Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Seemingly Boring Return to Blogging

Hey girls, it's Tuesday! And I'm back after a long, completely unnecessary, and perhaps even punishable absence. I'm not sure how many weeks I missed. I'm thinking it was three, but I can't be bothered to check. But however many weeks it was; sorry. I don't really have an excuse I just forgot. Every once in awhile I'd have brief, lucid moments where I would remember I needed to blog but then I'd forget and usually remember around noon on Wednesday. So yeah... I'm an idiot sometimes.

I'd make a list of everything you missed but there's not much. Its mostly just been classes and work these last few weeks. I did finish NaNoWriMo though. On November 26th at like 9PM I was really behind and so I sat down to write and continued to write until early Saturday morning (I think it was 8-ish but I don't remember) when I finished. And by "finished" I mean reached 50000 words, the novel wasn't done at that point. I finished the novel (well, the first draft of it) on the 29th. Yay me! 

This week has been fun and by that I mean, "omg I have way to many exams!" I took my Spanish exam yesterday and did pretty well, I think I managed a solid B. Today's exam was for Health, which was easy enough. I don't mean to sound cocky, but I probably aced that one. Then again, how do you not ace a Health exam? Its all common knowledge, isn't it? Next I have two online exams; History and Geology. Geology should be easy enough, but History has been by worst subject this semester. Then of course on Thursday is my math exam. I think I know the material well enough, but math has never been my friend. 

There... I just wasted an entire paragraph telling you my exam schedule. What else can I mention, hmm... oh, the Project for Awesome is on Friday. I'm sure you all already know, and I really have nothing to say about the P4A, I just started going through the week and remembered it. So... yeah, that was purposeful. 

Let's see... what have I talked about so far? My exams, my pathetic excuse for not blogging and the P4A (for no real purpose). This blog is gonna be awesome. Not really. We need something to talk about each week. When we had themes at least there was always something to talk about. Now it seems like no one has anything to say. Actually, now that I think about it, the end of the themes and the start of all of us neglecting to blog happened around the same time. I'm not sure there related... but they very well could be. Thus, I think we need something interesting to talk about each week. Whether its through themes or challenges or something else. I don't care... but I think we should have something. 

Anyways, Emily, I'll read you tomorrow. 

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