Monday, February 28, 2011

The Limerick Adventures of Jodie and Hadley

This is the story of my and Jodie's time seeing the BRILLIANT musical Spring Awakening last week. In limerick form. How's that for rhyming?! :D And you guys had better appreciate this, because I'm rhyme-deficient and this took awhile... XD

There once were a Jodie and Hadley
who loved musicals very madly,
so when a show came,
(Spring Awakening by name)
they acquired some tickets most gladly.

When the night of the show was upon,
their loveliest clothes they put on.
At the theater they greeted
and then they proceeded
to fangirl and squee thereupon.

So in the midst of this display,
a security guard came their way
and said there were spots
that they would love lots
and in which the owners were nay.

Now, the show meant a lot to these two,
(one with Moritz hair gelled up like glue),
so when they were asked
to sit with the cast,
they knew all their dreams had come true.

They were led backstage and up stairs
and let to the set and some chairs,
some of which were kept empty
just up to the entry
of the cast, for these seats were theirs.

Now, Hadley had styled her hair
in a Moritz updo with great care,
so when he entered
and he sat next to her
they were quite a great pair to compare.

When it began, they shook in their chairs,
for the best view indeed was theirs.
They saw everything clear
(such as Melchior's rear);
every bit of the onstage affairs.

At the end of Act One, their ears ringing
from the very close band and loud singing,
they were led from the stage,
unable to gauge
if their faces would ever stop grinning.

The seats they had to give back
to the buyers who punctuality lacked
and so with this success
they went back to Row S
and cried through the whole second act.

The crying, I have to tell you,
was not for a lack of the view,
but because the plot had
gotten terribly sad
(and the talent no one could outdo).

When the story had sadly concluded,
to the stagedoor they instantly scooted.
Many signatures were gained
despite freezing rain
for stagedoorers just can't be eluded.

Some pictures they garnered as well,
with whom I simply must tell:
we met Wendla and Otto
and then won the lotto:
the photo with Moritz was swell.

There were a few other signatures, too:
Anna, Mel, Ilse, Hanschen, who
with his bottle-blonde hair
and his arrogant glare,
looked just like one Malfoy, I tell you.

By now, the girls' fingers were numb
and their ears still in pain from the drum.
As the cast bid farewell
and went to their hotel,
the girls got in the car, struck dumb.

In conclusion, you must understand
that things don't always go as planned
and these happy surprises
can always arise as
the chances are always at hand.  : )

(Does he not look like Malfoy? Srsly...)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dental Mental

Hiya girls, It's sunday!
Since I'm 16 now I've been looking at a Hyundai.
I had a pretty good week
but right now I'm feelin' pretty meek
Because TANGLED didn't win most original song
I thought that "I See the Light" was quite strong.
In my opinion I thought the new Toy Story song was sucky
Quite like an armadillio's love song to a duckie.
If you could not tell, this week's theme is dedicated to rhyme
which i like considerably more than eating a lime.
Tomorrow is a big day for moi
because I have dental appointments, quantified by the number trois.
I shall be getting my braces off
but it's much more complicated than that. *cough*
I was born missing four teeth, you see
(the bill must be equivalent to the awards at a grand prix)
I shall be getting two fakes and a bridge
and for a day I can only eat the yogurt found in the fridge.
These appointments also create a four day weekend for me,
the first time I thought of this I let out a squee!
Enough about my teeth
if my words were leaves you could create a wreath...
Miscellaneous stuff I have on my mind
include things that I find.
I have worry that one of my friends is angry
but that theory has no evidence (boy am I hungry)
I think I have run out of rhyming power
I now need to go shower.
Have a good week!!!!!
(I am pretty darn chic)

Less than three,
Katie Z.

Listening to: Losing Touch
Thinking: about pokemon and such
Singing: I See the Light
Quote: "Love is like a crab... that's something I should write"
Eating: Chocolate covered animal cracker
Acting like: I'm not a total slacker

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sarah likes to shower

Hey girls, it's Saturday! I have found the most interesting survey ever - about shower!

1 Do you shower in the morning or evening?
Depends - when I'm with my boyfriend in the morning, at home in the evening.

2 Do you use liquid or bar soap?
Liquid, I hate bar soap.

3 Do you use shampoo and conditioner or just shampoo?
Shampoo and conditioner and it's important that it's the same brand and series ;)

4 Do you brush your teeth in the shower?
Sometimes, I'm a multitasker.

5 Do you shave in the shower?

6 Do you sing in the shower?
Never really.

7 Do you use a washcloth?
I use it for my face, but not in the shower.

8 Do you have a door or a curtain on your shower?
A door. Shower curtains are terrible!

9 Have you every taken a call in the shower?
Yes, just yesterday, because my friend called right when I started to take a shower. I turned off the water, though.

10 Have you ever showered in your swimsuit?
On vacation it's normal.

11 Have you ever showered with a member of the same sex?
No. Well, with my sister when we were little, but I guess that's not the purpose of this question.

12 Have you ever showered with a member of the opposite sex?

13 Do you share a bathroom with someone?
With my family.

14 Do you listen to the radio in the shower?
No, the water is too loud for that. I would like to have a shower radio, though!

15 Do you wear a shower cap?
No, don't need it.

16 Do you wash behind your ears?
Uhm, not really. Should I?

17 Describe your shower in three words
Hot, long, waterinmyface. Or did you mean my shower as a thing?

18 What one thing would you change about your shower?
More space to put shampoo bottles!

19 What would make your shower time better for you?
A shower radio. Or one of those color changing showers.

20 What celebrity would you like to shower with?
Tricky question. Probably noone, that would be a bit awkward.

21 What celebrity would you NOT like to shower with?
There's many. MANY.

22 What is the one thing you can't do without in your shower?
Water. Yup.

23 What is the oddest thing that has happened to you in the shower?
Hmm. I don't remember anything especially odd.

24 What is the best thing that has happened to you in the shower?
I got clean. Besides I'm always getting so creative in the shower and have so many ideas.

25 When was the last time you showered?
Today in the morning. Or well, noon. When I got up.

26 When are you going to take a shower next?
Tomorrow evening I guess.

So now you know a lot about my shower habits. I hope you are excited about it!

Katie, I'll read you tomorrow!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jonas Brothers Overload?

I didn't blog last week due to the fact that I had no computer, but that is no excuse. I must be punished.  Think of a good one.

Here are some things that I haven't gotten to mention yet: WELCOME HADLEY! I am very happy to have a full week of blogging. :)  I'm sure that you will not disappoint.  (I have just been notified that the word 'dissappoint' has two of letter p in it.  Who knew?)  Also, congrats Tenley for getting in to your first choice for university! 

Honestly my opinions on Valentine's Day are very short but I do have a few things to say about it:

  • Personally, when I think of it I think of the Valentine's Day Massacre which doesn't make me get very lovey. 
  • I like corny love songs a lot.  Moulin Rouge's 'Elephant Love Song Medley' fits in quite a few of my favorites.
  • My mom gives me candy on that day... that makes me happy.
Now on to this week's theme:

I had trouble picking out a survey.  They just all sound so much fun?  I saw a few but I felt that the 75 question survey was too long so you get to be overloaded with the JONAS BROTHERS. I can tell that you are excited.

I'm going to answer that with my own question. Does anyone like the Jonas Brothers?

Absolutely hilarious.  I wish that he would go on a comedy tour right now.  Honestly though, is he supposed to be funny?
What if Nick dyed his hair blonde?

I would kill myself.  I have taken the liberty to make this happen though; here is proof.

Do I seem like a close personal friend of theirs?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This Be The Verse one of my favorite poems. go read it.
Hey Girls, I just realized... tomorrow is going to be hell... so I'm just going to post survey results and go to bed... sorry...

OH- I DO WANT TO SAY ONE THING. There's a lot going on in the world right now, as I bet you know... pay attention. Just saying, things are big.

So, my survey. I decided to go on a website called and find the top 24 places where I should live... here are my results:
1. Portland, Oregon (as of now Reed is my first choice school)
2. Hartford, Connecticut
3. Worchester, Massachusetts
4. Providence, Rhode Island
5. New Haven, Connecticut (... sketchy)
6. Boston, Massachusetts
...too tired to name states or give numbers...
Little Rock (No. Not a southern person... just not my type)
Eugene, Orogon (only if it's a city... I suspect it's not)
Milwaukee (Probably not...)
Medford, Oregon (See annotation on Eugene)
Charleston (see Little Rock)
Salem, Oregon (sounds like a small capital)
Corvallis, Oregon (how close to Portland?)
Danbury, Connecticut (See Eugene)
Fredrick, Maryland (See Eugene)
Bend, Oregon (Eugene)
Washington DC
Honolulu (... Maybe, I can't see it)
Baton Rouge (SOUTH. NO THANKS)
Carlise, Pennsylvania (Eugene)
Seattle (sure. okay.)

Full disclosure, I've taken this before... while DC, Seattle, Providence, and Boston always make the list with Portland being at the top, this is not my usual result.

Reading: SCHOOL
Watching: Bones
Quote: "timeless desperation, pictures on a screen scream
'hey people, what does it mean?'"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tenley Takes a Survey

Hey girls it's Tuesday! Which is awesome for a number of reasons; 1) we have a new Monday, which means we finally have a full week. Hi, Hadley! I like your music preferences. 2) It's Katie's 16th birthday! Happy birthday, Katie! I hope it was awesome and that you got everything you wanted including a pony because let's face it, who doesn't want a pony? And finally, 3) because I got accepted to my first choice university! Okay, that actually happened at the end of last week but this is the first Tuesday since it happened.

But anyways, this is survey week and so I do in fact have a survey to share. I found it by typing "surveys" into Google. It then came up with a list of several surveys and I clicked on the one titled "super duper random" because... I'm not sure exactly, but here's the survey.

What is your favorite Kool-Aid flavor?

Do you have a wireless keyboard and mouse?
Wireless keyboard

Last sporting event you watched on tv or in person?
Um... I think I watched a football game sometime last year. 

Who makes the best fudge?
The kind that tastes like fudge. Also, chocolate. 

Do you like it when toothpaste bubbles in your mouth?
Doesn't it always do that? I didn't know there was a way around that. 

Do you believe that the world is gonna end at 2012?
No. I personally can't wait to see what everyone who does believe that says when it's 2012 and we're all still here. 

How many songs are on your iPod or MP3 Player?
It's across the room do I really have to go get it? 

Have you ever made your own survey?

Can you swear inside your house?
Yeah, I certainly am capable of doing so. Do I? Sometimes.

Do you save Bed Bath and Beyond coupons?
No, I don't usually shop there. 

Have you ever had a pet goldfish?

When did you last eat waffles?
Awhile ago, I don't remember when. 

What is the most overrated thing in your opinion?
Filling out stop "Myspace type" surveys. 

Do you have a video Skype account?

What color is your bed comforter?
Dark blue

Does being in love make you gain weight?
I don't think so... 

Do your parents have home videos of you as a kid?
A few, but not many.

How old is your oldest cousin?

If you HAD to get a tattoo, where and what would it be?
A Nerdfighter tattoo on the back of my shoulder.

Do you think Obama has tried drugs?
I don't know, is it relevant to this? 

What color is your bra or boxers?

What is your favorite radio station?
People still listen to the radio? 

What ethnicity was your last ex?

What brand is your refrigerator?
If I wouldn't get up to get my mp3 player why would I go all the way to the kitchen to check the brand of my fridge?

How many people do you know that are pregnant?

Do you have a picture with your middle finger up?
I don't think so.

When is the last time you went to a birthday party?
November 18th, 2010

What is the best thing to happen to you this year so far?
I got into my dream college a few days ago.

How long have you lived in the house you live in?
A couple of months.

Do you read a newspaper daily?
Not really.

Anything your really afraid of?

Do you read tabloids?

Have you ever had a really bad haircut?
Yes, second grade. But that's all I'm saying about that. 

Do you like your peanut butter crunchy or creamy?

What is the scariest movie you've ever seen?

Have you ever ridden a skateboard?
Once, but not for long before I fell off. 

Do you drink enough water on a daily basis?

Would you burn the American flag for a million dollars?

The main thing you cant leave your house without?

Do you think the economy is improving yet?
Not at the moment

When was the last time you read a book?
I was reading before I started this survey.

Where did you get that shirt you're wearing?
My Sons of Admirals shirt? I got it from DFTBA Records (that sounded a lot like a plug).

Do you play pranks on April Fools Day?
Only if there particularly funny. 

Emily, I'll read you tomorrow.

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