Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.

-Douglas Adams... love quoting him... also, fits the food theme?

SO this is me blogging… really shortly… because I have to go ship my life… and I’m busy in this wonderful way.

Last Week:
Favorite things in no particular order: friends, a good book, liberalism, chipotle, boys, Ben folds, the killers, social commentary, writing, my computer, a good joke, your mother jokes, my suite mates, England, world cup soccer, my comedy writing class, lightning bugs, having enough quarters to wash AND dry my laundry, the color blue, the color gray, trees, maple leaves, paper cranes, drizzle (but not torrential rain), Columbia HSP, my school, the love cave (Katie may be the only one who gets that… and maybe Hannah), Douglas Adams, activism, USED BOOKSTORES, independent book stores, libraries, Vegetarian/ Vegan restaurants, cake batter flavored frozen yogurt, bubble tea, MINT, LIMES, hand sanitizer, the public transportation system, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE, Harry potter, apple, my comedy writing class, making fun of hipsters, nice people, indie/artsy people, nerds, my research project, notebooks, a fresh sheet of paper, David Sedaris, this American life, the rooster, dirty truth or truth in a room full of virgins, Vonnegut, Philosophy, Psychology, politics, political debates, debates, winning, music, Social Studies, History geeks, “a poem written by a bear” Vonnegut, etc.

This Week:
I adore chipotle.
I love everything that tastes like mint or lime… everything.
I’m a total omnivore, but I love vegan and vegetarian food, especially falafel with humus.
I love Jewish food, but matzo balls… wow.
Chicken wing sauce is good on pretty much everything.
I also love:
Ice cream, especially mint chocolate chip or blue moon.
John Jay (the dining hall) because, while the food isn’t amazing, it is, on some level, free because I have pre-paid meal plan.

I want to tell you more about life here, but I have to go write a dialog, but NEXT WEEK I swear. It’s amazing here, I love the people and I’m going to miss this place and all my friends so much.


  1. You mean Chipotle, the burrito place? If so, I totally agree. Their massive burritos are overwhelmingly yummy.

  2. Mmm... chipotle, and ice cream... delicious.