Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hey girls, it's sunday!
Katie is too busy writing a three page report about rice in Japan and talking to Kenneth to pay write this blog or pay attention to ME! I'm sitting on the couch next to her and bored, I keep making cute noises and looking extra adorable so she'll pet me. But nope... no she cares way too much about her grades and her social life to pay attention to me. SHE IS THE ONLY PERSON I KNOW THAT CAN DENY THESE LARGE BROWN AND MOPING EYES! I'm the most adorable puppy ever! Why won't she play with me. Ah geez, I just looked over. The cat is eating my food again. Katie won't let me eat the cat's food, why does she get to eat my food? She's soooo annoying! And she meows CONSTANTLY for no reason! Whenever I bark it's for an incredibly good reason like the prescence of a squirrel or chipmunk. That deserves attention. Oh wells, I'm going to go sleep since no one will play with me.

Topsy, Katie's puppy.

Stuck in head: Please don't touch my stove - Just so
Hating: the kitty
Eating: bacon


  1. I know, Katie's such a jerk. Who cares about homework you have an adorable puppy? JK

  2. SHOEMAN. Your adorable noises scare me... also, KITTY!