Friday, July 23, 2010

Vacation and a LOT to tell

Hey Girls it's Friday!

I'm sort of sick too but not in the "I have a cold or a virus" kind of way. It's allergies! So where I live my allergy season isn't bad anymore. But in Texas it is really bad and I didn't bring my allergy meds so I've been just miserable. And I might also have pink eye and/or an ear infection. And now I'm starting to lose my voice.

So this week:

I got on two planes and was really bored. The first plane was from O'Hare in Chicago to Des Moines Iowa. Then the second plane was from Des Moines to the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. Then we drove 5ish hours to San Antonio, Texas to visit my grand parents. Along the was we stopped at Spring Creek BBQ and it was amazing. Don't go there if you're on a low carb diet.

I don't remember. I think we went and got my grand pa out of the hospital because he just had a heart bypass surgery but that could have been monday.

I don't remember. But what I said before.

I went to Sea World for the whole day and I got a ton of really good pictures from all of the shows that I went to. I'm a good photographer. 

I went to the movie and saw The Last Airbender which was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! When I was younger that was my show. The cartoon series was amazing and now I can't wait for the other movies to come out.

I went to Fiesta Texas. I went on the Boomerang first and then I felt really sick and nauseous to I ended up having to go to the First Aid center for and hour while the rest of my family went and had fun but then I felt much better and had a great day.

I drove up to Dallas to see other relatives. And now I'm here and can no longer talk. Good thing this isn't a vlog.

Sarah I'll read you tomorrow!!!!!

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