Thursday, March 24, 2011

Plotting... Day after day.

This is Haley's bookshelf.  Everyday I watch her and everyday she gets worse.  Why won't she buy me more books?  She got this terrible Kindle thing for Christmas and has been using it, the bitch.  At the moment she isn't home because she is at the beach (or atleast will be on Thursday, which is why I am writing this on Tuesday.)   I use the term loosely of course because I've read about the Oregon Coast and it is basically just rainy all the time.  I am very frumpy.  My paint is chipping.  No one loves me.  She tried to get rid of me the other day.  She bought a new bookcase.  Luckily it was one where you had to put it together yourself, and even though she spent three hours working to get it together it fell apart.  Not that I had anything to do with it...  I'm plotting a way to get rid of Haley's Kindle.  Perhaps a fire?  No.  I might burn.  Perhaps it could be stolen?  No.  Too obvious.  Perhaps she could "lose" it?  She is spectacular at losing things.  That will work.  Her mom will be mad, but who cares.  I am more important than her mom's happiness.  I must go now.  Travelling is hard when you are a bookshelf and if I'm going to "lose" her Kindle I'll have to move fast.

Currently Rereading: All of the books sitting on me.  Over and over again.  Nothing to do.  Just waiting for more books.

Currently Listening: To Haley whine about her application essay for Honor's English

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