Wednesday, June 16, 2010

C. N. Lights His Fire... and Other Craziness


… and I go to the craziest school ever (so does Katie)…
…I go to a private collage prep school. I’ve gone to this school since I was two. I used to thing it was pretty normal; not anymore. I guess I should be more specific, my high school is crazy, otherwise I think my education has been pretty normal. Also, I LOVE MY HIGH SCHOOL, IT’S STRANGE, BUT IN THIS TOTALLY AWESOME WAY. Pretty much we’re all indie nerds (ok, all the people I accosiate with are indie nerds, but we are pretty much all nerds)… and most of us are kind of crazy in this awesome funny way.

…EXAMPLES (I will admit to asking Katie for help on this one)

1.     Pokemon VS. Yugio
…Katie has over heard this debate… enough said

2.     We have legitimate political parties
… a few weeks ago our school intstitued government reform that involved changing our traditional one president system to system with a six member (one from each house… yes we have houses, yes they’re named after the founding families) executive board with subsidiary groups and heads for different things (one for finance, one for service, one for social). The six members of this board were to be elected by their house, with the students voting and the teachers making a final decision on who should run. While this caused some rucus the big issue was yet to come. After the six executive board members were elected we were going to vote on the heads of the finance, service, and social comities… and the executive board was going to count our votes… if the executive board didn’t believe we had chosen the proper person for the job they were going to choose the canidate they felt best fit the position as the winner… official results on voting numbers would not be released… this caused commotion. A petition to have our votes be counted by a seperate entity and our chosen winner be the official winner soon arose. With this petetition the “True Democracy Party” (of which I am proud to be a member) began. The True Democracy Party aims to “ensure that the student government at Canterbury High School respects the democratic process and adheres to the will of the student body.” (True Democracy Party facebook page) The True Democracy Party (which will now be refered to as the party) ran this petiton and got the 120 signatures (half the school) required to put it into effect… OK, so we have a political party…

3.     C.N.  Lights His Fire
I want to start this by saying that both the boys in this story are strait, I’d still be friends with them and everything if they weren’t, it honestly wouldn’t change how I think of them if they were L. G. B. T. Q., I have friends that are L. G. B. T. Q., but knowing that these two are strait adds to the story. So I told you I had an awesome theater class for mayterm in my last blog… this happened in this class… also, I’m going to use initials instead of names because I didn’t ask them if I could use this story. So in class we had a play in which matches were used… and in this awesome class we had a lot of off topic fun while we practiced and there are these 2 boys in the class, C. N. and D. C. (D.C. is a ginger and a Marxist…) who are very close. We’re hanging out and before we start to practice C. N. takes one of the matches and strikes it against the zipper of D.C.’s parts, lighting it. D. C. then turns to us and says, “C. N. lights my fire.” Maybe you have to know them, but for those of us who do (and hopefully for you…) it was very funny.

4.     Ginger Jokes
I don’t know if this happens at every school, but we like to make ginger jokes… A LOT… the gingers make fun of themselves… we make fun of the gingers… some really cool teachers make fun of the teachers.

5.     Really Cool Teachers
I have so really super special awesome teachers. The one who taught my theater class is particularly cool and close with the indie nerd students. He’s in his mid-30s (I think, I don’t know his actual age, but I can’t see him as being older than that…) and he looks like a high school student… D.C. (who is 17) went to Shutter Island (R) and didn’t get carded… the teacher gets carded when he goes to R movies. The same teacher runs Scifi club. I can remember a time when D.C. was playing with his phone’s voice commands and was sitting there saying “SEXT TEACHERS NAME, MY BAMF” in frond of the teacher, the teacher laughed along with us… yes some of the students have his cell phone number. This teacher is close enough with one student that he can jokingly refer to him as asshole in his presence (this is an accurate description of the student who is still and awesome and funny guy). Before the same student went into his independent project presentation (this is a BIG DEAL… tell me if you want more explanation, but I think this suffices for this story) the teacher to ld this student that hiis suit jacket made him look like a “douche” to whih the student replyed “good, that’s the point.” We have another teacher (well, more than one actually) who makes fun of students in class. Another teacher will pretend to shoot you if you answer too many questions wrong in class and says things like, “If you guys don’t learn this I will LITTERALLY DROP AND ANVIL ON YOUR SKULL.” Just, well, awesome teachers.

 so crazy and awesome school.

… Haley I’ll read you tomorrow.

What I’m listening to: For Reasons Unknown –The Killers (I may or may not have taken to randomly shouting this song, along at home, in public, whatever)
What I’m reading: Just finished Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World book 2. Reading Plato and a Platapus Walk Into a Bar, Brave New World, Beyond Good and Evil, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and 1984.
Quote: Katie- “Why do we listen to him?”
            Me- “Because he’s older than us and male, we just assume he’s right and follow him blindly, even when he’s wrong”


  1. also, no idea what's up with the text...

  2. hillarious! maybe just because I know the people somewhat or have seen them before so I understand but it was hillarious

  3. I never said the quote, you just said the quote by yourself... CHECK YOUR FACTS NEWSPAPER WRITER PERSON! I love Dr. Price and Mr. King they're the best... so are Mrs. Hancock and Dr. Novak, but Dr. Prive scared the badoozles out of me at the beginning of the year!

  4. @katiezell you've put words in my mouth too NEWSPAPER WRITER and the quote needs some lead in and accept that or "I WILL DROP AN ANVIL ON YOUR SKULL"

  5. I wish I went to your school! It sounds way better than my old high school... or even my college.

  6. Sounds like a great school!

    The font is cool, I just noticed it because it didn't show up on my iPod.