Friday, June 18, 2010


So the crazies stuff I think I do is put out candles with my fingers!

I was first introduced to this by my insane cousin who requires his own separate blog to fully describe his insanity. In short he makes fireworks or buys them and enhances them then films them and puts them on youtube. I'm pretty sure that fireworks aren't ok where he lives. So whenever I go and visit them we always have dinner at my great grandmother's house and she loves to have candles lit on the table so at the end of the meal he always puts them out with his fingers. I always thought that it would really really hurt but when I finally tried it, it didn't hurt at all and I just love doing it because it makes me feel really cool. I also love the look on the faces of the people that I do it for. They always look completely shocked.

I understand that this sounds insane but after I explain it is will seem a little less so. Ok so not exactly explain because it is kind of a two step process but I add a third and fourth step.
1) I get my fingers really wet in my mouth because saliva is a lot thicker than water(yes I realize that this seems a bit gross)
2) Then I get up my courage because even though I know that I can do it without burning myself it still makes my heart beat a bit faster
3) I quickly and firmly pinch the wick of the candle
4) I squeal with excitement because I get a huge rush of adrenaline. I also jump up and down and do my happy dance (if I can figure out how to upload a video next week maybe I'll show you guys my happy dance and putting out a candle)

Listening to: Hairspray
Currently reading: Nothing sadly because I need to go the bookstore
Quote: "Girl it looks like you need a stiff one" Corny Collins from Hairspray. He is talking about hairspray but I totally think of it in a that's what he said joke form.

I'll read you tomorrow Sarah!!!!

I apologize if this is late because I've been having internet issues all day.


  1. Awesome. I'm totally going to try this with candle (well, obviously with a candle, what else would I try it with).

    Oh, and I love that line from Hairspray. It makes me laugh everytime.

  2. I never tried it, but it sounds cool so give me a candle!

  3. why have you never showed me this?