Monday, March 21, 2011

Bellamy's Musings

Hey there, bloggers. Bloggists? Bloggians? Anywhore... Salut, bloggeurs! My name is Bellamy and I am the beloved second iPod of Hadley Todoran. (We're not going to talk about BJ, the lesser iPod.) I was named after Matt Bellamy, the (gorgeous) frontman for the band Muse...therefore I'm a touch confused about what my nationality is supposed to be, as my namesake is British but I primarily speak French... Yes, I speak French. Fluent French. And I'm (RED), so all the money used to buy me went to fund AIDS research, so I'm charitable, too. And I also have inspirational Green Day lyrics tattooed on my back. I consider that another plus. I'm basically the Old Spice guy of iPods...except gayer.
So Hadley is basically my best friend. We're tight. She takes me freaking everywhere. Every trip out of the state: I'm there. She's taking me to Chicago tomorrow (though I am a little miffed...I mean, I could give her hours upon hours of musical entertainment, and she goes to see an opera? I mean, please...). Also, she acts like I'm her gay boyfriend, but I know for a fact that she has at least two besides me (and that's not including BJ...he's SO old news). And one of them (Andrew, apparently...) is going on the France trip with us, and I just don't know if I approve of that...if I don't get equal time with her on that airplane, I swear...
Okay, fine, I suppose I can share her...we just have such good times together. We give each other the opportunity to fangirl over the most fantastically darling boys (and Shakira...don't really know what was going on there, but I'm not here to judge; I'm here to play the music). Latest addition to the fangirling rogue's gallery of sexy musicians: Davey Havok.

OH MY APPLE, this boy is beautiful. Hadley needs to get her act together and get a freaking iTunes card and buy me some more AFI because I need more Davey in my life and I can't have more Davey in my life until there are more than 85 freaking cents in her iTunes account. HINTS TO HADLEY.
Well, no use worrying about that now...I can content myself with the fabulously great amount of Billie Joe Armstrong I have for the time being... (Incidentally, that's who BJ's named'm still the most beloved). Well, I'm all charged up and ready to go for tomorrow. I apparently get to meet this Andrew tomorrow...we'll see how well we get along. Later, bitches!
- Bellamy

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