Sunday, July 25, 2010

All you need is love (&food,water,&shelter)

Hey girls it's Sunday!

Since Sarah didn't blog again I decided that it's now my turn to coose the theme. Unfortunately I didn't know what to pick so I asked my roommate Kelsea to choose. So this weeks theme is love.
I've never been in love, but I love my friends, my family,and my fictional characters. I love my boyfriend, but that's just cause he's also my "bestest friend in teh intire universe"
I believe on true love, but I don't believe it to be flawless. This is really short cause my roomie and I have to get to class.

Currently listening to: be my witch
reading: for the win
quote: "anything in a public restroom is not love, it's gross"-Kelsea
jasmine I'll read ya tomorrow
less than three,
Katie z.
PS. Haven't seen avps nor doctor who yet. SAD


  1. I missed the Dr. Who season finally too and I can't wait until I get home to watch it.

  2. HEY, the tshirt I bought for you for your birthday, but I decided to keep for myself! ...also, you love robby?, that's some serious shit.

  3. As I said in the log I love him cause I love
    all of my friends, I don't love him like that quite yet