Me

Howdy Girls. :) It's Thursday.  (Honestly it is Wednesday, but I won't be able to write this tomorrow so... here I am.)

Last week I forgot to blog. I am forgetful.  What shall you do with me?  Toss me to the gypsies?  They'd probably toss me back.

What shall I talk about?  Right now I SHOULD be writing notes for about the Declaration of Independence for Social Studies, but I've decided that this is more important.

I don't really have anything to say at all!  Hmmm.  This is actually pretty difficult. :)

I really need a topic for NaNoWriMo.  I'm think that I'll just lie about my age and say that I'm still 12, that way I won't feel like a failure when I don't make it to 50,000. :)

This week I had phenomena. That is no fun.  I got it because I had a cold and then I ran a mile in the rain.  I love my P.E. teacher.  ("Pain is just weakness leaving your body!" "If you walk at all today you'll run it tomorrow.  If you walk at all tomorrow you're doing it the next day.")

Have any of you girls ever heard Seussical?  I like Seussical. :)  It is one of my favorite musicals.  I'm hoping that when I'm in high school we get to do it.  I want to play Gertrude.

My little sister is explaining to me what is happening in the Degrassi episode that she is watching right now.  Quite interesting.

I now have to go write some terrible notes that will help me on my way to higher education.

Hannah, I shall read you tomorrow!

-The beast formally known as Haley

Quote: "She ignored you because she doesn't know you."
"D00D.  My sister and her are BFFLs'!"
"What the hell is a BFFL?"
"Best Friends for Life!  I thought everyone knew that..."
Currently reading: NOTHING. I ran out of library books.  I was reading Unwind yesterday though.
Currently stressed about: The notes that I'm putting off writing.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"You're Just Like an Angel; your skin makes me cry."

Hey Girls…it will be Wednesday! Full disclosure- I’m writing this on Tuesday because this week looks like it might get busy and that means that I’d probably make this last priority or forget it all together and tonight I don’t have so much to do… kind of… tonight I have to:
            1. Study for my AP US quiz tomorrow. There are nine pages of notes I haven’t looked at yet… (My teacher posts note on the weekend that are essentially equal to a day of lecture we didn’t have time for- two weeks worth of these. Then he was sick on Friday so he put the notes he would have lectured over up too. Nine pages in all… “Tonight’s
gonna be a good, good night… Woohoo” *lolz*
            2. Spanish Homework… that’s joke… I’ll do it five minutes before class and on my grade comments he’ll compliment “my hard work”… Spanish 2 isn’t really challenging.
            3. Revise my short story. I should do this. I really don’t want to.
            4. Work on cases for Debate. I need to do this too… I kind of want to… on the other hand I could lie in bed and listen to Nirvana. Guess what I’ll probably do…

Now let’s talk about why this week might end up being ridiculous… it probably would. Let’s go through tomorrow.
1.     Model UN meeting- 7:20 tomorrow morning.
2.     AP US Quiz.
3.     Math Quiz
4.     Chemistry Quiz
5.     Talk to teacher about short story -oops...
6.     Play practice until 5:30
7.     Debate practice sometime.
8.     Homework

Thursday (free- er)
1.     Chem. Lab (no big deal)
2.     Bowling match meet game thing
3.     Halloween dance that I’m probably not going to, but I don’t know.
4.     Debate prep.

Friday (no school)
1.     Doctor’s Apointment
2.     Play Practice
3.     Party at friend’s
4.     Debate prep

1.     DEBATE
2.     DEBATE
3.     DEBATE

1.     Homework
2.     Halloween

Then next week is play week so lot’s of practices with performances of Friday and Saturday. Busy. Especially Tomorrow.

What else is happening? School. The Play. I think it’s going to be good (ish?). Pretty psyched.

Now then. I was going to write a proper blog, but I actually do need to do other stuff.

What I’m reading: The Scarlett letter, Hopes and Prospects
What I’m listening to: Smells Like Teen Spirit
Quote: “I'm worse at what I do best and for this gift I feel blessed. Our little group has always been and always will until the end”
"if 'success' sucked, god would have spelled it slightly differently" -Ezra Koenig

... so today:
1. I suck at congressional debate
2. AJ scares me a lot... too smart...
3. People who work at the comic book store and Starbucks think Scotty and I are dating (katie's older brother) -we are not; it's not like that, if you were wondering
4. Forgot to go see the teacher...
5. being the only set crew member is hard. There were a lot of "I appreciate you"s which really means: "hey, you just messed up, you're running around like an idiot, and we're all a little annoyed at you"... I prefer it when they say "I appreciate you"... still... sigh... I love it anyhow...
6. I have a short story to edit.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dr. Horrible and NaNoWriMo

Hey girls, it's Tuesday. I'm going to make this fairly quick for three reasons, 1) I don't have much to tell you and 2) I want to re-watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog and 3) its 12:13 AM, so its not even Tuesday anymore.

Anyways, when I said I didn't have much to tell you... um, yeah I really don't have anything to tell you. I've been working, doing homework and going to class... also watching Youtube videos. But nothing new and exciting. Well, I have been planning out my NaNoWriMo novel a little bit. Not really planning it out, just deciding what its going to be about. I think I'm going to attempt a horror story this year... maybe, unless I change my mind again. I've always liked horror stories/movies but have never tried writing one so I don't know how its going to work out. But I think I'm going to try it. A question to those of you are also doing NaNoWriMo; what are you writing about or are you going to wing it?

Um... I have a Spanish test tomorrow. I don't know Spanish. I'm not looking forward to it. I also have a History test. I know less for that than for the Spanish test. Its not even because I haven't studied, I just don't feel like I'm getting anywhere with my studying.

I think that's it, so Emily I'll read you tomor... err, later today.

Currently re-reading: "Stinger" by Robert McCammon (one of my favorite horror stories)
Currently listening to: About to be listening to Dr. Horrible

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Heya girls it's sunday!
So I didn't blog last week, I apologize. I kinda forgot/ kind just didn't feel like it. This week isn't going to be long because I don't really want to write about anything that's going on. It's nothing major, the things that are going on are either uninteresting or just things I don't really want online. I've been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer recently and I'm on the the third season. I need to stop. It just makes me depressed. I think there's a reason why shows only show an episode once a week. Because if you see more than one you just get overcome with the emotiony-ness of the series and you get caught up with everything and you care too much about the characters and yeah. Also, lately I haven't been able to tell the difference between some of my dreams and reality, which is getting to be a problem.
Jasmine I'll read you tomorrow
less than three,
Katie Z
Listening to: Jingle Bell Rock
Watching: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Reading: the scarlet letter... ugh
Last movie: Red, it was pretty good
Quote: It's a big box. I can't wait to tell my friends that I've got a bigger box -Spike

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It Was Wrong On So Many Levels

Hey Girls, it's wednesday and I didn't blog last week... I meant to... and then I left blogger without posting and then I realized I did it, but was way to lazy to do this again. So blogging. when I'm at school I can never remember what day it is, sometimes it seems as though monday  was yesterday, sometimes it feels as though monday was last month. Take last wednesday. I feel like last wednesday was a month or so ago. That said I had a four day weekend starting last wednesday. I have things I have to do for school and life (like go to bed by 12) so I'm going to list off some stuff to say... next weeks blog- I'll write it this weekend.
1. new Bo Burnham cd- I'm not a big Bo Burnham fan, but I subscibe to him on youtube and his new song "Oh Bo." is currently my embar-ijam.
2. Went to my first debate meet- lots of fun.
3.  doing set crew
4. wearing purple for gay rights
5. school good (rape- good, drugs- good, ice cream- good, ice cream+ drugs- best *thumbs up* [debate joke])
... okay, going to go read the scarlet letter and chat con katie.
Haley, I'll read you tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tenley's a BAMF

Hello girls, it's Tuesday... at least for a few more minutes. I wasn't even that busy today, I mean sure I have a lot of homework, but had it not been for my excellent procrastination skills that wouldn't have taken so long. No, the real reason I waited so long to post this is because I forgot. Kind of. I'd have random moments throughout the day where I'd be like; "its Tuesday, I have to blog" but then I'd follow that up with "meh, I can do later". And now its later, so let's get on with the blogging.

During one of my breaks from homework today I decided to go outside and explore the woods by my house. Because I moved about two months ago and being the indoor person that I am I hadn't really explored it yet. But I do really like playing outside, so today I did that. And I discovered that the woods by our house is really cool. There's lot's of fallen trees, some of which still fighting to be considered trees by refusing to fall, others just in amazingly pretty positions and some that are just great for climbing. In fact at one point during my experience in the woods I started reminiscing those days in middle school that me and my brother would play outside and make up really elaborate and awesome stories. Sometimes we'd be secret agents, sometimes Indians, sometimes we'd create a town of people in renaissance France. It was awesome, and I've missed it. 

But anyways, eventually I found this hill within the woods and it had been overgrown with branches and trees and weeds, but I instantly wanted to stand on top of it. Unfortunately to get there you had to either walk through the mushy bramble of sticks and weeds (some of which may or may not have been poison ivy) or go across this one solitary log. Now, I don't have perfect balance, but I have fairly decent balance so I choose the log and began to go across. And it went great. I mad it to the other side and then noticed that the log ended and I had to switch to another log. I tried this, got but somewhere in the process I slipped and fell into a pile of sticks and who knows what else.

The result: My right leg, from the knee down is full of bloody scratches and scars. I don't actually mind it that much though. Sure, it stings a little, but after awhile the pain becomes natural and the stinging actually feels... kind of, good (for lack of a better word). Mostly I told you that story because I didn't have anything else to talk about and having an epic battle wound has made me feel kind of bad ass.

Emily, I'll read you tomorrow.

Currently (re)reading: "The Graveyard Book" by Neil Gaiman
Currently listening to: Um... what ever show my parents are watching in the next room.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I felt free to create us a DFT.BA shortened URL:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is it Saturday again?

Hello girls, I guess it's Saturday again! Welcome to my new weekly series:

Good things that happened to Sarah

- I forgot to tell you last week that I got my driving licence. If I can believe TV series, getting the driving licence in USA is much easier than here, so I'm really glad I finally made it! Driving is so much fun and you just feel so free! :D
- I passed the first exam of this semester with full points even though it was an oral exam (and I hate oral exams!).
- I bought new boots with high heels (I never really wear high heels) and a dress (I never wear dresses) and I WANT TO WEAR IT RIGHT NOW AND ALL THE TIME!
- How I Met Your Mother was really funny.
- I ordered and started to read The Hunger Games, because every other Nerdfighter did so there must be something about it.
- I made a new sleeve for my iPod with Pacman on it and it's soo cute (pictures follow).

Do we actually still have themes?


Thursday, October 14, 2010

At the moment my ANTHEM is a very sad song

Howdy Girlies it be Thursday.  It is in fact still Thursday, being that it is only 8, but I do have to go pick a book for my essay so... let's make this quick.

I'll get straight to the point.  Well... I would if I did have a point, but I don't really so I'll just randomly jabber about pointless stuffs.

Today seemed very busy.  I'll list off some stuff:
  • We had a sub in Health who was really tall and weird looking, we're learning about drugs, and I've realized that throughout most everything that I've learned in my education so far, drugs is something that I'm not familiar with AT ALL.
  • We had a sub in Algebra and the sub helped me to realize that however terrible my teacher is (and she is hella terrible)  she is almost... alright.
  • I had creative card making right after school.
  • I decided that I didn't want to take the bus and instead went home with Katie.  They probably have police looking for me right now, but I didn't want to take the stinky bus so I don't really mind.
  • I had a flute lesson.  
  • I had to help mow my flute teacher's yard because I'm too poor to pay for lessons. :)
  • I did my Algebra homework, and found it surprisingly easy.
  • I think that my appendix burst, but I'm not sure.  I think that I'd probably be sure if it really had burst.

I have to go pick a book for my literary essay, and I have no idea what to choose.  I was going to do Anthem by... Ann Rankin?  (I can't remember who the author is.) But by the time I was done mowing my flute teacher's lawn it was already 7 and the library closes at 6 on Thursdays. 

In other unrelated news...  Eighth grade still sucks.  Yearbook is fun.  I got first chair flute.   Other than that though, I sort of kind of hate eighth grade.  I hope that high school is more fun.

Sorry to bore you, but I just could not think of anything interesting. Sorry lovelies. :)

DFTBA!  Hannah, I shall read you tomorrow. 
- The beast who is known by some as Haley

Currently rereading: How to Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Currently listening: To my little sister practice flute.  It's fun to hear.  I mean... did I really use to be that bad?  :)
Currently stressed about:  My Algebra grade.  Why couldn't I have gotten one or two points higher on my test?  Then I'd have a straight A.  Minuses make me feel bad about myself.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The DMV and Math

Hey bloggers, it's Tuesday. So, I just remembered it was Tuesday about a minute ago. I wasn't even insanely busy today I'm just really stupid. But let's talk about what I did do today. First, I went to the DMV... so you know, *blows party blower*. Yeah, not so much. I had to go there today to get a Virginia driver's license because I've been cleverly avoiding it by continuing to use my Michigan license for two years. And while my old license is still legal till 2012, I'm 19 now and thus Virginia can't restrict my license because of my age, plus I would have had to do it eventually anyways. But anyway, nothing exciting happened there; I waited in line, I read some of "The Graveyard Book" and I took a horrendously bad picture. The end.

After that my day consisted of math homework, playing Super Mario and watching Youtube videos... so that was fun. But, I actually still have math homework to do and I have to work early tomorrow morning so I'm gonna go do that and cut today's blog a little bit short.

Emily, I'll read you tomorrow.

Currently reading: "The Graveyard Book" by Neil Gaiman
Currently listening to: Myself, groaning... I hate math.
Quote: "why would anyone know that." pause "I want pretzels." ~ Me, about twenty minutes ago.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oh, why isn't the weather outside frightful? LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW

Hey girls, it's Sunday!
I hate Japanese class. I hate this class with a burning passion and one day I will kill everything that the Japanese language stands for. I don't know if y'all know the fundamentals of Japanese, but I will tell you.
There are three alphabets in Japanese (I KNOW! THREE??!! it's ridiculous!)
Hirogana - the normal and most used one. it's the first you learn
Katakana- the second one that you never quite understand why you need it. It's for American words to be Japanized.
Kanji- If I ever decide to kill myself, Kanji will be the reason why. This is the third alphabet. It literally never ends. It is complicated. You need to know the stroke order. And guess what, NO ONE KNOWS WHY YOU NEED IT! It's simply a more complicated version of words you could write in Hirogana or Katakana.

I will now teach you several helpful words and phrases in Japanese.

May I go to the bathroom?


Hello. How are you?
ko-ni-chi-wa. do-u-de-su-ka

My name is Katie. What's your name?

wa-ta-shi-wa-ke-i-te-i-de-su. a-na-ta-wa-de-su

Now that may possibly look cool and fun, but that's the simplest it gets. I think this might be my last year of Japanese class. I really wanted to make it to AP, but I really don't like our new teacher because I can't understand her 50% of the time. 
Another thing that bothers me about Japanese: the verb "to like" is an adjective in Japanese....
Jasmine I'll read you tomorrow!

Less than three,
Katie Z

Listening to: Frosty the Snowman
Last Watched: The West Wing (RIP Mrs. Landingham)
Reading: The Picture of Dorian Grey... the amount of time I have to read is nominal
Last Movie I saw: The Social Network (it was good, go see it)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Meet the future Mrs. Doctor

Girls, I almost forgot to blog, but then half of you liked my Facebook status and I reminded myself. So finally Facebook did something good after keeping me from studying so often ;)
It's already Sunday here, but shhhh, don't tell anyone.

What happened that week?
I'm in 'university mode', that means I have no life except going to lectures and courses and study. I have dissection course everyday, so I'm cutting stuff off a corpse for two hours in the afternoon. That is actually very much fun, although no non-medicine student can understand that. In this course we are in groups of eight people and I was very very lucky to get together with eight very nice and funny people. Also my tutors are so nice and I'm very glad about it, because I heard stories about tutors abusing their power and just being total assholes. So overall I'm happy for a change and I don't even mind going their every day. Of course, all the studying sucks and I would happily skip all the exams, but I guess that's not an option.

I just scratched myself in the face. That hurts. Can you imagine that I have a scar on my leg because I scratched myself accidently with my fingernail?

I watched all the new episodes of all the new seasons of all the series, but so far I only really like Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother I like a bit.

Actually not much happened this week, at least nothing really interesting. So just have a nice weekend and DFTBA!


Listening to: Harry Potter soundtracks
Currently reading: still Pretty Little Things, don't have much time for reading

Friday, October 8, 2010

Dropping off of the face of the Earth

Hello girls I just realized that it is Friday!

Although most people who find this to be a bad thing seeing as it is almost 8 o'clock here it is actually a good thing because that means I am remembering to blog. YAH!!!!!!!

Anyways... I'm grounded so I'm not supposed to be using my computer for anything except homework but since I haven't blogged in a while I am considering this homework. Now I know what you're thinking. Why on Earth would Hannah be grounded? She is such a great person and could never do anything wrong. That is so nice of you but unfortunately that is not true. I'm grounded because I lied to my parents and told them that I finished all of my homework last weekend when I really hadn't. I did this because I wanted my boyfriend to come over. And so, my parents made me come up with my own punishment which is so much worse than having them come up with my punishment because I never know if I am punishing myself too much or not enough which makes me feel extremely guilty because I always assume its not enough. Although this time I think I did too much. I started my grounding on Tuesday and decided that I wouldn't unground myself until Sunday. My dad then modified the punishment to Sunday at 6 pm with no electronics except my computer only for homework. Which really sucks cause I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to do this weekend cause I have a four day weekend. And yes I do still have Monday to do stuff but that has only made things worse. Why you may ask. Well I will tell you. So I decided that since I am free on Monday I would go to see The Social Network with my boyfriend Ryan. I was talking to him about this on Thursday during a passing period while I was getting my books and we were both excited about it and the entire time my friend Katie was standing behind me. At the time I didn't really think it was a big deal but then after my photography class she wanted to talk to me. But really she wanted to confront me about the fact that I haven't been hanging out with her that much lately. And she then she brought up homecoming which was a low blow and was not a legit argument for her case cause I went with a date and there was no way she could come to dinner with us since it was just the the two of us. But anyways I can see where she is coming from but at the same time I don't think she is seeing my side of what is going on and is being a bit selfish. I mean I have swim team 6 days a week plus homework and student council and all of my new church responsibilities. I don't really have much free time and since I just started dating Ryan(my boyfriend) I kind of want to spend a bit more time with him. Plus when I'm hanging out with Katie all she talks about is herself and how she has all of these issues. She's always talking about how she has it so hard and how she is always sick. It's gotten old. And it really hurts to say but I don't think she as much of my friend as she thinks she is.

On to happier news. I have a boyfriend if you haven't already figured it out. His name is Ryan and he is awesome. He has the locker next to mine. That's how we met. We have absolutely zero classes together so if it weren't for the luck of having the locker next to him I don't think I would have ever met him. School actually did something good for me for once. We have a ton of stuff in common. Sometimes he likes to joke that we are the same person except that we just happen to be different genders. Anyways most of the time when we hang out we like to watch movies. One because movies rock and two because it involves dark rooms. Jk...... kinda. I don't have any pictures of him to post cause my computer is being mean so here is the link to has facebook page(please don't creep on him constantly, emily and katie already took care of that):

I have no idea what the themes were before we stopped doing themes so yah but since almost everyone talked about procrastination last week I will tell you that I am currently procrastinating editing my english paper because all I have to do is change the sentence beginnings and I really hate doing that so if anyone wants to help me with that you know just tell me and I can send you a copy. I'm also really bad at the whole sentence beginnings things so..... yah. Oh and I love halloween and christmas and just this season in general. And I love oreos. And I am freaking out about college too. And ranting rocks.

Sarah I'll read you tomorrow!

Always the Purplest,

Reading: Radioactive Boyscout and Shadow Bound
Listening to: ARTTM

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'll always be by your... SIDE

Hello bloggers.  It is Thursday.  In the past minute I've just proved a point to myself that I've proved many times before.  When you look at a word for too many times, or when you look at the separate letters of a word then it doesn't really seem like a word any longer.  Many people do not understand this theory, for instance my science teacher doesn't understand at all.  I was talking with my lab partners, or whatever I should call them, and we were talking about 'Elvis.'  At first the word 'Elvis' looked like 'Elvis,' and then I realized that when I look at a word multiple times not only do I forget how to spell it, but I also start anagramming it. Elvis can be anagrammed to: Evils, Lives, and Veils.  I find the last one to be sort of... blah?  But the other two interest me.

Now you darling readers may be wondering what got me on this disastrous topic in the first place.  Well I went to a random word generator and it gave me the word 'side.'  I looked at it and then I just began to hate the word.  The word 'side' looks like a big piece of poop to me.  Is there a name for someone that fears the word 'side?'  How many times can I say the word 'side' in one blog post?

I feel like I'm prepared to say something.  Something that I've been milling over for a bit.   Something that I'm now finally able to say without knowledge of it.  Eighth grade sucks.  I've already been through a month of it, and it isn't even fun yet.  This really disappoints me.  I mean it is my last year of middle school before high school!  Shouldn't they make it a bit more... I don't know?   Exciting?  Less terrbiel?  One of my teacher is an absolute poop face!  (Pardon my french ;) )  Another one acts like he's on drugs ALL THE TIME.   It is not how I want my eight grade experience to be.

I've just thought of something that I'd like at least one other opinion on.  I was wondering how people can get bad grades in sixth/seventh/eighth grade?   If you even pay attention for half of a class you will understand everything, but yet people are just stupid, they act like their brains have been scooped out or something.

If anyone hadn't noticed I think that my theme this week is rage?  Maybe annoyance?  Maybe I'm just ranting?

On that note I'll leave you. :)

What I'm reading... Going Bovine by Libba Bray

What I'm listening to...  Game Shows Touch Our Lives by the Mountain Goats

What I'm watching... An old Asian lady is pacing in front of my house and I'm ready call the police.  Also there is a couple of teenagers making out across the street.  It is quite disgusting watching them so I'm going to stop.

Bailey: "My elbow was stationary!  You ran in to it."
Me: "Your freaking elbow is hanging off in to my seat.  Move it or I will eat it.
Bailey: "You my friend are the devil."
Me: "And you my friend, are a fart."
As you can see, I'm sort of the queen of insults. :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

hello dearies, it is wednesday.
I actually have a lot I have to do today... like write an essay... os let's get crackin'.

... never saying that again...

anyways: holidays
My favorites are Guy Fawkes Day (I DID LIKE IT BEFORE) and Halloween... also Autumn as a whole. Pumpkin lattes and extra cinnamon and nutmeg and such are amazing. So are pumpkin ice cream and pumpkin waffles. I love the way the air is crisp and cool. I love the gorgeous changing of the leaves. I love rain... I love crunchy sounds... I love apples... I love dressing up. I don't do haunted houses or scary movies, they freak me out too much, but I love  dressing up and hanging out with friends and being the last ones out trick or treating when it seems like anything could pop out from that corner. I love candy corn. Autumn. Tell your friends.

SO what's happenin'...?
I have one more driver's ed. class and we're taking a test, but in yesterdays class we talked about substance usage while driving and the entire time I kept thinking "You know, I feel like this doesn't apply to me... my friends would never do this... I mean sex: sure, drinking and drugs: not so much." ...Which was nice to think... Also, I laughed at a video about dead kids... it was a bad video. I have my first debate meet on saturday so I iz super psyched. Nervous about my second AP US test of the year and MUN try outs tomorrow... scary. OK! so that's it. byez.

Haley, I shall read you tomorrow. 
Quote: Chaykow:"You're a fascist."
Steve: "What's a fascist?"
What I'm reading: a bit of everything
What I'm watching: the sphere.
What I'm listening to: eh, some Radiohead, some MGMT, some Regina Spektor. A LOT OF ARCADE FIRE. Some Ben Folds.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Strange Experiences In A Place That's Probably A Porn Store

Hey bloggers, it's Tuesday!

I just had a debate with myself, it went like so;
Tenley 1: Take a shower
Tenley 2: Write your blog
Tenley 3: Do your homework
Tenley 4: Um... how about we go eat Oreos?
Tenley 3: Oh yeah, that sounds good. Let's do that.
Tenley 1: I guess we can shower later. To the Oreos!
Tenley 2: I really think we should write our blog.
Tenley 4: Okay, you play hardball. Let's get Oreos and blog while eating them.
Tenley 2: Done. To the Oreos!

Mmm... Oreos. So anyways, this week was pretty uneventful. Just the usual procrastination and um, crap I need a second thing to make that sentence worth while... think, think. Um... Oreos? Hey, at least I'm consistent! There is one thing I wanted to talk about though. On Saturday I drove my brother to the mall because he got some gift cards for his birthday and he doesn't drive yet. While he was shopping I wondered into a store I'd never been into before. It was called, "Spencer's". Now... the front of the store was fairly normal, it was mostly Halloween costumes. In fact, part of the reason I went in was because I saw Mario and Luigi costumes. But then I walked further back... and I believe this was my biggest mistake of the day. Because as I got further back it stopped looking like a Halloween store and looking more like... um, Frenchy's. Yeah, the Frenchy's from "Will Grayson, Will Grayson". But that's not really the part that concerned me. I mean sure the the sex toys and skimpy lingerie will probably scar me for life, but there was something worse. And no, it wasn't the display of Twilight themed sex toys (oh how I wish I was kidding).

You see in the far back corner there was a bunch of packages, and a bowl in the shape of a leave with the label "pot holder". And although I could be wrong, I don't think they meant the things you put under hot bowls. No, I think they meant the other kind of pot. Mostly because those packages all had names like "rainbow vision" (this was actually the name of one. I don't remember the other names though). I'm not entirely sure why I mentioned that, mostly it was just the kind of weird circumstance that happens and you want to share with everyone you possibly can.

Emily, I'll read you tomorrow.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

MERRY CHRISTMAS! (Christmas is a three month event for Katie)

Hey Girls it's Sunday!
I don't know about you, but for me,the end of September and the start of October means Christmas music time!!! I absolutely love Christmas music. It's just happy, fun, and it makes me feel good. I'm rather obsessed with Christmas, I started figuring out Christmas presents for my friends in August. I put up Christmas decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving and I make cookies the first weekend of December. My cookies are pretty much famous. (Hannah I'll send you a box, promise!) Also, I love the television specials on during Christmas. Charlie Brown, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolf, etc. all of those are just excellent. Every Christmas morning I still wake up at 2 or 3 am and sit by the fire place reading until I make Christmas breakfast for my family. Whenever Scotty also wakes up early we play board games. I love going downstairs early in the morning with the lights of the tree on shining on the shiny ribbon. It's really beautiful.My mom and I put candles in every window (electric of course, because I'm a fire hazard) and put garlands and everything up. I put up my Christmas village and I just love it so much. I think it's so beautiful outside too. Often, the snow on trees freeze so everything is crystalized, the snow is so sparkly, the exterior decorations of houses are awesome as well. Every Christmas Eve night my family and I go to church, have a nice dinner (usually steak or shrimp or crab legs) watch a Christmas Movie and then I go upstairs do the entire Christmas ISpy book. My brother and I still write letters to Santa even though we both know that he is just like the cake (a lie). Christmas day, I usually just use the new stuff I get (last year I got a DLSR camera) and then pack for New York. My Grandpa lives in New York so every year we go over and we see a Broadway show, go to a dinner theatre, shop, and just have a second Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I love getting new stuff, I love new stuff, but one of my absolutely favorite parts of Christmas is making the presents for everyone. I'm a rather crafty person and I've been making Christmas presents since I was 5. It started out as candy poppers, paintings, painted nutcrackers/boxes, and then bracelets and headbands. Watching Christmas specials, while listening to Christmas music, while making Christmas presents, while eating freshly baked cookies. It's my favorite time of the year. I love it so much. I know that it's gotten commercial and everything, but really, it's the most wonderful time of the year

Happy Holidays!
Katie Z
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Quote: Me: "I really hate you sometimes" Kenneth: "I know"

Further News:
Ems and I had no driver's ed last week YAY! I broke 100 in bowling again! I probably did pretty badly on the easiest Chem quiz so far (good job Katie)! Something good is possibly happening? Hannah has a boyfriend!! YAYZ! I'll leave her to give you the details on Friday. At Sci-Fi club on Friday we watched the Sphere and that movie makes no sense at all. This week I have to make the cover of the school's magazine, design the magazine, write an article for the magazine, and then prepare for speech.
I expect EVERYONE here to do NaNoWriMo and become writing buddies with each other, it's going to be super fun.
Also, a few blogs ago we decided for there not to be a theme, but if you need a prompt or something you could go to a word generator site or something for ideas. Or open a book to a random page and write about the first word/sentence you see. Anything like that. of course, if you want to kinda copy what I'm writing about you can, I don't really care.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I am the procrastination master.

Either this week's theme is procrastination or everyone just likes to explain what she should do instead of blogging - or both? In any way, I like that and I will share my procrastination secrets with you!
Right now I should... probably study. University started last Monday and I have crazy much studying to do already. I also spend almost all day in lectures and dissection course, so no life for me until December!

What you can do to procrastinate - a list by Sarah

1. Google how to underline text in Blogger. Seriously, Blogger, you don't have a button for that!?
2. Clean up your room if you have to study or do homework.
3. Watch TV or series if you have to clean up your room.
4. Check Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Dailybooth, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Dailybooth, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Dailybooth, Tumblr.
5. Write To Do lists.
6. Look up prices for random flights.
7. Read some design blog like Noquedan.
8. Sing along to various Disney songs.
9. Take stupid funny pictures of yourself.
10. Sign up your cat on Facebook.
11. Google random words and see with what Google comes up in the suggestions.
12. Google yourself.
13. Go to Google Maps, set it to Get Directions and type something like Tokio - New York and see that it will advise you to "Kayak across the Pacific Ocean".
14. Go shopping. Nothing better than that.
15. If you should study, order and organize your stuff first. Make labels and post-its.
16. Check Facebook again.
17. Rewatch Nerdfighteria videos.
18. Play addictive games like Sims, Burger Shop or Plants vs. Zombies. Also Neopets works great.
19. Spend much time on formatting and choosing the right font instead of actual writing what you have to do.
20. Blog.

While writing this I noticed that I really had problems with coming up with stuff you can do, so I was wondering what I usually do when I procrastinate? And I do procrastinate a lot, so I guess I just really check Facebook too often or something :D

Have a nice weekend and DFTBA,

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Quote: "Procrastination, running circles in my head" from Simple Plan's When I'm Gone. I have that stuck in my head since I started writing this post.