Monday, May 23, 2011


This is only a section of the list of things that make me happy. The full list can be found on my profile (, but I've added links to pictures and videos on some of the ones here for added fun. Amuse yourselves with those as a celebration of the fact that the end of school is nigh. p.s. Hearts to Katie for putting me in #3. :}

David Tennant's giant eyes and ruffly hair
my sophomore year lunch table
my adopted children from the grades below me
gay couples with cute kids
old books and how they smell
high-functioning sociopaths (do your research)
my bands The Blueberry Scones and The Union Jills
Drexel University and their squash courts
my bass Maria (NOT THE FISH)
fighting AIDS in any way possible (even with zoo tokens)
well-done modern adaptations of Shakespeare

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