Thursday, July 15, 2010

Food? Well hmm, I can talk about that... I eat

Hello bloggers it's Thursday

Oh, I feel stupid. Umm.  Well.  Hey girls?  This may seem a little sad after all of you talked about how much you love to cook, and about how you eat all of these great exotic foods, but... well I don't really eat interesting stuff.

My favorite food is chicken schnitzel, and that is really boring.  So I made this picture to make my blog post a little more interesting.  

That is a picture of me being chased by chicken schnitzel.  Yes I am aware that it looks like I'm running the incorrect way, but that is only because in that picture I'm not running at all, but instead laughing my arse off.  I will show you.

I changed the picture so that I was running the correct way. :)

Yes in my group of friends I am the one cracking up hysterically, but that is only because my friends are hilarious.   I'm the idiot out of my friends. The one who, when we're pranking someone or something, and we're supposed to act serious I'm the one who starts giggling, and then makes everyone break out in to laughter.  Usually we still get the person to fall for whatever we want them to fall for. 

Girls, not only do I fill my blogs with pointless pictures that don't even adhere to the topic I also talk about the pictures so that it fills up space.

I'm very sorry that I'm not really interested in food. :)  I hope that you will not disown me.

I do like cookies though.  

Hannah, I will read you tomorrow! :)

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  1. Well okay, since you like cookies, I guess you can stay. lol

  2. Thank you Tenley. I appreciate your kind and understanding heart. :)

  3. I love your chicken schnitzel. If I still ate meat, I would totally partner with you and try to take it down.. with my stomach. :)

    I never had chicken schnitzel before! And I've had a lot of weird foods, so don't feel bad. And everyone loves cookies, so that proves to me that you are human. :)

  4. Chicken Schnitzel is delicious!!! num num num(that's the sound the cookie monster makes when he eats cookies)