Friday, July 16, 2010

Chicken And Rice

Hey girls it's Friday!!!!!! for about 40 more minutes.

So again I have forgotten that it was friday until I was about to go to bed. I only realized that it was Friday because I was going on youtube and there was a Liane video from fiveawesomegirls. And now I will have to type as quickly as I can to meet the deadline. Oh yah and this week's theme was my idea.
This was how it went:
(Text messages)(not exact)
Katie: Hey Hannah what is the theme going to be next week? I would like to get my blog done today(saturday) or in the wee hours of tomorrow since I am not sure if I will be able to blog at camp.
Hannah: Um... I don't know I'll think about it.

A few hours later....

Still thinking. Then I realized oh crap it's getting late I better get back to Katie about the theme. So I was making dinner for the kids that I was babysitting and I look down at the mac and cheese that looked really delicious and... bing lightbulb... I'll do the theme of favorite foods.

Hannah: Ok so the theme is favorite foods. Is that ok?
Katie: ok

And then I was freaking out because I thought that it was a really lame theme but I decided to forget about it and play American Idol with the kids I was babysitting.

So my favorite food of all time as any of my good close friends can tell you is chicken and rice. No it is not chicken or some kind with some rice like it sounds and it is also not a casserole. Here's how to make it:
So first you get a large baking dish and set it aside. Then get a cutting board and four or five chicken breasts and cube the pieces and put them in the baking dish. Then get another cutting board or wash the previous one and chop about cup of carrots(so they are like thick sticks) and a cup of onion and put this in the baking dish. Then open two cans of golden mushroom soup and two cans of cream of mushroom soup and put the contents of the cans in the baking dish. Then mix all of the ingredients together and cover the baking dish with aluminum foil. Then it gets baked for a really long time in the oven at a certain temperature that I will post in the comments later. Next, when the baking is almost done boil water and cook a couple of cups of rice depending on how many people are eating. Finally, serve the chicken and sauce over a bed of rice and devour.

This recipe feeds my family of 6 and on occasion if I don't eat all that is not eaten by others there will be left overs.

I also will basically eat most other foods as long as they aren't seafood or have mayonnaise on them.

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  1. Both of us have similar theme thinking of stories. :) Maybe for the next theme that I have to think of I'll think of a really crazy original theme (not one that one of you guys will choose before me) in advance and then I won't have a repeat of the brain fart, 'Umm I have no freaking idea about what the theme should be so I'm just going to pick a really difficult stupid one.'

  2. mmm... I want to make this. I probably will, as soon as I feel motivated enough to do so.