Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hey girls, BLOG

Hey girls it's sunday.
Do you know what's not okay? When I log on to the site and I was the last girl who has posted. Come on! I know we're all busy, but you can at least write a crappy 5 minute blog can't you?
I'm going to leave an excerpt from my nanowrimo novel here. Be awed by it's horribleness. (btw, i'm somewhere around 9000 words)

“So… how bad is it?” I asked Alex, biting my finger nails to the buds in nervousness. Alex looked up at me for a couple of moment and then looked back at the last page. He flipped it back to the first page and just sat in silence for a couple of moments. “I know it’s not good, I mean, I wrote it in like 15 minutes. But it can’t be that bad can it?”
“Well… there’s good news and bad news…” Alex said hesitantly while avoiding eye contact with me.
“Yeah? What is it?” I said profusely staring at him.
“Well, the good news is that you’re good at chemistry and that’s good news because the bad news is that this is probably the worst thing I’ve read and you won’t have to rely on writing for a career!” He said, looking at me with his eyes big, obviously hoping I won’t hurt him.
I slapped him on the head, not that it would hurt him, but so he’d get the idea of anger.
“Sorry! Sorry! Okay, it really isn’t horrible,” he said slowly. “It just isn’t good… at all.”
“Okay, I accept it’s bad, but really how am I supposed to write a short story! My creative juices don’t exist! I had no juice! Squeeze me, I’m dry!” I held my arm out to him for emphasis.
“You might want to leave the squeezing to Dex,” Alex chuckled. “After all he is your soul mate” He did air quotes around the words “soul mate” to make fun of me. Dexter Higgins, or Dex as we call him, isn’t the hottest, coolest, cutest, or most athletic boy in school. He isn’t even the smartest, although, he’s pretty close. No, I’m not a stereotypical crushee on the popular boys, I don’t like boys just because of their rankings, I like boys because of who they are.
Dexter Higgins is average height with dark brown hair. He’s not particularly stocky or particularly thin. Physically, he’s just all around… average, except for his eyes. Dex’s eyes are this ambery, brown-y, gold, that I could not pick out with a 64-count box of crayons. And when his eyes are in side lighting from the sun, it just knocks me off my feet every time.
Of course, it’s not just his eyes that I like about him, there is his personality. He is probably one of the nicest boys I have ever met in my life. It’s not that he always gives compliments or anything; it’s that he talks to me a lot, we make jokes, we make fun of each other playfully, but when we do so, we’re joking so it is kind of like we’re complimenting each other. Every now and then he is sincerely kind and sincerely gives me a compliment which just always makes my day. He’s so funny, and he really is very smart. He has one of the highest grade point averages, mine being close up there with him. Overall, he’s just an amazing person and I have liked him for ages.
“You know,” said Alex. “A way to see for certain if he likes you instead of being the creepy stalker you are is to tell him and ask him on a date or something.” I rolled my eyes and I was about to reply when the Principle came towards us. Everyone in the lounge area, where we were, straightened up, tucked in their shirts, and shut their mouths in fear of a detention.  The Principle walked slowly to the faculty room across the hall, turned around, look at us all, and went in and shut the door hard behind him. You could hear a collective sigh exhaled throughout the room. In a couple of minutes every one resumed talking.
“Anyways, that doesn’t work, because what if he doesn’t like me back! What if he just wants to be friends! What if he secretly hates me and will make fun of me for it! What if we never speak to each other again! I’d rather keep our friendship than take a chance on dating him.”
“Fine!” Alex said. “Fine! Just continue being that miserable you and never find out.” He took a swig from his water bottle, acting like he was drinking alcohol. “By the way, Dex is right behind you.”
I turned behind myself and I was so surprised that I fell out of my chair.

Less than three,
Katie Z


  1. I have an excuse!!!! :) The internet cables weren't working.

    I like your story so far. :)

  2. ...dexter... or kenneth...? Dear katie, I read this and I see you... which isn't a bad thing... actually... it's pretty good... Also... Alex as robby? Do I have a character in your novel?

  3. I like your story, or at least this excerpt of it, but still.