Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tenley in 2011

Hey girls, it's Tuesday. Welcome to 2011! Things have started off pretty well for me. My resolutions for the year are to write everyday and read 100 books. The writing challenge is going well, I haven't missed day, and I haven't gotten to that point where its a chore, so that's good. As far as reading goes, I finished "Stargirl" and now I'm working on "Underground". So... yeah.

In New Years party news... I hung out with a few friends, I guess you could call it a party. But we're all huge nerds so it was mostly a night filled with video games and pizza. Is that party? I don't know... but it was fun.

Other than that, school starts up again next Monday. I'm mostly looking forward to the Psychology class I'm taking. I haven't had a Psych class since high school, but back then it was a cool class so I'm expecting it to be about the same. But, we'll see I guess.

That's about it though, so I'm gonna go read because I'm kind of at a good part right now.
Emily, I'll read you tomorrow.

Currently reading: "Underground" by Jean Ferris
Currently listening to: "Mirror Song" (the Erase This version). Also, you know that moment during Mirror Song where... uhh... how does a non-musical person describe this? The vocals stop and its just like ding, ding, ding... kind of... Do you know what I'm getting at? Well, I've determined that its impossible to be anything but happy during that part of the song. Seriously. 

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  1. yay for new years resolutions! and not yay for school! yay for psychology! yay for mirror song!