Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm fairly sure I'm too young to have a good opinion on love

Hey lovers it's Thursday.

That is my nickname for tons of people.  I just go around calling people lover.  So, that connects?

So... love?  I'm not sure if a thirteen year old can actually go around talking about love with out sounding like an absolute idiot.  Even if you can pull it off it ought to be really hard.

I asked my friend Katie what to write about, she said that I should write about her and a boy named Ronnie.  It sounded like a good idea because, at least to me, the story is quite hilarious.

Ronnie. Ronnie is a boy, who probably doesn't shower as much as he should.  He is actually an idiot.  He isn't all that smart.  He dies his hair this unnatural black color, and I probably used to like him back in second grade or something.

One day when Katie was in her P.E. class sitting next to Ronnie and his annoying friend Austin (because all of their last names are really close together) they were being quite mean to her. Telling her that she was too white, tree hugging, and nerdy to be a "gangsta."  Then Austin told them that they should get married.  Katie saw an opportunity and she jumped on it.  From that day on she began to write songs for him.  Once in P.E. I told her that she should go sing for him.  So we walked over and in front of all of his wall ball playing dorky friends she sang for him.  It was hilarious.  The two of us were basically on the ground laughing.  Then his annoying best friend Sean, who called me Sweaty Butt Cheek Woman for the whole of seventh grade, asked us about our facebook profile pictures.  He said that no one's face should look like that.

Ronnie though told me that he liked me more than he liked Katie. Even though we have again and again told him that she is just joking.  Once Ronnie even sang to me in the library.  Granted he was singing "One is the loneliest number." Or whatever the title of that song is.  It went like this, it was the last real day of school, and marching band was over, the school library was done renting out books (or whatever you call it), and I had gotten to school way too early,  so I was sitting alone, and Ronnie came up and starting singing to me.  So I threw something at him, but since the school librarian hates him he didn't tell her.  I was very happy about this because she hates me too.  I'm not really sure why.  She kind of hates me book choices?  Actually when I come to think about it she might not hate me all that much.  She sits next to me sometimes in the library when the annoying girls who sit behind the counter and try to "help" get way too annoying. She hates that I read Stephen King and Lewis Carrol though.

Oh well.  I'll say that talking about my school librarian worked because I kind of love her.

I actually love a lot of things. Perhaps I actually don't know what love is because I through the word about rather nonchalantly.

Well bloggers after that all I have to say is... LOVE YOU!

Hannah I will read what you have written after you have wrote it.

Thing I heard my little sister say: Lindsay:"Sure mom I'll do the dishes- Does Haley really have to help? Can't she do something else? She's really terrible at doing the dishes."
Me: "I've just heard everything you just said!"
Lindsay: "Well it's true!"
I'm so terrible at doing the dishes that I'm not allowed to help anymore!

Lots of Love! :)  

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