Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Aww... Love

Hey bloggers, it's Tuesday! I'll be honest, I just slept for a really long time, kind of an absurd amount of time actually, but that's okay. I guess you could say I love sleeping. Get it... because of the theme... ooo, I'm smart. Anyways, for the theme, like Katie, I could talk about any number of things that I love, but to make it more interesting I'm going to describe my first date. Yup, I'm going to take you with me on that incredibly awkward... um, journey? Sure, anyways, let's start.

I was fourteen and a freshmen in high school (yeah, I'm one of those people that is always the youngest in their class) and so was he. His name was Kyle, well actually is name is Kyle (as far I know). Maybe it was a sign of my obsessions to come but he was a huge a nerd. But at the same time he was also that incredibly funny kid in your classes that irritates the teachers, but they still love him anyways. One day, I think about mid-year, he asked me if I wanted to go downtown with him after school and I said yes, of course otherwise why would I be telling you this story? Now you should know that walking downtown after school was a big thing in my town. It was like the popular hangout. Especially this shop called Uptown Coffee which I swear has the best coffee in the entire world. If you ever find yourselves in Howell, Michigan you might consider going there.

So after school we met up by the front doors and began the short walk downtown. Before this day we weren't exactly friends, I mean we certainly weren't enemies but we didn't talk much before is what I'm getting at. Thus, on the walk there it was mostly just a spur of those annoyingly awkward questions you get asked on dates. "what do you like to do", "favorite subject", "any siblings"* and so on... and so forth.

Finally we got downtown and naturally we went to Uptown Coffee, but because it was rather crowded (like I said, it was popular, everyone went there after school), we started walking down the streets while drinking and chatting. At first it felt like we were playing 20Q's because it was kind of awkward (I don't know if I ever mentioned this on this blog, but I used to be pretty shy). But after awhile I felt more comfortable around him and began to be my more natural, comical self.

Eventually our walk took us to (don't laugh), the library (I said no laughing!). Yeah, we were nerds even before I knew what nerdfighters were.While there we made up a game. Basically he would find a book title and then I would find another one and add it to the first one. We'd continue like that for awhile just continuing to expand the title and/or making up a story. It was fun, and occasionally I still do it.

When we finally got bored with that it was about time to leave and while waiting for out rides (we were freshmen so we didn't drive) we explored a store called Eclectic Twist (basically a vintage clothing store). But neither of us lived that far from town so it didn't take long for our parents to get there. And when they did (my Mom arrived first, his Dad arrived shortly after in case your curious) we saw their cars through the shop window, said our goodbyes, starred awkwardly at each other and then he leaned in and peaked me on the lips (I just re-wrote that sentence like 12 times trying to make it sound less cheesy). 

After that we started dating and thus went on many more dates, and with time they got less and less awkward and more and more fun. For the record we dated till mid-senior year. We broke up for several reasons two of which being 1) my family moved to Virginia before my senior year and 2) we were both going to college in different states in a few months. There were many other reasons but I don't remember them all and it was kind of one of those mutual break ups that I don't even remember that well. I guess, if you wanted to sound cheesy, you could say it was just time (oh wow, that did sound cheesy).

That being said, I have to get ready for work (I'm working the night shift... argh...), Emily, I'll read you tomorrow.
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* I don't remember if these specific questions were asked I just remember that questions like these ones were asked. 


  1. I liked it. :) My post sure will be lacking compared to that... "Well, umm. Boys are idiots." End of story. :D I'll try to build upon it.