Monday, April 11, 2011

How to Make Tiny Hearts

Okay. Despite all I always say about my ideal guy looking like David Tennant or Davey Havok...this is what's really up when it comes to winning over a potential girlfriend/boyfriend. Now, before I start, I must say that I'm only drawing from my own experience; I can't technically speak for other girls/boys out there. But I will say that I can't be the only one (BY FAR) who feels this way. LET IT BEGIN.
Obviously, I'll initially be interested in you if we have a lot of common interests (especially if we're both Nerdfighters), but to completely win me over, it's necessary that:
1) You're a gentleman. Opening doors for your significant other, other such gentlemanly actions, and just generally being sweet and adorable are always strongly encouraged.
2) Don't be pretentious about it. Genuine, understated politeness is always preferable to being a show-off.
3) If you act like a gentleman ONLY to your significant're doing it wrong. Just be a kind person in general.
4) Be a respectful person: to your significant other, to your friends, to your significant other's friends, and to as many people as humanly possible. Being nice is always attractive.
5) The ability to act like a total dumbass with your significant other. If you're too focused on impressing a girl/boy that you can't act silly around them or just generally be're doing it wrong. The ideal match for anyone is someone you can be yourself with and just love being around.
6) Overall, what really attracts me is someone who can be both serious and silly with me and who is kind, respectful, and a hell of a lot of fun.
Too much to ask? We'll see. : )

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