Thursday, April 28, 2011

River is my spirit animal.

In case you were off exploring time and space and haven't looked at a calendar since you got back it is Thursday.  Using deductive reasoning, since Haley usually blogs on Thursday, this must be she.  (I would also know that because I am Haley and have been for almost fourteen years, but since you haven't I was just trying to help.)

I was exceedingly excited for Doctor Who, and sadly I had no one else to enjoy it with, but it was still fabulous.  My mom is complaining about something so I must write this quickly.

The Silence... umm.  Were you saying something?  Was I saying something?  On a more serious note... WHY THE SUITS?  WHEN DID EVIL BECOME SO DAPPER? How did we go from this...
 to this ????????????

Amy being preggers...  not even.  Remember when she was pregnant/kind of pregnant/bitch that was a dream pregnant?  I learned from that that pregnant women can not be companions to the Doctor due to the fact that there is a lot of running involved.

The Doctor dying...  THAT CAN NOT HAPPEN.  I have not yet compiled a theory as to what will happen, but I'm sure it will be beautiful and confusing and I will cry.

River is a bad ass... I love her so much.  I see a lot of people who hate her and stuff, but I don't understand why.  Her relationship with the Doctor is obviously strong and beautiful and they seem to be very close (they are basically living in different directions and they still manage not to make the world explode... HEY! WAIT A MINUTE...)   (I was just about to type something and it was genius but I can't remember what it was.  THE HORROR.  I'll bore you with stuff instead.)  Personally I would love if it turned out that the Doctor and River had something going on together, but I know that nothing that simple will occur.  If the rest of their story line is any similar to the rest of Doctor Who it will be outrageously mind boggling... and I honestly can't wait.

We have reached the end.

Hannah, I will read you tomorrow.

Haley. (:

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  1. Kinda forgot what you wrote after seeing that thing. Wait, what thing?

  2. Do you have a tumblr because I would kill to know it.