Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Blog written in my notes app on my iTouch and lateness ok'd by Katie


Hey girls it's Friday(it was when I wrote 
(count those)
This is going to be a long blog so I apologize ahead of time. I also 
apologize for not blogging last week. I was grounded and had gotten 
all of my stuff (basically all of my access to technology) taken away 
so I was unable to blog. I am so very sorry and I was really looking 
forward to that blog...
So I'm going to do that blog and this week's blog now.

Last Week's Blog:

So I feel like a have a pretty insane family usually but after getting 
the chance to read everyone else's blogs I feel like my family is 
really average. At least among the seven of us. Ok so I have three 
other siblings. They are all younger than I am which makes me the 
oldest. Yeah logic! Ok so from oldest to youngest there is ME, my 
sister Hillary, my sister Hope, and my cute little brother Luke. He is 
the most adorable little boy you have ever seen. Well I might be a bit 
bias but he really is.

So Hillary is the typical younger sister. She bugs me on purpose  

because she knows she can and she knows how. But she can also be 
really awesome. She used to be swimmer like me but she sort of just 
stopped going recently. I have the feeling though she'll pick it back 
up when she goes into high school because my parents require us to do 
at least one sport in high school although they really want us to do 
two. Hillary is also really smart and has recently really started to 
love reading. Kind of like it was for me. We both really didn't like 
reading and we only did it when we had to do school but then we each 
found a series (for me it was 
Harry potter and for hill it was the 
Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging series) that we really liked and 
we couldn't stop reading after that.
Reading is contagious. It's like an illness with no cure but that's ok 
because I don't mind it. She plays the guitar a little bit and she 
recently started horse back riding.
Hope also recently started doing horse back riding. She also my cuddle 
buddy. I always ask my brother if he'll give me a kiss cause he is so 
adorable but he always says no and Hope wil say I will I will. And 
she'll give me a kiss and I'll give her a big hug because she is the 
sweetest little angel. Of corse she also has a devil side. She ha 
recently start the the whining to get her way phase. So when ever she 
gets mad she gets really ugly sometimes violent. She can't really 
cause damage though so not bad. Hope is also on our neighborhood swim 
team and she is getting really good at breast stroke. She won her heat 
in her race at the last meet.
Luke is the most handsome, cute, adorable little brother in the whole 
world. When he gets older he is going to have all of the girls at 
their knees and swooning at the sight of him. He is probably the most 
nerdy of my siblings. He loves video games and not the typical video 
games no he likes the awesome video games. He has every star wars 
video game that has been made for the 
PS3, all of the Lego Indiana 
 games, and we recently got him the new Lego Harry Potter Years 
1-4 game. It is so awesome but we still haven't managed to beat the 
first level which is with the ogre in the girls bathroom. Finally Luke 
is also very sensitive. It is very easy to make him cry. If you aren't 
careful and you talk to him in the wrong tone of you acuse him of 
something he will cry until you asure him that he isn't in trouble and 
you give him a hug.

And I also have a dog named Jack who is practically my brother. 
Sometimes I think he gets treated better than I do. Of course 
sometimes my dad just can't stand him. My dad is a cat man.

This Week's Blog

So this week's blog is to pick a quote and to sort discuss it. At 
least that's what Katie told me. I am currently in the car typing this 
whole blog on my notes app on my 
iTouch. So excuse me if I do not find 
some deep meaning behind my quote. So my quote is from the book that I 
am currently reading which is 
The Ghosts of Ashbury High by Jaclyn 
. She also wrote The Year of Secret Asignments. Have you girls 
read it? So I'm going to use more of a passage that I recently read 
black holes that think is absolutly brilliant instead of a 
quote. So this passage spans across many pages and is about 
 and about this kid called Tobias who is defining what they are 
and he gradually changes his definition as he has new experiences. He 
also compares the definitions to the history of Ireland and his 

The first definition is:
black hole is a something that you get when you get so much stuff 
crammed together into one small place that the plac can't handle it 
anymore so the place goes ballistic and turns into total, mad darkness.
By the end of the passage he has come up with:
Know one knows what a black hole is because if what they think is true 
about black holes was true then there would be no way to prov it so 
the scientific communuty calls it an information parodox. And that in 
the end it is the horror and the beauty of the things that we don't 
know. Until they pin down what it is  anything is possible and anyones 
guess could be right. And that this gives us a feeeling of empowerment.
I totally get this and when I read it I was like wow. I never would 
have thought of it like that and made those connections of course you 
have no idea what I am talking about because I totally didn't give 
enough information so I'll give you the pages and you can read the 
book. 114-130

Sarah I'll read you tomorrow. (today)

Sorry if there are spelling errors. I did type it on my iTouch after all. 


  1. I really need to get that book, i just have a lot of things to read right now. Don't forget to do your punishment!!!

  2. I've read the Year of Secret Assignments multiple times. I love that book.

    I also loved the blog post.

  3. I like that passage, I'll have to check out The Ghosts of Ashbury High next time I go to the library.

    Also, your siblings are adorable.

  4. ok so I just want to point out that my hair doesn't normally look as bad as it does in this picture. Hill is the blond one.