Sunday, July 18, 2010

'yo mama's jeans

Hey y'all it's sunday! Now a bunch of you girls haven't been blogging so we need a crackdown on that. Oh and this week in apparently free week ans sarah will choose for the next week. I'm at Vanderbilt summer academy and it's pretty awesome. We just finished rehersing our routine to 'mom jeans' for open night mic. I'm the tech person 'cause I don't like the spotlight all that much. Everyone says that this is nerd camp but I don't think it's nearly nerdy enough, but that's just probly cause I'm miss uber nerd :)
I will now say the pros and cons of vsa
Everyone is really nice
Saturdays are so much fun because we get to check out and go to the best ice cream place evar and pet cats and go to out of boundaries parks
I'm good at chem class even though I've never taken it before.
My floor at my dorm is more or less awesome
The dessert options here are pretty amazing
Playing volleyball in a giant sandbox and scoring a goal
We all make friendship bracelets for eachother
My roommate now likes nerd music
Everyone now has a crush on Charlie like I do
My friend Ana and I talk about Merlin and books all the time
And more

Food is just mediocre
We have to wakeup early
I have a wobbly bunkbed
The girls here lower my self confidence level cause they're all so freaking pretty
It either rains or is really hot or both
We have homework
I'm on thr fifth floor and the stairs are exhausting
I miss Robby. ( sorry ems, I can't miss you when youre constantly calling me)
Laundry takes forever
I had to tell the story about how robby asked me out like five million times

Jasmine I'll read you probly not tomorrow but eventually!!!
Less than three,
Katie Z

Currently reading: heir apparent again because I'm procrastinating huck finn
And for the win
Listening to: mom jeans (again and again and again)
marcus: how do y'all pronounce c-r-a-y-o-n
Me: cran
Kelsea: cray-yon
Parker: crown
Everyone: WHAT?

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  1. My god, your friends are southern... AND HOW DO YOU NOT MISS ME AS YOU NEVER ANSWER WHEN I call and stuff... "I'm miss uber nerd :)"... I miss you... also ANSWER YOUR FUCKING PHONE

  2. you don't miss me? that's not nice. I think you should miss me at least second most since you only see me now a couple of times a year. I understand that you should miss your boyfriend the most but I should definitely be missed the second most.
    Also I think I might be starting to get a little bit of my southern twang again since I'm in Texas.

  3. Well, it sounds like its fun for the most part, so that's good. Also, what makes the floor in your dorm awesome? Color or design? idk, just curious.

  4. Ems: you calling me when I'm too busy to answer while doing activities such as beach volleyball, eating, IN CLASS, shopping, and eating at the best ice cream place ever is a constant reminder of how crazy and awesome you are filling me with a bit of regret that I can't answer while being reminded about how annoying you can be
    Hannah: I DO MISS YOU! It's just that I'm used to missing you by now. I'm not used to missing robby cause he's usually always online.
    Tenley: by the floor I meant the group of pol on the floor in the dorm. Each floor has two different proctor groups and almost everyone is extremely awesome

  5. Don't let the pretty girls lower your self-esteem! You should show off your nerdiness and know that it makes you a unique kind of pretty.