Sunday, April 24, 2011

Look behind you!

Hey girls, it's Sunday! Last night was the American premiere of the new season of Doctor Who.
Since the premiere of this was a really big deal we had a party at my hosue where we ate food and watched the show... well some of us watched the show....
Another happening at this party is that my friend Kenneth dressed up as David Tennant and was rather adorable doing so.

 So we all went to the basement to watch it while eating cookies and pizza. We were very very excited. And lthough I love this show, this past episode made me feel like this:

I had little idea of what happened. So today, after I celebrated Easter, procrastinated my homework, and talked to my friend JoAnna, I decided to re-watch the episode. I will now review and say what I think will happen.

My Conclusions of the episode:
1. Amy is not pregnant
2. The aliens make people forget but slowly take their memory and outward
3. The Doctor isn't really dead/will come back

The episode starts with the Doctor "waving at Amy and Rory through time" by having him appear in shows and history books doing things like hiding under a woman's skirt naked. Envelopes are sent to Amy, Rory and  River Song inviting them to the middle of no were in Utah.
They all get there and the Doctor is wearing a Stetson. They all hug and stuff. They go to a lake and have a picnic. AMY DRINKS WINE!!! ( you're  not really supposed to *drink* when you're pregnant)
Also, Amy never shows any sigh of pregnancy until the alien appears and she gets sick. *THE SAME THING HAPPENS TO RIVER SONG*
The Alien thing told Amy to tell the Doctor the thing "that he must and must not know" and apparently that's pregnancy.
Also in the preview for the next episode it said that the aliens have the ability to hypnotize people or whatever

2. I think this is the best explanation for what they are. An example is when Amy was in the bathroom and the Alien made the other woman explode and then the alien said that her name was Joy. HE GAINED KNOWLEDGE! And then when they were at the creepy place at Jefferson Adams Hamilton they saw a bunch of space equipment and then the girl was in the suit and previously the girl said "THE SPACEMAN IS GOING TO EAT ME!!!" and then preview said "maybe it did already O_O. so yeah. possibility

3. Well... that's just obvious.

Well, hopefully by the end of the series i won't look like this

Less than three,
Katie Z

watching: easy A
listening to: I'll Cover You -Rent
texting: Kenneth
Anxiety? YES

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