Sunday, November 21, 2010

The beginning of the end.

I just came back from cinema and OH MY GOD I LOVED THIS MOVIE! I'm really not a big fan of the Harry Potter movies, so far all of them pretty much sucked, but this one was so great! Have you seen it? What do you think? :)


Thursday, November 18, 2010

What do you know about Hitler?

Hullo girls.

I would just like to say that, no matter how unfortunate this is, I am not going to get to see Deathly Hallows the day that it is released.  Sad isn't it?  I think so.  The reason?  I am poor as dirt. :)  Earlier I almost compared it to a rock until I realized that some rocks (really gems or whatever they are called) are expensive; Diamonds, other stuff like that.  Can dirt have expensive stuffs in it?

When I started on this blog Thursday was just an ordinary day for me but now it is my 'busy' day. Journalism, Card Making, Flute Lessons, Dad's house.  This blog post is a product of Wednesday night and Thursday morning because this is the only time that it could be produced.  Thursday is good though because then I'll remember that I have to blog.  Over all that was just to fill space.

Yesterday I had an assignment which included writing two pages of  old knowledge about World War 2 and two pages of new knowledge about World War 2.  I found myself stealing other people's old knowledge because I really did not know much.  I mostly talked about Hitler, and not WW2, but I'm sure that he will still count it.

I have to go because it is almost seven.  :)  I'm soooooo sorry about this.  I started it last night and then forgot about it.  I will instead include a document I just found from sixth grade. It is my role model paper.  (I picked Snape).

Hannah, I will read you tomorrow!  :)


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Sunday, November 14, 2010

En Francais!

Bonjour les filles, c'est dimanche.
Salut! Je parle francais parce que j'ai sommeil et... je suis bizarre. Je lis Harry Potter maintennant parce que la film va arrive vendredi! NaNoWriMo est difficile. J'ai 31,619 mots, mais il n'est pas bon.   J'ai regarde "The Prom" de "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" et je suis devenue tres triste. Maintennant, Je vais coucher. Bonsoir mes amis!

Moins que trois,
Katie Z

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Phrase: " whenever there was a problem or something creepy happened, you seemed to show up and stop it. Most of the people here have been saved by you or helped by you at one time or another. We're proud to say that the class of '99 has the lowest mortality rate of any graduating class in Sunnydale history, and we know at least part of that is because of you. So the senior class offers its thanks and gives you, uh, uh, this." 
[Jonathan produces a gold, glittering, miniature umbrella with a small metal plaque attached to the shaft] 
It's from all of us, and it has written here, "Buffy Summers, Class Protector". 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Business and busyness

Hello girls, it's Saturday! Blogspot says it's still Friday, but here it is 0:54 SO IT IS SATURDAY. Take that, Blogspot.

I'm sorry for not blogging for so long, I've been terribly busy (still am) and I even forget watching the new episodes of all my favourite series, and that means something.
Why am I busy?

- The weekend before last weekend we had some days off (All Saints - or as my dictionary says also All Hallows, which I like much more because it reminds me of Harry Potter), so I visited my boyfriend because it was the only chance since beginning of October until middle of December.

- I still love university, that means that I love dissection course (I don't go to lectures at the moment, I prefer to stay at home and study - I can still learn everything out of books later).

- My group in dissection course (we are eight people working on one corpse) is really great and we always have a lot of fun together.

- Monday I had an exam (I hate oral exams, btw) and got full points and in the evening we were partying.

- Wednesday we were also partying until LATE and it was CRAZY and there are many strange photos on my camera.

- The rest of the time I am studying, next exam is on Wednesday.

What else can I tell you? Harry Potter 7 I comes out in a few days and I'm pretty much excited. I don't like the Harry Potter movies, but hey, it's Harry Potter afterall. I'm not sure when I will see it, because I want to see it in original version and there is almost only dubbed version in our cinemas... that really sucks, if I fail at medicine I will open an original version cinema in my city.

Today I found something very cool: Harry Potter in 15 minutes. Go and read it, it's really funny.

And I watch a new series - Hellcats. Anyone knows it? I really like it so far, for some reason I am really into cheerleading (even though I would never do it myself).

Good luck (I just wrote good look - it's getting late) for those of you who do NaNoWriMo - read John Green's pep talk and WRITE! Due to my busyness with university I am not able to do it this year and I am very sorry about it, because it can be so much fun. Well next year.

Katie - I'll read you tomorrow!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

I just don't understand. What does everyone else say?

Hello girls. :)  It is Thursday.  Happy Veteran's Day!  

I honestly wasn't really sure why we celebrated Veteran's day, so I googled it.  The definition that Wikipedia gives is:Veterans Day is an annual United States holiday honoring military veterans.   That sounds pretty good to me.  People don't really celebrate it, and that makes me sad.  

Today was very boring.  I didn't do anything of importance.  All I did was start to knit a hat. FUN.

Not only was there no school today, there is no school tomorrow. BRD Babay! (Budget Reduction Day)  We are having nine of these during the school year because we don't have enough money to run the school.  Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to waste all the money on stupid stuff?  

I just had a friend think that she could just easily find this blog even though she knew nothing about it.  She just thought that she could look at every blog on the web and find this one?  :)  Some people know even less about technology than I do!  That makes me happy... and scared for the world.

Now to address the title of this blog post. I realize that it may look like I'm asking you girls your opinions', but I apologize that I am not. :)  I'm sure that at one point or another at least most of you girls have been graced with the presence of those facebook status' that say something along the lines of 'Like this status and I will tell you what I like about you!'  Well I always like these, most of the time just to see if people can think of anything.  I especially love it when I've never talked to the person irl.  It is MUCH more fun that way.

Most people come up with something along the lines of 'HALEY! I LOVE YOU HOW YOU DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS ABOUT YOU!  IT IS SO COOL.'  A)  Turn the freaking caps lock off, B) What does everyone else say?  Am I really that much of a social reject?  :) 

I'm off to cry myself to sleep.  (Not really though because it is only 5:45).

Hannah I will read you tomorrow.


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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I remembered!

No, no, NO- I will not forget this two weeks in a row. Hey girls, it's technically thursday, but sssh.

So, what's been going on with you girls this week? For me the answer is essentially nothing. No, really.
 The juniors are gone on the college trip so according to school policy we're not allowed to move on in a lot of my classes. Also, we finished the Scarlett Letter in english so we're in the slow between books period. Essentially my schedual has been:
1. Block -nothing
2. English- nothing
3. AP US- Took the test during my free period on Monday. Otherwise- nothing
4. Debate- elective. teacher is college counciler so he's gone so we've just been released. SO, really- free
5. Lunch
6. Adv. Algebra 2- nothing. playing math games in class.
7. free
8. Spanish 2- never a big deal
9. Chemistry- actually something. It's a sophmore class and we had a test today (yesterday). Things still happen.

Other things from this week:
-bowling... better than usual
- got new jeans (an event for me. I'm not allowed to wear jeans to school and this is my second pair. woah.)
- got new school pants. (I had 2 pairs. much needed)
- got Fables 8 (YES!)

Last week:
I was on running crew for the musical, Once Upon a Mattress. It went really well. I was involved in almost (essentially every) set change. I also did the curtain. The play was good. Lots of people came to both performances. A lot of people got really annoyed at the actor playing one of the main characters, but overall I think it was pretty good.

I don't know what else to say. Haley, I'll read you later today. (I MADE A RHYME)

What I'm Watching: No Ordinary Family. Really good. Also, Darren Criss on Glee. I'm not a fan of Glee, but I am a fan of his, so I'll probably watch the show regularly now.
What I'm Reading: Kafka. Also, David Foster Wallace's Consider the Lobster
What I'm Listening to: Radiohead. I now own every album. YES!
Quote: ‎"When it's two AM, just go to sleep because the decisions that you make after two AM are the wrong decisions"

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Evil Circus Troupe (NaNoWriMo)

Hey girls its Tuesday. Sorry about not posting last week. I think I mentioned this on Facebook or something but there was really no reason for not posting. I mean, I had a decent amount of homework but I could have procrastinated on it a few minutes to blog. Really the only reason, is that I forgot. Sorry. But back to the present, I have 19 minutes to post this, which isn't that bad because blogging doesn't exactly take 19 minutes. Nothing of real interest has happened lately, well, NaNoWriMo started... but I think most of you are participating as well, so you probably knew that. So, I guess I'll copy Katie and post an excerpt from my own novel. I'm at around 11,904 words. I'm trying my hand at a cheesy horror story this year, its about an evil Circus troupe, the excerpt is from the day the Circus opens. Prepare yourselves for the horribleness;

The sun rose on May 4th as it would on any other day. It appeared to be the beginning of a nice day, one might even say, the perfect day to go to the Circus. Which is really convenient because that's what most of Centertown was preparing to do that day. The past two days had gone by slower than ever. Since learning that another Circus troupe, The Crytians, had agreed to come last minute the town's mood instantly improved. Banners were hung, children played in the street asking each other questions like “what's your favorite event?”, parents planned out the day from start to finish incorporating all important events and times and of course all the final preparations were finished. The last of these was a bit of struggle on short notice but due to the fact that everyone was just glad their was a Circus is wasn't hard to find extra help to set up the arena. Which brings us back to May 4th, 2010, the day of the Circus, the day Centertown had waited three hundred sixty-four days for. The tents surrounded the arena; circle after circle of tents, some contained fortune tellers others were for interactive games and some were for the food vendors. Beyond the tents there was the stadium, made from several portable bleachers that had been moved in the day before. In the center of which was the stage for the major events, such as; the trapeze artist, the bull fighter, the clown performance and so on. All the main events would take place on that stage and the amount of people pushing their way through everyone else to get the best seats only proved that.

Amongst the crowd our characters can be found, most of whom are oblivious to one another, but some were looking for each other. Molly couldn't help but scan the crowd for Lewis as Michael pulled her towards the center of the arena. Over the last two days she had gone to the library immediately after her daily lessons in the hopes of finding Lewis. Both times she found him there. Always buried in a pile of books, a few the same and others newly found, but he always smiled when she walked in. He'd then pass her a book or article and ask her to scan it for useful information. He never even double checked her work... he trusted her. Everyone once in awhile he'd point out a random fact and end up telling her a story from the war or from his childhood. Each more enthralling than the last. They hadn't found much that would help them figure out the mystery of why the Nashville Performers backed out, but the didn't care. Their joy came from finding facts and swapping stories and just having fun together; all of these were reasons Molly wanted to find Lewis. She knew Michael would get along with him as well and she thought they could all sit together. She continued to scan the crowd without any luck.  

Emily, I'll read you tomorrow. 


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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hey girls, BLOG

Hey girls it's sunday.
Do you know what's not okay? When I log on to the site and I was the last girl who has posted. Come on! I know we're all busy, but you can at least write a crappy 5 minute blog can't you?
I'm going to leave an excerpt from my nanowrimo novel here. Be awed by it's horribleness. (btw, i'm somewhere around 9000 words)

“So… how bad is it?” I asked Alex, biting my finger nails to the buds in nervousness. Alex looked up at me for a couple of moment and then looked back at the last page. He flipped it back to the first page and just sat in silence for a couple of moments. “I know it’s not good, I mean, I wrote it in like 15 minutes. But it can’t be that bad can it?”
“Well… there’s good news and bad news…” Alex said hesitantly while avoiding eye contact with me.
“Yeah? What is it?” I said profusely staring at him.
“Well, the good news is that you’re good at chemistry and that’s good news because the bad news is that this is probably the worst thing I’ve read and you won’t have to rely on writing for a career!” He said, looking at me with his eyes big, obviously hoping I won’t hurt him.
I slapped him on the head, not that it would hurt him, but so he’d get the idea of anger.
“Sorry! Sorry! Okay, it really isn’t horrible,” he said slowly. “It just isn’t good… at all.”
“Okay, I accept it’s bad, but really how am I supposed to write a short story! My creative juices don’t exist! I had no juice! Squeeze me, I’m dry!” I held my arm out to him for emphasis.
“You might want to leave the squeezing to Dex,” Alex chuckled. “After all he is your soul mate” He did air quotes around the words “soul mate” to make fun of me. Dexter Higgins, or Dex as we call him, isn’t the hottest, coolest, cutest, or most athletic boy in school. He isn’t even the smartest, although, he’s pretty close. No, I’m not a stereotypical crushee on the popular boys, I don’t like boys just because of their rankings, I like boys because of who they are.
Dexter Higgins is average height with dark brown hair. He’s not particularly stocky or particularly thin. Physically, he’s just all around… average, except for his eyes. Dex’s eyes are this ambery, brown-y, gold, that I could not pick out with a 64-count box of crayons. And when his eyes are in side lighting from the sun, it just knocks me off my feet every time.
Of course, it’s not just his eyes that I like about him, there is his personality. He is probably one of the nicest boys I have ever met in my life. It’s not that he always gives compliments or anything; it’s that he talks to me a lot, we make jokes, we make fun of each other playfully, but when we do so, we’re joking so it is kind of like we’re complimenting each other. Every now and then he is sincerely kind and sincerely gives me a compliment which just always makes my day. He’s so funny, and he really is very smart. He has one of the highest grade point averages, mine being close up there with him. Overall, he’s just an amazing person and I have liked him for ages.
“You know,” said Alex. “A way to see for certain if he likes you instead of being the creepy stalker you are is to tell him and ask him on a date or something.” I rolled my eyes and I was about to reply when the Principle came towards us. Everyone in the lounge area, where we were, straightened up, tucked in their shirts, and shut their mouths in fear of a detention.  The Principle walked slowly to the faculty room across the hall, turned around, look at us all, and went in and shut the door hard behind him. You could hear a collective sigh exhaled throughout the room. In a couple of minutes every one resumed talking.
“Anyways, that doesn’t work, because what if he doesn’t like me back! What if he just wants to be friends! What if he secretly hates me and will make fun of me for it! What if we never speak to each other again! I’d rather keep our friendship than take a chance on dating him.”
“Fine!” Alex said. “Fine! Just continue being that miserable you and never find out.” He took a swig from his water bottle, acting like he was drinking alcohol. “By the way, Dex is right behind you.”
I turned behind myself and I was so surprised that I fell out of my chair.

Less than three,
Katie Z