Sunday, April 3, 2011

You know it's Spring Break when...

1. You wake up at 12:17 PM because...
        A) you just got back from Las Vegas where...
              i) there is a three hour time difference.
             ii) you had pancakes the size of lamp shades.
             iii) there were hotels the size of malls where...
                    a) there were gondola rides with Italian men singing in deep voices.
                    b) there were inside gardens.
                    c) there were restaurants with the most amazing food ever.
                    d) it was always daylight with ceilings looking like a bright blue sky
                    e) there were high-end stores EVERYWHERE.
                    f) there were escalators that spiraled.
            iv) it was 80 degree F. every day and it was fantastic.
            v) there were the fanciest McDonalds you have ever see
            vi) you saw Phantom of the Opera and it had the most amazing stage mechanics ever.
            vii) you saw The Beatles LOVE which was utterly stupefying.
            viii) you had the weirdest dreams ever.
       B) you spend the previous night talking to one of your friends about another friend who basically just asked you out after you had kinda broke it off with him the week before.
       C) you read a book until 1 AM
       D) you had nothing to do the next day.

This was going to be longer, but then my brother Scotty forced me to watch "Friday" by Rebecca Black and it horrified me so much that I need to get away from anything that reminds me of the days of the week... sadly that includes this blog.

Less than Three,
Katie Z

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