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Hey girls it's Sunday! Sorry I took a short blogging hiatus for the past two Sundays, it was finals week and before that it was the week before finals week... which is infinitely worse than finals week. I was supposed to die three times last week. Once during the Advanced Chem finals, once during the Japanese III final, and during the rapture on Saturday at 6 PM. Surprisingly enough, I didn't die at any of those times!! (well... the lack of rapture wasn't surprising... but still). Although I did not die during those three time, I lost the will to live at 10PM on Saturday at the end of the first part of a two-parter AND THEY SAID THE NEXT EPISODE WON'T PREMIERE UNTIL TWO WEEKS FROM NOW! ARGHHHHH!
So in order to handle my frustration I shall talk about the top 5 things that make me happy.
1.British things, especially Harry Potter
Here are my favorite quotes as examples
"Sir — Professor Dumbledore? Can I ask you something?"
"Obviously, you’ve just done so," Dumbledore smiled. “You may ask me one more thing, however."
"What do you see when you look in the mirror?"
"I? I see myself holding a pair of thick, woolen socks."
Harry stared.
"One can never have enough socks. Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn’t get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books."

Warlock D. J. Prod of Didsbury says: "My wife used to sneer at my feeble charms, but one month into your fabulous Kwikspell course and I succeeded in turning her into a yak! Thank you, Kwikspell!"

Ron was staring at Pettigrew with the utmost revulsion.
"I let you sleep in my bed!" he said.

Ron: "Who're you going with then?"
Fred: "Angelina."
Ron: "What? You've already asked her?"
Fred: "Good point. Oi, Angelina! Want to come to the ball with me?"

2. Pokemon (duh) and Ouran High School Host Club
3. My super awesome friends: Hadley Todoran, Emily Warshauer, JoAnna Bormann, Jodie Goodman, Robby Brothers, and Kenneth Harkenrider
Example: this picture of Kenneth

4. My favorite teachers: Dr. Novak, Dr. Price, Dr. Wherli, Ms. Crupi, Mr. McRae, and Mrs. Hancock
Facebook convo. as example (talking about MUN)

  • Journey-Mei Masters That's where half our school went..
    March 19 at 3:02pm · 

  • Luke Fallon it was literally 30 ppl journey...
    March 20 at 11:28am · 

  • Jeffers Nguyen still a valid point..
    March 20 at 11:49am · 

  • Luke Fallon false
    March 20 at 12:31pm · 

  • Greg Novak It's not the numbers that impacted Canterbury, it's the quality of the students we took away from Canterbury. The average IQ of the school dropped by 50%.
    March 20 at 1:00pm ·  ·  8 people

  • Katie Zellner The sanity of the school increased by 70%
    March 20 at 3:59pm ·  ·  3 people

  • Greg Novak Katie wins.

5. Mayterm

Example: my schedule
1. Rosencrantz and Guilderstern are Dead
2. Issues: God in the USA
3. History of Scotland
4. Le Tour de France
5/6. Lunch
9. Classic Detectives

Other favorites include musicals, youtube, kittens, puppies, and FOOD

Less than Three,
Katie Z

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