Friday, December 31, 2010

Hey Girls!!!!! It’s Friday, but more importantly it’s New Years Eve. That means that it’s the last day of 2010. In a few hours it is going to be 2011. And then I’ll have to try not to mess up my dates on my papers and stuff and school and ick. But on the REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY SUPER FREAKING AWESOME UP SIDE… I’m in Fort Wayne with Emily and Katie and it is making my year. I’m here until Sunday and I never want to leave because I love them so much. We are having a party amongst ourselves and Jojo is here too. We are going to do a photo shoot and never go to sleep and I’m ok with that.
So right now Emily is changing with her windows open because she is secretly (or not so secretly) hoping that some of the guys from her school will drive by. Katie is ranting to Jojo about the guy that she likes and might just like her back but he is kind of generally flirty in a guy way so……… maybe not. Jojo is listening intently and volunteering to coax it out of him, which is really not a good idea. She wants to use my phone but she is too lazy to go get it from downstairs right now so I’ll have to protect my phone when we go downstairs. Oh shit she actually went downstairs to get my phone. Now I have to stop her.


She called him on my phone but he didn’t answer or have a voicemail box so everything is ok for now until she decides to call again.

Now I’m browsing music Katie’s iTunes library. I know you don’t care but I can’t think of anything else to talk about. I just almost put and l in about. Fail. What to talk about.

Ok I know. I’ll talk about what I normally do on New Years Eve. Normally I spend it with my family. We do fondue for dinner. Two kinds. Cheese and chocolate with bread and a lot of different fruits along with marshmallows. Then we drink a lot of sparkling grape or berry juice. The kids like to pretend it’s wine. Now I need to look up the legal drinking age in Germany cause I want to know what it is even though I’m sure Sarah is allowed to drink if she wants to. So it’s 16 and I found out all of the requirements for all of the other countries in the world. Even a few that don’t exist anymore. YES for countries that don’t exist anymore!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah I’ll read you tomorrow or possibly today due to the time difference.

Quote: We can put the chocolate in the microphone. –Emily
Listening to: Sick Little Games by All Time Low
Reading: Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares

Ps. Katie is jealous of Tenley getting to go the librarian conference. And she wants to know if she knows the giant owl librarian on a personal basis. And so does everyone else.


  1. hey... I don't want them to see... David C. was at a party and I knew that and David R. is way to much of a purist to go looking intensly into my windows

  2. I'm so glad you don't have to write the date on papers in college. I messed that up like everyday in high school.