Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sarah doesn't live in Canberra (even if it rhymes nicely)

Hey girls, it's Saturday
and because the theme I want to obey,
this post will be in rhymes only,
so you others who rhymed too don't feel lonely.
I am pretty bad at this,
so please don't dismiss
my true-hearted effort to rhyme
especially for you this time.

University started this week
and I already had my motivation peak,
only three lectures I was attending
and already my participation is pending,
I'm just to spoiled by vacation
and travelling to different nations.
At least I get to see my friends
and use my contact lens.
This doesn't make much sense,
but to my defence,
rhyme generator suggested this,
and before I reminice
I should end this bliss.

What else can we discuss this week,
maybe the capital of Mosambique?
Rhyme generators are really fun,
almost like hot dod buns.
Okay, I really have to admit,
it's a rhyming crime I commit,
so I will end this post
which sucks the most,
and say without sorrow:
Katie, I'll read you tomorrow!

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