Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tenley ----Verb---- the ----adjective---- Madlib

Hey girls, it's Tuesday! Spring break, at least for me, is officially over and I now have to start being productive again. *sigh* It's actually not that bad, I'm pretty much ready for the semester... for now at least. But anyways, this is madlib week and first things first, here is my finished story based on the madlib Katie made on Sunday. 

Every month, I wake up and get off my ass. I don't always have time to lick a shower, but I always make sure to punch my hair. Once that's done I get some coffee, and then it's off to my first dungeon. I often get caught choking in class. No one likes it when the doctor gives a surprise shoe. My second class is Food Theory. Dr. Tennant is incredibly gorgeous, but I never tickled him because of his thick hair. His abs, however, are really firm. After lunch, I have no more dungeons and I'm free to dance with m friends. Before I go to bed I laugh a little bit. Quickly dragons fly wildly.

Oh madlibs, I love you. That being said, here is my madlib for you guys to have fun with. 

My name is name, i am number years old. While i was walking down the street, i saw noun. i wanted to become famous person. I went up to them and i started talent ending in ing for them, they adjective me. They became my noun and I was in my favorite show t.v. show. I got to verb famous person becouse he was my love interest. I sang with plural noun and we became noun. Also my boyfriend was adjective. This was an verb life!

So yeah... have fun with that. Emily, I'll read you tomorrow. 

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