Monday, June 21, 2010

Michelle Likes Her Pencils Sharp

This is Michelle. Michelle is my 6-year-old little sister. Our age difference is 12 years apart.

So where do I start..? Well first, she is going to be a 1st grader this upcoming fall. She's a hardheaded and stubborn person, who likes to throw tantrums almost over anything. Still, she can be a sweet and kind kid and I still love her. We're very close, and she always bugs me to sharpen her pencils for her, which I always do. We do favors for each other. I make her stuff to eat when she's hungry or whatever and she helps me get what I need when I'm too lazy to get up. 

It's kind of hard to talk about your sibling, how do I sum up six years of craziness in writing..? Just like to say that the transition of being an only child to being almost a second mother wasn't that bad or hard at all. If I describe some of the experiences I've had, it might turn you all off, but it was all worth it.

Also, Michelle means "who is like God". That pretty much sums up her personality.


  1. "and she helps me get what I need when I'm too lazy to get up."

    OMG give me your sister!!! I need that!

  2. I wish I had an adorable little sister, my sister's are older... but more on that tomorrow.

  3. I wish my brother was as adorable as your sister sounds...