Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Evil Circus Troupe (NaNoWriMo)

Hey girls its Tuesday. Sorry about not posting last week. I think I mentioned this on Facebook or something but there was really no reason for not posting. I mean, I had a decent amount of homework but I could have procrastinated on it a few minutes to blog. Really the only reason, is that I forgot. Sorry. But back to the present, I have 19 minutes to post this, which isn't that bad because blogging doesn't exactly take 19 minutes. Nothing of real interest has happened lately, well, NaNoWriMo started... but I think most of you are participating as well, so you probably knew that. So, I guess I'll copy Katie and post an excerpt from my own novel. I'm at around 11,904 words. I'm trying my hand at a cheesy horror story this year, its about an evil Circus troupe, the excerpt is from the day the Circus opens. Prepare yourselves for the horribleness;

The sun rose on May 4th as it would on any other day. It appeared to be the beginning of a nice day, one might even say, the perfect day to go to the Circus. Which is really convenient because that's what most of Centertown was preparing to do that day. The past two days had gone by slower than ever. Since learning that another Circus troupe, The Crytians, had agreed to come last minute the town's mood instantly improved. Banners were hung, children played in the street asking each other questions like “what's your favorite event?”, parents planned out the day from start to finish incorporating all important events and times and of course all the final preparations were finished. The last of these was a bit of struggle on short notice but due to the fact that everyone was just glad their was a Circus is wasn't hard to find extra help to set up the arena. Which brings us back to May 4th, 2010, the day of the Circus, the day Centertown had waited three hundred sixty-four days for. The tents surrounded the arena; circle after circle of tents, some contained fortune tellers others were for interactive games and some were for the food vendors. Beyond the tents there was the stadium, made from several portable bleachers that had been moved in the day before. In the center of which was the stage for the major events, such as; the trapeze artist, the bull fighter, the clown performance and so on. All the main events would take place on that stage and the amount of people pushing their way through everyone else to get the best seats only proved that.

Amongst the crowd our characters can be found, most of whom are oblivious to one another, but some were looking for each other. Molly couldn't help but scan the crowd for Lewis as Michael pulled her towards the center of the arena. Over the last two days she had gone to the library immediately after her daily lessons in the hopes of finding Lewis. Both times she found him there. Always buried in a pile of books, a few the same and others newly found, but he always smiled when she walked in. He'd then pass her a book or article and ask her to scan it for useful information. He never even double checked her work... he trusted her. Everyone once in awhile he'd point out a random fact and end up telling her a story from the war or from his childhood. Each more enthralling than the last. They hadn't found much that would help them figure out the mystery of why the Nashville Performers backed out, but the didn't care. Their joy came from finding facts and swapping stories and just having fun together; all of these were reasons Molly wanted to find Lewis. She knew Michael would get along with him as well and she thought they could all sit together. She continued to scan the crowd without any luck.  

Emily, I'll read you tomorrow. 


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