Friday, July 9, 2010


Hey girls it's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for like another hour ish.

So last week(I think) I fulfilled my punishment of going out of town and shouting nerdfighter stuff to random strangers. I did not have a camera with me at the time and I do apologize. If I have to do a different punishment that can be confirmed by like writing or something I will do so.  So I went to Cleveland, Ohio to visit my great-grandmother and my cousins and aunt and uncle. Yes I know that was a lot of ands. So when we went to lunch one of the days while we were there we went to a mall that had an apple store. TOTAL nerd paradise! And then my brother Luke had to go pee so I had to take him to the smoothie shop next door. My brother takes forever in the bathroom so I went outside to wait for him because I felt awkward standing in a store that I wasn't going to buy anything in(only really happens to me a food places) and I completed my punishment. I stood outside of the shop and as people passed by I shouted out the nerdfighter sayings and stuff and they looked at me like was insane and needed to be locked away in and insane asylum. By the way I want to mention that it was really busy at this outdoor mall because it was fourth of July weekend. So yah it was really kind of fun to do this challenge because normally I am very shy but I really let go because I was like "what the heck I'm never going to see any of these people ever again. go for it!" Sort of broke out of my shell temporarily. 

So........ on to this week's theme.
Ok so I really have no idea what my absolute favorite thing is and I really do not feel like making a list would do my favorite this justice so I'm just going to give the top six things that I think of off the top of my head.

1) My computer: basically is my life source as is for my nerds. 

2) My iTouch: I love listening to music. I think it really helps me through the hard times when I'm sad as well as makes me really happy when I'm in a good mood. I also use it to wake myself up in the morning and put myself to bed in the evening. 

3) My stuffed animal bear: his name is Stuart and he has a really awesome story as to why he is so close to my heart. So my dad got the bear for my mom on the first valentines day when they started dating and she used to sleep with it and spray my dad's cologne on it. Then when we moved into my last house about 6 ish years ago we found it while unpacking and I've had it ever since.

4) Books: Nothing to explain that hasn't already been said. I just pure and simple love my books.

5) TV: I'm really lazy most of the time because I'm a swimmer and I feel like if I'm going to swim for three hours in the morning during the summer then I'm going to at lease have some lazy time where I can just zone out and possibly learn something. I watch the cooking channel mainly. Or Dr. Who reruns that I record.

6) Bonfires: I just had a bonfire and I got to build the fire for the first time. My dad usually does it but I have discovered that I am much better at starting and maintaining a fire than my dad is. He used paper to start it while I use lots of cardboard and any pine cones that I can find. Plus smores are just the best.

Always the Purplest,

Sarah I'll read you tomorrow!

Currently Reading: The Ghosts of Ashbury High by Jaclyn Moriarty (Still. It's a long book kind of)

Currently Listening: The loud shouts and laughs of my siblings and their friends in the basement as I hurry to finish this blog before time runs out.

Quote: If swimming were any easier it would be football.


  1. You have almost the same list as me! I wrote it today before reading this, guess I need to revise it :D

    I would probably be too shy to shout at random people... respect!

  2. i wish it was videotaped, but it was good enough I think. That would have been hillarious!

  3. Yah we need a new video recorder thing cause it is ancient and doesn't work all that well. I also didn't have my digital camera which takes video along with stills.

  4. I don't know if your brother knows about nerdfighters, but assuming he doesn't, it would have been really awkward if he came out of the bathroom while you were still shouting initialisms. lol

  5. Yay! It's great that you broke out of your comfort zone. If it was me, I wouldn't do it at my mall since I always see people there.