Monday, June 14, 2010

Not a Dramatization

I have the craziest mother ever.

I know a lot of people would argue with me, and my friends don't believe how outrageous my mother is, but it's true. My mother is known for her blunt and harsh remarks and her infamous line "Do you want to die?"

A normal conversation with my mother.

Me: I'm hungry.
Mom: Make yourself something to eat.
Me: But I don't want to...
Mom: Do you want to die?

And although some may say that it is appropriate enough, because she cares that you eat and live instead of starving and dying, I have more examples.

Mom: You never pick up your cell phone, you have a cell phone but you waste it.
Me: I didn't feel it vibrate, and you never pick up your cell either.
Mom: Do you want to die?

So there you go. My mother is an all around scary person. She is not to be messed with, but I do things my way anyways. 

Do not be fooled.


  1. lol, "do you want to die?" Hilarious.

  2. Jasmine that was hilarious. :) Brilliant

  3. That was hillarious! I think mothers are broken up into two categories: The crazies, and the cool ones that are like teenagers themselves. I think 90% of mothers (including mine) are in the first category.

  4. That's brilliant. How do you answer that? Is there a proper reply? ... and Katie I think my mom fits both categories.


  5. My mother is just normal. But probably rather in the first category.

    Do you want to die? Your mother is really great :D

  6. Regarding Emily's comment, I think it's like in AAoK with Dumpers and Dumpees. You can be both, but you always tend to be one of them more often than the other.

  7. regarding kt:
    then where does my mom fall?

  8. and i thought my mom was crazy. man was i wrong. my mom just says do u not want to get into college