Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My favorite things would be my Horcruxes

Hi bloggers, it's Tuesday!

My aunt and uncle are currently on their way here and I figure I won't have time to blog after they arrive, so I'm doing it now. I was going to do it this morning but... um, morning and me don't get along. But other than the fact that they are coming, nothing much is going on here, so let's jump right into the theme.

This is probably the hardest theme for me so far. I love so many things! So for the first thing, I'm going to focus more on the sentimental side of the theme. I've had this bear since my first Christmas, his name his Andrew. I realize that's a strange name for an infant to come up with and its possible I didn't come up with it and my parents did. They say I did so most likely I made a sound that kind of sounded like "Andrew" and they translated it as Andrew. But anyways, I loved this bear. I took it everywhere, I did everything with it and to this day I still have it (despite the fact that I got rid of my other stuffed animals a long time ago). Needless to say, if I was witch and decided to split my soul into seven pieces like Voldermort, Andrew would be one of my Horcruxes. He's that awesome.

My other favorite thing is my computer. Which sounds like the obvious thing, and I'll admit it kind of is, but I really do love it (the only way I'd love it more is if it were a Mac). I literally spend all my time on it, and communicate with the majority of my friends on it and without I'd never have discovered nerdfighters. Yeah, a piece of my soul would definitely be put into my laptop (or the Mac version that I will get at some point in the near or distant future).

Emily, I'll read you tomorrow!


Currently reading: Still "Prep", omg I need to get back to reading because this getting kind of ridiculous.
Currently listening to: Um... not sure, my brother's playing music in his room but I don't recognize the song. That's a lie, I recognize it, but don't remember the name.
Quote: "They belonged to the real, physical world; previously, it had seemed as if they belonged to me." From "Prep".


  1. I have a stuffed goat since I was 7 and it still always has to sleep in my bed with me :)
    Andrew is a really cool name for a bear, much more creative than most of the bear-names.

  2. My stuffed animals don't get sensible names. If it's a cat, it's named either Kitty, Mrs. Norris, or Crookshanks. If it's a dog it's named either Snuffles, Fluffy, or Puppy. If it's a bear it's named Teddy and so on.
    C'mon Tenley, PC's for the win!

  3. Andrew would be the cutest horcrux ever. And Prep is a good book, I've read it and I like it a lot.