Monday, June 28, 2010

Let's Get Down to Business

And defeat! The Huns!

Anyone remember that Disney movie, Mulan? I always wanted to dress up as her for Halloween, since I would look fairly convincing.

ANYWAYS... Hey bloggers, it's Monday.

So, I'm not a big user of quotes. I like them and all, but I prefer to use my own words to express myself, and I am terrible at memorization so I'll probably muck it up if I try to refer it. However, there are many people who I greatly admire and envy for their skill of words and prose. One man who did it extremely well, was Ralph Waldo Emerson.

"I hate quotations. Tell me what you know."

This is a quote that I really love, but it makes me somewhat a hypocrite. First of all, people might be confused of what Emerson is trying to state. What does he mean? Isn't he the master of inspirational quotes, why would he go off and say something like that? I believe that the reason is that he is tired that people are taking quotes and using it as an idea of their own. What he's saying means a lot of sense. For example, whenever I look at my yearbook and I see the senior quotes, I think that it is really silly. People are usually quoting things that are meant to be inspirational, and as if their high school life has been extremely successful. That is not the case, I think we all know that. Using quotes is an easy way to fall back onto something, without really using your own thoughts or feelings. A response from yourself actually means more instead one from someone you don't even know. I agree that quotes are useful and helpful, especially if it's from someone we admire. However, if we tried and break off our dependent streak, we can become great too.

That's my little bit, I hope you weren't bored or offended. And we all agree to disagree, correct?

Tenley, I'll read you tomorrow.


  1. I can assure you that I was neither bored nor offended... often I agree... really interesting...

  2. As soon as I saw the title of this, before I read the first line, I started singing that song from Mulan. lol

  3. haha, I love Mulan. I actually kind of agree with that, sometimes I feel that some people cover the fact that they know nothing by saying quotations. But it's a good way to express something; by saying what someone smarter and more impressive than you said.
    Right now I'm thinking about what would happen if I interrupted AJ (crazy smart loony at my school) while he was using quotes for his argument in debate and I said "I hate quotations, tell me something you know." He'd probly kill me