Sunday, July 4, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

Hey Girls it's Sunday!
Happy Fourth of July! Yesterday I was thinking to myself "I should wear my England jacket, it's red, white, and blue and... oh, wait!" Well, I wore it anyways and I've gotten and few strange looks and it's been pretty awesome. Oh, in further news my bestest in friend "in the entire universe" just became my boyfriend, so... yay!
This week's theme is our favorite thing in the entire world. How could you possibly choose one!!! So in order to make the blog not a thousand pages long I made a collage!

Those are my favorite things (how many can you name?) But I think my favorite things of sentimental value are my books. I think it's kind of weird how sentimental my books are to me, but when I read them I see where I dogear, where I spill stuff, and I remember different points of my life when I reread some of my favorite books. When I reread one of the Magic Tree House books, I remembered begging my brother to give me his MTH books because I read them more, I remember reenacting the series in my backyard, I remember the crisp fall weather I was in when I read it years ago. Through these memories I remember even more of my childhood and I just love it. Books bring back memories for me and it just adds a whole other dimension to the list of what books can do. I'm more or less a Sentimental person (yes, Sentimental Man just got stuck in my head)
Jasmine I'll read you tomorrow!


Currently Listening to: Non Dairy Creamy by Third Eye Blind (does anyone else think it should be Third Blind Eye? it bothers me)
Currently Reading: Theater Geek (still, but I read Scott Pilgrim 5 and The Cat Who Saw Red this week while reading Theater Geek)
Quote: "So that's it? You're just going to give me up? AND TOSS ME ASIDE TO THE TURTLES?" -Meekakitty


  1. Dr. Who
    The Vlogbrothers
    Julia Nunes
    The Hunger Games
    The HP Alliance
    Harry Potter
    I'm assuming the people in the middle are your friends?
    DFTBA records
    Britain's flag

    That's all of got.

  2. haha, yes, the people in the middle are my friends.

  3. Wait, when did I become your boyfriend? I thought you were dating Robby now. Sorry Katie, I'm a girl and I only love you like a sister, I don't know how you got the idea that I would be your boyfriend.

    ...also, I know all of them, but...

  4. I'm sorry that you just can't comprehend that Robby is my bestest friend in the entire universe and you're just one of my best friends xD.
    Oh and you so don't know all of them, who are the two costumed men in the right hand corner?

  5. Why isn't Robby on there? I'm pretty sure that one of your favorite things should be your boyfriend.

  6. The picture of my and my friends in the middle stand for all of my friends, just like how Momo stands for Avatar the Last Airbender, how Pikachu stands for all my favorite video games, and how Invincible stands for all my favorite comic books. Plus, I wasn't going to put more than an hours work into that thing.

  7. Goodness, your collage is awesome.

    John Barrowman!