Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wednesday, but Still Tuesday

Hey girls it's Tues... Wednesday... its Wednesday now, actually. 2AM to be specific. But, I can explain, its not like the majority of the time where I don't have a good excuse, I have an excuse this time. I watching old episodes of Doctor Who and lost track of the time. What do you mean that's not an excuse? That is a great excuse. Combine that with the fact that I slept till two in the afternoon today and you've got yourself the perfect excuse.

Seriously though, I was actually planning on blogging today but since I had just downloaded season 5 of Doctor Who on iTunes I thought I'd re-watch the whole season first and then blog. But because I'm obsessed with the Doctor and not math I didn't realize that re-watching the whole series first would then put me at 2AM. Oops...

Anyways, with three days until 2011 I thought I'd talk about my new years resolutions. I have three for the coming year:

1. Write everyday. I'll be doing this on my personal blog. The reason is that I love writing and I feel great about myself when I'm writing but I often lack inspiration and then proceed to not write. Which is why to do this I'll be using a writing prompt generator. I looked at a few but in the end I choose one that gives you a new picture everyday and you can write whatever you want about it. This way I can still have my choice of a short story, a poem, a rant about something, or anything else.

2. The 100 book challenge. This has been talked about on the ning a lot so you probably already know at least what it is, some of you may have already tried it/are trying it this year. But for me, this past year I've read 75 books (76, if I can finish "Before I Fall" in the next three days. Which is my current/last goal for 2010). I'm proud of this accomplishment, but I think I can do better. Also, there's still amazing books that I want to read so... new goal. I'll be keeping track on my Goodreads account, if you also have an account feel free to friend me (I'm Tenley Nadine there just like I am pretty much everywhere else).

3. Do better in school. I'm doing well enough (my GPA for the semester will be about a 2.9) but I can do much better. I'm not going to put a GPA goal down, just better.

So there's my goals, hopefully I can achieve them all. Do you guys have any goals for 2011?

Emily I'll read you tomorrow.

Currently reading: "Before I Fall" by Lauren Oliver. About a week ago I made a goal with myself to finish all three of the books I was reading by the end of the year. I've already finished "The Year of Secret Assignments" and "Its Kind of a Funny Story". Finishing "Before I Fall" shouldn't be a problem.
Currently listening to: "Painfully Obvious" by Lauren Fairweather

P.S. I like that Blogger still thinks its 11PM on Tuesday. If this doesn't justify my excuse I don't know what does.

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