Saturday, June 26, 2010

Geminis, but not twins

Hey girls, it's Saturday! For you not, though, because it's 00:41 here, but I have to write now, because I leave for Germany tomorrow morning and I'm not sure if I can write there. I stay there until Tuesday, then continue to Poland and come back to Austria on July 10th. The day after I go to Greece for four weeks with my family, so overall I'm really excited! I don't know yet how I will post from there, but I will figure something out!
Do you go on some summer vacation?

So this week's theme is sisters... My sister's name is Alexandra (called Ale) and she's three years younger than me. Many people think we are twins, because I look younger and she looks older, and people have troubles to distinguish between us (it got better since my sister has shorter hair and me longer hair). Anyway, in my opinion we don't look the same ;)

Our birthdays are two weeks apart, which is always very useful, because I get presents first and then know what I can give her. Our zodiac sign is Gemini. I don't belive in zodiac signs and all that stuff, but when we were little we were sometimes fighting with other kids about it. I remember one discussion:
Me: We are both Zwilling. (Zwilling means Gemini and twins in German).
Other: No, you are not, your birthday is not at the same day!
I don't know remember why, but it escalated in a fight and eventually we were all crying.

I think we have quite different characters, but we get along very well. We fight a lot, especially about little things, but it's like we fight, we go to our rooms, and the next time we see we act as if nothing had happened. I guess that's what siblings are about.
The thing that bonds us together is that we have many mutual interests. I influenced her a lot, for example I made her read Harry Potter as soon as possible and I am the reason why she has an iPod and a Macbook.

We often do crazy things, especially when our parents are not at home. We invented some kind of "garden baseball", played with a piece of wood, a tennis ball and a gardening glove and pillows as bases. That's pretty cool, the only downside is that we don't have any tennis balls anymore because they disappeared in our neighbor's garden.
Our cooking is also legendary, on time (long ago) we tried to make caramel, but everything got burned and when we put it on a plate it got hard and we couldn't get it off anymore. We didn't know what to do and we didn't want to tell our parents, so we just put it in the freezer to hide it.
Talking about freezer: every winter we make snowballs, wrap them into aluminium foil and freeze them. In the summer we can have a snowball fight then ;)

our Christmas cookies

Ale, our neighbor, me(our neighbor is a bit like our unofficial brother)

Katie, I'll read you tomorrow!
(I will schedule this post for later today, so that Hannah can write first!)

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  1. Dang... I wish I froze some snowballs in the winter because now I want to have a snowball fight. lol

  2. Haha! Hiding the plate in the freezer is an ingenious idea, but my mother would've found sooner or later.

    Lovely pictures by the way.

  3. your sister sounds very awesome. The freezer was a brilliant hiding spot, I should have thought of that.

  4. that's brilliant- you know, the freezer thing- so cool

  5. Oh my god I want to marry your neighbor!