Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hi girls. It's technically thursday, but Haley hasn't posted yet so... 

Let me start off with my defense, I know I haven't blogged in 3 weeks, but:
-the first week I just forgot, which sucks, but... it happens... it was a busy week
-the second week was finals week and I had an AP US final the next day... sorry, but school comes first... (I think I did badly on it, but I would have done worse if I had blogged and taken that time out of studying)
-the third week I was in Colorado and we didn't have wifi.

So hi. Let me confirm a few things.
1. yeah, I'm dating robby.
moving on ...

I'm kind of really addicted to buffy... but it's awesome so yeah. I really love Oz and Giles and Spike and usually Willow, but she really hurt Oz and I'm going to need sometime before I forgive her  for it... but yeah, I love Joss Whedon... he can have my soul if he wants it...

I haven't seen the new episode of Doctor Who yet... I was in Colorado and we didn't get BBC America so Katie DVR-ed it for me and hopefully I'm going over to watch it today...

I just started season one of Smallville and so far it's really good... I've heard it gets bad, but right now I'm a fan... I really like Clark, he's a cool guy... also I think Lex Luther is super awesome, but Katie says he turns evil and that upsets me because right now he's just a smart, funny, badass who likes Radiohead... I don't want him to turn evil... hopefully he'll just be an anti-hero. I love anti- heros. They're so much more complex than actual heros.

I don't know If I've done a Harry Potter seven part one reaction yet so, here it goes:
-I missed stuff, as always... I was talking to my friend Scotty and we both decided I essentially want a literal interpretation of the books... 
- I have friends who haven't read the book (one had read only the first book and the other had read all, but the seventh book [something that bothers his girlfriend quite a bit]) and they said there were parts that were not as powerful and didn't make sense because they hadn't read them... which wasn't a problem for me because I fill in those parts automatically as a result of my extensive knowledge of the books, but I understand that WB should be creating a product that's good for people who are exclusively movie fans and people that are book and movie fans alike... 

I got my PSAT scores... all I'm saying... I got 'em.

I went skiing. I really love skiing. I'm learning moguls. Yayz. I generally have problems with the circulation in my feet meaning the get really cold because my blood doesn't circulate especially in that area before me toes and my toes (I know what it's called, but I can't remember... not a future pediatrist)... we looked into it more and tried different solutions, but none of them worked and it got to the point where the only remaining solution was to get me my own boots which we did and the problem has been alliviated (spelling...) and I'm happy.

Oh, independent book stores and used book stores rock... something I bet we all already knew... just a reminder...

I'm doing a project over David Foster Wallace, what a cool guy. 

I saw tangled with Katie and my friends JoAnna and Gary... it was very good and visually striking... the eyes of all the girls in the group watered... AND SHUT UP, IF TRUED LOVE EXISTS IT'S IN DISNEY MOVIE AND WITH WILLOW AND OZ EVEN THOUGH I KNOW SHE BECOMES A LESBIAN. OKAY? AND IT WAS SAD AND REALLY WELL DONE AND AW...
(also, the castle seemed to have been modeled off hogwarts. very cool. I noticed it)
... and on that note I will wish you a belated happy holidays and happy new year...
Haley, I'll see you later today?

What I'm Watching: BUFFY
What I'm Reading: I just finished A Streetcar Named Desire which I highly recommend. Now I'm trying to read Infinite Jest... but more likely I'll be reading some Salinger and The Broom Of The System and some Kafka.
What I'm Listening To: Mumford and Sons, The Killers, Cake, Radiohead, Driftless Pony Club, ARCADE FIRE. Right now? Commissioning A Symphony In C... oh, it just ended... now Neon Bible.
Quote: "oh god... we killed a homeless man on this bench. me and dru. those were good times. he begged for mercy, and, you know, that only made her bite harder." -Spike

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