Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm happy that my computer decided to self destruct... kind of

Hey girls its, well, its Wednesday. But Wednesday at like 3AM and because I haven't gone to sleep yet I'm going to count this as Tuesday. As for my excuse, my computer is dumb. Specifically something went wrong with the screen and now the only thing it displays is blackness. I've spent the night trying to fix it with no such luck. In the end I have been giving my Mom's laptop that she doesn't use because she uses her desktop, which I don't mind because its a nice computer. The only part I mind is that I don't have any of my documents, and worse, I don't have my iTunes library. My Dad as informed me that there's "possibly maybe a way for me to get everything off my computer" and that he'll try to do so tomorrow (or later today). Hopefully it works, because I really, really want it to work.

Enough of the terrible news though because the theme is things that make us happy. However, because its so late (or early?) and I'm tired I'm just going to make a quick list.

1. My new dog, Lily. We got her on Thursday, she's adorable and amazing. Also, her name is great for making obscure Harry Potter references (I didn't even name her. We got her from the Humane society and she was already named).

2. Curling up in the living room recliner with a good book and reading for hours.

3. Going to the library and spending the entire time looking at the books I read and loved as a kid. Examples; The Magic Tree House series, Henry Reed's Journals, Amelia's Journal, The Babysitter's Club Little Sister books, Hank the Cowdog and Arthur.

4. Watching ridiculously cheesy drama shows for the purpose of laughing and making fun of them.

5. Watching cheesy 80's horror movies. So good.

And... that's about it, that I can think of.

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