Monday, April 25, 2011

"GodDAMMIT, Davies..."

Hello, everyone. It's Monday. Katie, I adore that picture of Kenneth more than words can express, which I've already conveyed to you via my wild squeaking at school. Here's the deal: Today's theme is your response to the new Doctor Who episode...which I haven't seen for two reasons:
1) I couldn't go to Katie's party as I was at my grandma's birthday dinner, and
2) I'm still kind of on Series 4.
Now, last night I watched The Stolen Earth (DAVIES... [brandishes fist]) and will be watching Journey's End later tonight, so I'm be giving you my most recent responses to Doctor Who. Firstly...I am angry with the writers. Not because they write bad stories, but because their stories are so bloody sad/suspenseful/TERRIFYING or yeah, sometimes bad (DAVIES...) that it can put a nervous fangirl on edge sometimes. Here are my recent beefs with the show, condensed out of angry, sleep-deprived, spazzing-out-on-Katie's-Facebook-wall format into a more legible context.

1) I WANT TO KNOW WHO RIVER IS. I realize that this is the same predicament every Doctor Who fan is in right now, but I. Don't. Care. I want to know NOW. Mostly because I just watched Silence in the Library a few days ago and am geeking out about how cool she is. She just may find her way up to being my second favorite character. (The Master reigns supreme.) On the River subject, I want her to be the TARDIS. SO. BADLY. But my dear Katie has recently informed me that that theory doesn't make sense anymore. Super duper. Now what theory am I supposed to believe? (Leave suggestions in the dooblydoo.)

2) DAVIES. WHAT THE HELL WAS UP WITH THE 10/ROSE REUNION?! Excuse the allcaps, but my anger merits it. What, what, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! Do you ENJOY stabbing us in the collective fan heart? I mean, they couldn't even have a smooch...or a cuddle...or a nice hug before you SHOT HIM WITH A DALEK and RUINED EVERYTHING?! I am disappoint, Davies. Very disappoint. I will say it was nice to have every companion back, especially Sarah Jane given Liz Sladen's recent passing. And the Jack/Ianto cuddles were so cute...until I remembered that in Series 3 of Torchwood, you were going to kill Ianto, too. Davies... -_-

3) On the Ianto note, WHY DO THE GAYS ALWAYS DIE...? I'm starting to think there's a conspiracy here... Ianto...Ricky...Roger...that chick on the bus in Midnight (actually, a good episode for Davies)...the Master...

4) Speaking of which, the Master needs to come back. I don't care in what ridiculous-ass way they decide to do it, but it has to happen. There's something wrong with my favorite character only being in five episodes of the new series. Unacceptable.

5) Speaking of unacceptable, where...the Jenny...? She was hot, smart, and had a strong emotional connection to the Doctor...and isn't dead...but is inexplicably not around...can we fix this? Please? Moffat? Anyone?

With these grievances out of the way, I am pumped for Journey's End, even though I'll probably be about ready to punch the television by the end. (DAVIES...) As a parting note, I give you a moment of math class:
Katie: [while discussing River=TARDIS theory, attempts to draw picture of the TARDIS and River]
Me: "Katie, that doesn't look like River in any way, shape, or form..."
Katie: "Sure it does! See, she has hair..."

Soon to be watching: Journey's End (DAVIES...)
Soon to be eating: a Wendy's frosty
Listening to: Frenchmen in my head...