Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hi Girls, it's Sunday!
So... I haven't blogged for a couple of months... Yay! Sorry about that. I don't have a real excuse, but I can make stuff up!
Excuses for Why I Haven't Blogged

  • My internet hasn't been working.... well, this is partially true, a lot of the time it decides to not work and it's quite agrivating. Although Emily could tell you... my internet is mostly fine...
  • My hands got injured and I therefore could not type. It is true that they were injured! I burned my left arm baking cookies four times all in the same spot. It's actually quite impressive... but that's not a good excuse either
  • I have been just SWAMPED with schoolwork. Kind of true... except for the fact I've had time to watch 4 seasons of Buffy... :P
  • I've been busy watching Buffy... okay that's true, but I'm watching Buffy and writing at the same time so I could have done that
  • My love life has been soooo distracting... okay, for the past week mayyyybe that could be true, but that wouldn't affect my blogging
So, I apologize for being the hypocrite telling everyone to blog and then not doing it myself. FORGIVE ME PLEASE!
So yesterday was Christmas, it was pretty awesome. I got a TARDIS cookie jar, the 10th doctor's sonic screwdriver, Doctor Who season set 1-5, a new ipod, a new kindle, some makeup, some jewlery, a key to my house, and a math book. I am so darn spoiled. It was a good Christmas though. Today I leave for New York where I'll have Christmas part 2 with my cousins and Grandpa. We're going to see two different plays, Billy Elliot and Jekyll and Hyde. I'm very excited.
Earlier I mentioned something about my love life, I'm not going to get into that until I'm certain though.
Last week I had a photoshoot with my friends and took really awesome pictures of them. You can see them at my facebook or my deviantart profile (username katzellner).
I watched the Doctor Who special and it was AMAZING! I loved it. I highly suggest that you watch it.

Listening to: Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright
Watching: Angel season 2 and Buffy season 5
Shipping: Buffy and Spike!
Quote: "Fish that swim in the fog... I love new planets" - the Doctor in the Doctor Who Christmas Carol

Jasmine I'll read you eventually!

Less than Three,
Katie Z

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  1. I especially like that you got a math book :D

    But your presents are awesome!