Thursday, December 2, 2010

They danced and I loved it.

Howdy gals, it's Thursday!

Considering that I did not blog last week (Thanksgiving... not allowed to be on the computer) I shall now tell you about my Deathly Hallows experience.

I really loved it, but a few things bothered me.

Things that bothered me:

  • They didn't show Luna's room, and I wanted them too.
  • The Dursleys' just left without really explaining anything, and I really liked that in the book.

Things that bothered me because I loved them so much:

  • Dobby's death (I bawled.)
  • Dance scene between Hermione and Harry. 
I loved the dance scene because of how cheesy it was.  I really felt that it lightened up the mood, even though at first I did think that Harry was going all pedo bear on Hermione.  I still loved it all the same.

Can anyone guess something that I hate more than most things?

I'll give you the answer... It's stupid people.

Everyone always acts like I'm mean, but truly I am only mean to people whose stupidity (I think) is skyrocketing.  These people are full blooded Decepticons. Today my friend pointed out that to people's faces I am not mean at all instead I'm just jokingly being mean (even if I really do hate the person.)  However when I'm alone with my friend I talk about how much I hate the people in real life.  I honestly think that some person can not tell the difference between when someone is joking and when someone is not joking.  Argh.

I've just realized that this has taken me about an hour to write.   To Google!

I've just googled it, and it says that a good blogging prompt is "People think that I'm too serious because..."  I think that is kind of stupid, but I'll work from it. People think that I'm too serious because... I'm not an idiot? :)  That is enough blogging for one Thursday.

Hannah, I shall read thy tomorrow.


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