Friday, March 25, 2011

So Tired

Hey girls, it's still Friday.

It's Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday... Dang you Rebecca Black why did you have to ruin Hannah's day with your really (pathetically) bad song?

This is Hannah's computer. Hannah fell asleep without turning me off so I'm going to make this blog so she doesn't get punished again. Btw she apologizes about the past couple of time forgetting to blog, she is going through some personal stuff. But yah now I'm going to rant about how badly she treats me. Half of the time she doesn't even bother to pick me properly. He picks me up by my screen which for one thing means i have fingerprints all over me. And two, it is horrible for my hinges. It is so painful! I just want to scream at her every time but of course she just thinks that the CD inside is spinning really loud of my hard drive is trying to warm up. Man! Humans can be really stupid. Hannah also never cleans me... it's so disgusting! When I was younger I was so clean and white. Now, well now I'm just not. I have this weird slight grey-ish tint to me and random make-up marks all over me. Also, I've gotten kind of banged up over the years. i have a few chips here and there and my battery isn't what it used to be. Finally, she never shuts me down. All she ever does is close me so that I go into sleep mode. I mean don't get me wrong sleeping is great, but sleep mode is more of a nap and shut downs are more of a good night's rest. And trust me these naps aren't cutting it anymore. I'm so tired when she gets me up in the morning that I get really grumpy and I grumble a lot. Ugh sometimes Hannah just really annoys the crap out of me. Gosh,(yawn) I'm really starting to get tired now girls. I gotta go, sleep mode awaits....

-Hannah's computer

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