Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chickens- they're a keen idea, man

Hey girls, it's kind of thursday here, but whatever- let's call it wednesday.
So, sorry about not blogging last week, I don't totally remember what was going on wednesday, but I tried to switch days with hannah and then she didn't blog and then friday I had do an awful obligatory school thing called "the sock hop" and then rewrite a paper and then throw together some research for discussion. I got less than 1.5 hours of sleep that night. BUT- it was my first discussion meet AND I qualified for state so...

So, my punishment I need to write a love duet between a zombie and a unicorn... here we go:
Unicorn (U)
Zombie (Z)
U: dearest zombie, yes, I love you so and from my side I hope you're never ever go.
Z: Oh hey Unicorn, I like you fine, I use your horn to help access brains all the time.
U: Yes, while we may seem quite different we do make a pretty good team!
Z: You like rainbows- I like the dark...
U: my favorite sea creature is a dolphin, yours is a shark
Z: etc. etc. ect.
U: I resent you shortening our love song into abbreviations.
Z: That's really too bad, and what you think is love... well, I love you for your brains... a dellicasy.
U: I think it's time for us to end, but may I ask- how could you eat your friend?
Z: Well, you get what you can when you're undead. *NOMS ON SOME UNICORN*

NOW THEN-  for the theme. books. I really, really like them... I own over 200. I'm a major philosophy fan... yes. I'm sick and tired, so I'm going to suggest a book and chat with you laterz and such. THE DOORS OF PERCEPTION- it's really good.

What I'm Reading: Infinite Jest
What I'm listening to: In Bloom
What I'm Watching: (something you'll also get from the doors of perception. hallucinogenics, while I've never done them and don't think you should 'cause of, well, the obvious, sound SO COOL)
Quote: "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs."
Karl Marx

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  1. Chickens are really stupid...
    But they're a keen idea, man! :D